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38 Movies Similar To Mile 22 For The Love Of Action Packed Thrills

Mile 22

Five years since the movie’s release, and there still aren’t many movies like Mile 22 that have the appeal this movie did. Fret not, Hollywood is known for quality along with a long history of making great movies. So there will always be movies similar to the ones you are looking for. And as such, we were able to compile a list of movies that has the thrill and suspense like the 2018 hit.

We want to preface this by saying that the list is in no way a ranking list, and the recommendations are being given out of order. No movie is better than the other, and there is always the case of personal taste involved when it comes to things like this. It is also possible that we might have missed a way that could have been here, so if you feel that is the case, let us know in the comment section below. And Without further ado, let’s start with the first entry.

1. American Assassin (2017)

The first entry in the list is the classic American met with a modern take. Taking place in the 2010s, the world is peaceful as it can get, with no signs of war or breakout in sight. That is until one of the newest CIA recruits finds himself in trouble as the job he just signed for took things too fast on his first few days. However, he was someone who got sucked into a myriad of players who were working toward an event that could lead to the doom of the world.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: American Assassin Movie

2. Extraction (2020)

Extraction movie came two years after 2020, and the film’s success has also led to a sequel that will be coming out in 2023. Adapted from the Graphic Novel of the same name, the film is about an agent who got double-crossed during the mission.

The movie is an international hit with actors from Hollywood and Bollywood (some of which made their first debut) and was released as a Netflix Original. What’s surprising about this movie is how it turned out to be a sleeper hit no one expected. Though it might have to do with the pandemic, it helped the film with its upcoming sequel.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Extraction Franchise

3. Safe House (2012)

Mile 22 is a relatively new movie, so a lot of the movies mentioned in the list will. And such is this movie that came out in 2012, the year many believed would be the end of humanity as we know it. Anyways, the story follows a CIA officer who keeps care of the CIA across the globe, but things become complicated when some innocent people get involved. The act of information war between the present Housekeeper and an ex-CIA puts the safety of the world at risk with a disastrous outcome.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Safe House The Movie

4. Unlocked (2017)

This film is one of the legacy films of director Michael Apted as who passed away in 2021. So we won’t be writing much about how the film is in his respect, the movie was released in 2017. The movie might not be in good taste for many as it covers a lot of real-world elements that might upset a few people. However, once you overlook that you will find a story that has an appeal even after half a decade. The story beautifully conveys as it shows what happens when opposite thoughts clash and personal interests are interlinked on an international scale.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Unlocked The Movie

5. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

The second installment in the Mission: Impossible installment series after its return. The movie takes place after the events of the fourth one as Ethen and his team finds themselves stuck in a new series of events that puts them at risk of an unknown assailant that has gotten Ethan in their boots. He is forced into torture but is lucky as he can leave with an MI6 agent or a former agent. And as he starts picking up the trail that led them to him, he learns about a man with whom he has a little history.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Mission: Impossible Franchise

6. Jason Bourne (2016)

A sort of soft reboot of the movie after the events of Bourne’s ultimatum. Though, one of the reasons this movie didn’t take up a new name and stuck to the original name was that the director wanted to bring back Matt Damon’s version. The ex-CIA agent now lives in seclusion in Greece as a street fighter to earn his living and get his sense of identity from what he does.

While Jason is trying to live hassle-free days, behind the scenes, a hacker group is trying to uncover all the misdeeds of the CIA but, unfortunately, gets caught. One of the people involved in Jason’s girlfriend and by backtracking her, the CIA is on the hunt for Jason Bourne once again.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Jason Bourne Franchise

7. Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Here is another Mission Impossible movie, as the theme is the same throughout each of the installments. This time Ethan is reinstated into MI6 and is put in charge of hunting former ghosts. These ghosts are none other than the Syndicate that has reorganized itself as a gun for hire. They are hired to steal nuclear bomb materials by their employer, who thinks a little too outside of the box, with a new enemy that is out to disturb the very life of the people involved.

8. Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Gerard Buttler is no stranger to this genre, and he is an absolute thrill to watch in this movie. However, we also have Morgan Freeman comes to the series and plays a pivotal role in the movie. The movie is centered around the white house and the people who are in an interpersonal relationship that dictates the fate of the world. Though this interpersonal relationship further develops as the US Navy seals attempt an attack on the white house, and the world order is put at stake in the moments that follow.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Olympus Has Fallen Franchise

9. The Numbers Station (2013)

While movies involve the fate of the modern world, the movie is about individuals and sometimes groups working together to get things done to save the innocent. This movie is special in that regard as it showcases the human side of those forced into that situation. Though the movie has lots of unknown people working on it, the main leads need no introduction for this.

The stage is set in Britain, where an American Numbers station is going through an activity that needs to be monitored. But will our Burnout agent be able to take care of this simple task, or will his exhaustion lead to problems outside his control?

Like Mile 22

CC: The Numbers Station Movie

10. The Foreigner (2017)

Jackie Chan has been missing from Hollywood for quite a while now. Once, the renowned actor who would do his martial art and stunts is no longer a figure in American media. However, the world hasn’t forgotten him as his awe aspiring works continue to this day.

And the movie encapsulates his character perfectly in this rendition of the character as it uses his age as an important story point for the movie. Jackie Chan’s character is a retired agent who runs a Chinese restaurant until his daughter is involved in a Terrorist attack, and he is forced to be back in action once again.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: The Foreigner Movie

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11. Hunter Killer (2018)

It would be an understatement to say Gerard Butler is meant for roles in movies like this, and this entry on the list is no exception. Released in the same year as Mile 22, the movie focuses on an investigation team led by another unorthodox captain. Their task is to investigate the submarine that was tailing one of the Russian Submarines before it disappeared. Doing so leads them to many places, and one of them is Russia. The team works differently as the team leader follows his intuition and cunning to unearth the conspiracy that is happening behind the scenes.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Hunter Killer Movie

12. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)

Inspired by the events that took place in the 2012 Benghazi attack, the movie touches upon the dangers of extremism. Benghazi has been shut off politically from the world as the local forces continue to rise in power and run impatiently with the present governance.

But, an American office remains open, and to ensure its safety is a secret CIA hideout in the distance. That safety will come in handy as the office is about to become of the growing resistance’s attack, and they will be coming in full force. The movie was released in 2016, four years after the real world ended, and was nominated for the Oscars.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi The Movie

13. 6 Underground (2019)

Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy, and his image as a comedian/actor (even Pikachu) has become his brand over the past few years. However, he hasn’t always done comedy flicks, and there are some serious films under his films.

This entry on the list is one such example, as the character One (Reynolds) along with his team of numbered agents, are out on a mission. The billionaire inventor turned world-class vigilante has recruited five people under his belt to do what the world would refuse to. However, his ideals will be met with cruel reality as he faces a problem he can’t face alone.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: 6 Underground Franchise

14. Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018)

Sequel to the movie that came out in 2013, and the next installment is also in the works. Though not on the same level of success as the Expandables, the movie still follows the same formula of old jocks doing what they can do best in the modern world. The movie opens with a failed mission by one of Breslin’s (Stallone) employees, and he fires open the moment he learns of the news. This little fallout leads to a conflict that is concluded in Russia, and the family of those working under Breslin get sucked into it.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Escape Plan Franchise

15. Angel Has Fallen (2019)

The third entry to the Olympus has fallen franchise, and the stakes have risen great degree in this installment. In the first movie, it was the US navy turning against the very house it feeds, but this time the issues are much worse as Banning going through troubles that can’t be fixed. But he must for the sake of those he has sworn to protect, or he won’t be ready for what’s coming.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Olympus Has Fallen Franchise

16. Triple Threat (2019)

Just as the title suggests, the movie focuses on forces from three different nation covering one place after a misunderstanding among them lead to be on the hunt for each other. The film follows the same formula of retired agents put in an unlikely situation. However, the multi-layer added to it though by featuring from different parts of the globe is what adds to the theme as well as the action of the movie. The fighting scenes are some of the better ones that you will see in most movies.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Triple Threat Movie

17. Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (2021)

A Movie with Tom Clancy’s name on it is bound to be filled with action and intrigue. The author has penned many great works under his name, and any time they got adapted to different, they become a sensation. Look no further than the Splinter Cell game series, which is unmatched for its stealth approach in gaming.

