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Arc Raiders: Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer Breakdown

Arc Raiders Release Date
Arc Raiders Release Date

Initially revealed at the 2021 Game Awards, Arc Raiders poises to be a visually stunning action-adventure third-person shooter that will send you shooting mechanic monsters and jumping around with your friends across different places. The title promises to be a battlefield of fun, developed by Embark Studios and marketed with great fanfare and high retro-looking æsthetics. So, when is Arc Raiders release date? When can we start playing this game? What can we expect from it? After reading this post, this and many other questions will be answered.

In this game, you will be tasked with taking down a bunch of machines that are threatening human existence. You will be raiding places and going through different instances, and worlds, fighting your way left and right against these robotic monstrosities. Now, without any further ado, let’s explore what Arc Raiders has in store for us!


Judging from the trailer, environment, physics, acrobatics, and weapon schematics will play crucial roles in your survival in this shooter game. In the trailer, we see a big fight against some sort of mechanical spider that gets blown to smithereens and shattered apart.

Arc Raiders Release Date

Impressive and realistic, but when is it releasing? — Find out here!

The devs will employ some machine learning to make your battles tougher! So you won’t always rely on the same tactics to defeat the enemy, leading you to various forms of combat in the game.

Arc Raiders Trailer

Arc Raiders Trailer Breakdown

The trailer begins with a few seconds of television effects with retro glitch æsthetics, followed by many explosive battle and deployment scenes right after the other. Then, we see the main character donning a helmet and looking at the horizon grandiosely. After that, we’re taken through the various levels and instances of the game, deserts, jungles, cities, wilderness, etc.

All done with a great level of detail as we see how in these battles, you will be fighting mechanical monsters out of your way. We see how physics and environment play a key role in your battles to defeat giant mechanical spiders. And we also get to notice the great lengths to which the developers went to put some realism in the graphics and explosions.

Who Develops Arc Raiders?

Embark Studios is a game development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio was founded in 2016 by former executives and developers from King, the company behind the Candy Crush Saga franchise. Embark’s first game, Scrollster, was released in December 2017. While the Embark founders have all achieved success, some of their achievements will stand out to gamers in particular. Battlefield 1943 and “Midtown Madness 3” both benefited from Rob Runesson’s art direction.

Unsurprisingly, Magnus Nordin, Stefan Strandberg, Patrick Söderlund, and Johan Andersson, the other founding members of Embark, also gained experience on “Battlefield.” Given the shooter’s continued success, it makes sense that “ARC Raiders” might share some characteristics with it in terms of popularity and gameplay. Lastly, Jenny Huldschiner also works in Arc Raiders for communications and the marketing aspect of the game, she has done work for other games like Star Wars Battlefront II and Medal of Honor, with that kind of crew, you’d expect the game to go in a good direction!

In What Platforms Will Arc Raiders Will Be Playable?

This upcoming title will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. For the moment, the developers don’t plan on releasing this title on Nintendo Switch. Moreover, its price will be free! Yes! The game will be free to play, which is amazing given the level of detail they’ve put into it.

Arc Raiders Release Date

Are you ready for this adventure?

Arc Raiders Release Date

Arc Raiders doesn’t have a concrete release date yet. Albeit, Embark Studios claims that they will release this title this year. So, the date is 2022. The specifics of it are yet to be revealed. Rest assured that when they give us a concrete date, we will post an update for you. So keep coming back to Otakuakrt for more information. Remember that we post daily content on gaming and entertainment. So, please bookmark our page and follow us on social media to stay on top of the latest developments!

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