The movie has common elements that you find in Tom Clancy’s work. What makes this adaptation unique, however, is the fact that it was written in a 1993 novel, and the screenwriters translated it for the modern audience. A feat, not every screenwriter can pull off, to say the least.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Without Remorse The Movie

18. Patriots Day (2016)

It makes perfect sense to have another movie featuring Mark Wahlberg, or the list won’t be complete. The movie is based on the novel Boston Strong though the movie has a different name due to creative choices. The film is about the police officer who is made to go to Boston Marathon after he fails to convince his superior to get a day off for a boring event in Boston, Patriots’ day.

But the innocuous marathon turned into a whole wide panic as two bombs were detonated, and the officer sprung to action as lives were put at risk. It makes perfect sense to have another movie featuring Mark Wahlberg, or the list won’t be complete.

The movie is based on the novel Boston Strong though the movie has a different name due to creative choices. The film is about the police officer who is made to go to Boston Marathon after he fails to convince his superior to get a day off for a boring event in Boston, Patriots’ day. But the innocuous marathon turned into a whole wide panic as two bombs are detonated, and the officer sprung to action as lives are put at risk.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Patriots Day The Movie

19. Patriot Games (1992)

Another movie adapted from the works of American action thriller novelist Tom Clancy. And to top it off, this movie features the beloved Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford. The success of the movie led to the next installment of the novel also getting adapted for the movie, where the lead actors reprised their roles. The retired CIA analyst lives peacefully in London with his wife and daughter, teaching history lessons to the United States Naval Academy. But his peaceful life is put in jeopardy along with his family, and he must respond to duty to save the country.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Patriot Games The Movie

20. Braven (2018)

We have focused on quite a world-threat movie, so here is one where it’s all action and personal. Joe Brave (Jason Momoa) is headed to the secluded family cabin with his wife to discuss family matters. They are unaware that their daughter has tagged along as well since she felt left out. The little family expedition turns into a war with the gang as a drug lord has come to Joe’s head for not she felt left out, and they also picked a few friends along the way. The little family expedition turns into a warzone as a drug dealer has come for Joe’s head for not complying with his wishes.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Braven The Movie

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21. Skyscraper (2018)

When it comes to action, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is no different in this matter. He has a plethora of films in the genre, and it’s a given he will one movie every two or sometimes even one year. This movie on the list, featuring Dwayne’s character, is about someone who had a life-altering injury and can no longer use their legs. The events of the movie occur ten years after the incident, Swayer (Dwayne’s character) is a private security consultant at a firm, thanks to help from his friend in Hong Kong, China. Though his days are peaceful, an attempt by an organization to take over the building he is working in turns the situation upside down with his kids and safety in danger.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Skyscraper Movie

22. Atomic Blonde (2017)

A lot of the entries in this list are based on novels, and this entry is no exception as it is on the popular cold war fiction novel The Coldest City. The movie starts with a flashback of the agent Lorraine Broughton as she is being debriefed for her visit to Berlin. She was tasked with the events of taking care of a micro list that had the list of all the agents that were present in the events of the Wall of Berlin. The movie switches back and forth between the debriefing and the actions she took while she was there. The sequel of the movie is in the making, but the release date has yet to be announced.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Atomic Blonde Franchise

23. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

Fast and Furious is a pretty wild series. What started as a street car racing movie has developed into a franchise that is doing all sorts of ridiculous things. Hobbs and Shaw are one of the peak divergences from the main series as it involves ex-MI6 agents working together to track down a virus that could lead to disaster if fallen into the wrong hands. And yes, there are a lot of car scenes, and the climax involves them too in a wide variety.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Fast & Furious The Franchise

24. xXx The Movie (2002)

Vin Diesel needs no introduction as an actor for his role in movies. The last entry on the list is brought to life due to his contribution to the series along with actor Paul Walker(Rest his soul). And the XXX movie is no different, as it was his work that made the franchise popular. The first movie was a great hit, and the sequel also did well. Though the latest movie doesn’t hold as much appeal as the original, it was one of the most commercially successful movies of the franchise. We still recommend the first two over the new ones, and the rest is up to you.

Movie Like Mile 22

CC: XXX The Franchise

25. 24 Hours to Live (2017)

Though we have a few live actions thrillers, a few of them have science action elements in them. This movie is there to here to compensate for that as it revolves around a hitman hired to kill people who ambushed a transport truck. But he soon finds a plot that involves not only the lives of people but mutilation of bodies to discover the secrets of immortality. And as our Hitman gets closer to the truth, his contractor comes in to swoop things leading to a cross he did not expect.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: 24 Hours to Live Movie

26. Contract to Kill (2016)

This movie takes a lot of elements that are occurring in the United States and adds a story element that makes it an action thriller unlike any. Border Control suspects that the criminal organization of extremists is sending in their people to set up threats in America. They are also worried that a local drug dealer from Mexico might be involved in making this a reality which leads to taking action. They soon find evidence of it, and to crack the case, they travel places to thwart a threat that is on the way to America.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Contract to Kill Movie

27. Die Hard (1988)

Bruce Willis’s Die Hard remains one of the greatest action movies to this day. The movies have gone on to become greatest hits, and the latest involvements after the original trilogy also hold up. What is less known today is that the movie was predicted to be stale before its release. But after the movie was released and the character played by Bruce Willis became a favorite among moviegoers. This movie is also a good example of looking into the past through the lens of Cinema.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Die Hard Franchise

28. Mission: Impossible (1996)

While we already mentioned Mission Impossible: Fallout earlier, we can’t help but bring this into the list. The first movie is adapted from takes a lot of elements from the novel franchise it is based on. The IMF(Impossible Mission Force) is a team that can overcome any hurdle and does otherwise impossible missions.

However, the movie takes a step further as the members of the IMF are being killed one by one, and there is a possibility that there is a traitor among all of them. And Ethan Hunt is the only one who has been able to keep his wits, but he has to uncover the traitor’s identity fast, or he is next on the list of deceased.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Mission: Impossible Franchise

29. The Equalizer (2014)

There are very few movies that are based on television series, though it is not rare, and the opposite also happens, which is hard to imagine in the present day of the franchise and spin-off-driven Hollywood.

However, the Equalizer as a movie held pretty well and focused on a retired veteran who is normal on the surface and is helping make do well in life. The movie’s scale is much smaller compared to most entries on the list, and this is what makes this movie endearing. The movie also has a sequel by the name of Equalizer, and the third installment is set to come near the fall of 2023.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: The Equalizer Franchise

30. Peppermint (2018)

Some action movies bring people together but some end up creating a divide, and this is one such movie. Peppermint was received well by the audience, and they applauded the movie for its unique take on the action genre, but the critics were not happy with what they were seeing. But it was an audience that won in the end, and the movie did well, way better than anyone perceived. A certain woman is found killing a man after a fight breaks out between the woman who killed him with a gunshot. It is revealed that she was involved with a mafia gang that had killed her family five years ago.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Peppermint The Movie

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31. Death Wish (2018)

Death Wish 2018 is a reboot of the franchise that began back in 1974 after it got adapted from the novel of the same name. The movie brought out a political divide among the audience, but the director refuted it as the original movie had worked on similar themes when the first was released in the 70s.

The movie showcase the life of Paul, who had gone through Come after being brutally beaten. After he wakes up, he decides to take the matter into his hands for the killing of his Wife and ponders buying himself a firearm for use. An opportunity presents itself when a gang leader drops his gun, and Paul gets his hands on it. The sequel to the movie is not greenlit, but there are hopes for it to happen in the distant future.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Death Wish Franchise

32. The Commuter (2018)

While we have been going on about what movies to watch on the list or what actors are the greatest ones in the genre, we have yet to mention Liam Neeson. To be honest, you can pick up any movie with his name on it, and you will come out impressed by his performance. The commuter is one such movie that is carried heavily by Neeson’s performance.

Insurance agent Michael MacCauley lives a mundane life of going through the same stuff repeatedly when one day, he is fired without any reason. Afraid to take the news to his family, he confides in his ex-partner from his days working at the FBI. He is enlisted to help a mysterious woman who sets up a task for him that she portrays being hypothetical. In return, he is given a lump sum for the hypothetical task that he needs to solve on the train; this leads him to a situation where he is tested but also learns the truth about the things that surround him.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: The Commuter Franchise

33. The Hurricane Heist (2018)

Though the threats in the movies mentioned are caused by a different person or group that endangers the safety of the group is one category of action thrillers rely on. The Hurricane Heist showcases a group of people working to make steal big money for themselves as there is a category five hurricane coming. This heist will be unlike any you have ever seen, as it is not your typical crew working to pull off the act. The movie is directed by none other than Rob Cohen, the man behind the Fast & Furious Franchise and many more hits.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: The Hurricane Heist Movie

34. The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017)

If there is one thing people would be delighted to see in the Marvel movies, it would be Deadpool meeting Nick Fury. But you don’t have to wait long for it as the Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds and Nick Fury actor Samuel L Jackson are seen together in the Hitman’s bodyguard. The story follows Michael Bryce(Ryan Reynolds) living a posh life as a bodyguard until his employee is killed in front of his eyes. Years later, he is forced to live on scrapes and deal with people that are out of his temperament. Michael soon finds himself being employed as a Hitman who gets on his every nerve.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: The Hitman’s Bodyguard Franchise

35. Honest Thief (2020)

Tom Dolan is a changed man who lives a normal life with his wife, Annie Wilkins, after getting married. But he is not a man with an easygoing past, and he is an ex-marine who took to criminal ways that made him infamous or famous in many circles. But that does not matter to him much as he willingly turns himself in to the FBI and wants to come clean for the sake of his family. Though he is not the first one to come to the office, and the department wants to interrogate him before taking him in. But things go awry when he decides to give back the stolen money, and one of the agents wants to take the money for themselves.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Honest Thief Franchise

36. The Mule (2018)

The movie starts with a war veteran getting rewarded for his accomplishments at the expense of his daughter Iris’s wedding. This leads to his wife filing for divorce and Iris refusing to talk to him anymore. Years later, he comes back for his granddaughter’s wedding practice, but he doesn’t reveal his life is falling apart. But a drug cartel knows of his situation and employs him to be their mule.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: The Mule Movie

37. Boss Level (2021)

Another sci-fi movie on the list, but this one involves one of the most beloved devices in storytelling, a time loop. Roy Pulver is a retired soldier who finds himself repeating the same day over and over for no reason. And if that wasn’t enough, he is being hunted by assassins from all over the globe, and they are hell-bent on killing him. Not knowing what to do or who to reach for help, he finally starts to piece things together when he discovers his ex-wife might be involved.

Movies Like Mile 22

CC: Boss Level Movie

38. Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

We admit there are quite a lot of Tom Cruise movies on the list, but the actor has given countless hits time after time. But in every movie, he is someone who already knows what to do and how to get out of problems. Not here; this time, his character is a coward who wants nothing but good life for himself. When he calls for service for the survival of humanity, his first response is to run away, and things only get worse from there. When on his first day he is about to die, he intakes some liquid that makes him revert time at every death. But will this be enough to stop an alien invasion?

Movies Like Mile 22


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