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37 Movies Like Set It Up To Watch – Best Recommendations

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching
37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Last Updated on November 22, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Set It Up is a Romantic Comedy Movie released in the year 2018. You could say this movie is a Modern version of The Parent Trap. It’s a tale of two assistants working for very demanding bosses. They are so overworked that they do not have time to live their own lives. Their paths crossed one day, and they joked about how desperately their respective bosses needed to get laid. What started as a joke is not a joke anymore. They plot amongst themselves to set their bosses up with each other. If successful, they will finally get their much-needed break from work. With that, they begin to Scheme. They decide to engineer the perfect “How We Met” story for their bosses. They bribe the person who controls the elevator to stop it mid-way. Being stuck together in the elevator is one of the most popular starting points of Romance ever.

But their plans were foiled when a claustrophobic delivery person accidentally got stuck with them. You could say it’s pretty hard to start a romance when the other person in the room has a full-on panic attack. They try again by getting their bosses adjacent seats at a baseball game. And to seal the deal, they also arranged for the couple to be shown on the Kiss Cam. Though reluctant at first, they go through with it. The assistants rejoice as they execute their plan successfully. What started as a Kiss quickly develops into a relationship granting their assistants a lot of free time.

34 Movies Similar To Set It Up

Soon, their bosses aren’t exactly the most compatible people. And Therefore, they must work harder to protect their new-found freedom. During their shenanigans is when they start developing feelings for each other. But does not act on it. They realize they went too far when their bosses announced that they were getting Married. This prompts the duo to come clean about their manipulation and subsequently leave their jobs. The movie ends on a positive note, though. The assistants confess their feelings and share a kiss. If you are the type of person who enjoyed this movie, then you are in luck. Here are a couple more movies just like this one.

1. The Parent Trap

Based on the German novel Lisa and Lottie, The Parent Trap is a movie about twins who were separated at birth. And coincidently runs into each other at a Summer Camp. They figure out that their parents divorced soon after their birth, with each parent gaining custody of one child. The siblings hatch a plan to reunite their estranged parents. But it will prove more difficult than they thought.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Parent Trap (1998)

Their father appears to have fallen for a woman who is after his fortune. And for their plan to work, first, they must remove the said woman from the equation. The twins were successful in revealing the woman’s true nature leading to the end of their relationship. With nothing in their way, the twins carry on their plan to reunite their parents.

2. 13 Going on 30

This is a story of a little girl who suddenly wakes up in her 30-year-old self’s body. The girl in question is Jenna Rink. She desperately wants to be one of the popular girls. Going as far as doing their homework just so they would come to her Birthday Party. Only to be pranked on and humiliated. She wishes that she was 30. The Universe heard her plea and complied.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

13 Going on 30 (2004)

The next thing she knows, she wakes up in a strange bed, in a strange apartment next to a strange man. Jenna was, of course, confused as she had no idea what all happened in the past decade and a half. She seeks out her childhood best friend, Matty, only to realize they had a falling out. The movie progresses as she explores her adulthood while slowly falling for Matty. 

3. Blended

This movie is about two single parents who happen to have come for the same vacation and end up falling for each other. The movie focuses on Divorcee Lauren Reynolds and Widower Jim Friedman. They meet each other on a blind date which goes horribly. Little did they know this was not the end of their story. Turns out Jim’s boss and Lauren’s Best friend were planning on going on a vacation. But they break up before they get the chance.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Blended (2014)

Not wanting to waste the vacation, Jim takes his Boss’s portion of the vacation for himself and his daughters. At the same time, Lauren takes her Best Friend’s part of the vacation for her and her kids. They realize what had happened too late and can’t back out now. As a result, they now act as an Engaged couple. And they get to witness a side of each other they have never seen before. 

4. What Happens In Vegas

This movie is about a newlywed couple, Joy McNally and Jack Fuller. But it’s not the type of movie you think it is. Remember that episode of Friends Season 5 where Ross and Rachel get married in Vegas? So that’s basically it. They both have one too many drinks in Vegas and get married. A simple mistake. It can happen to anyone—everything changes when Jack uses one of the slot machines.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

What Happens In Vegas (2008)

Doing so earns him a 3 Million Dollar Jackpot offered by the Casino. Now since they are married, half of that belongs to Joy. They try to get a divorce, but it’s not easy as it looks. They have to try to make their marriage work for six months. And till that day comes, they are cut off from the lottery winnings. As the months go by, trying to get on each other’s nerves, they start developing feelings for each other.

5. Passengers

The movie takes place on the fictional Space Shuttle of Avlon. Among the 5000 colonists on the way to an Inhabitable Planet 120 years away is Jim Preston. Jim is a mechanical engineer and was given a seat on the ship because he was in the desired profession. About 30 years into the journey, the ship comes into contact with a rogue asteroid, causing Jim to wake up prematurely. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Passengers (2016)

In the act of pure desperation, Jim wakes up fellow colonist Aurora Lane just so he has a companion. Being well aware that doing so will condemn her to the same fate as him. Things go well as time passes by. They get closer. To the point that Jim makes an engagement ring for Aurora. But everything changes when she realizes the truth of her awakening. 

6. Love and Other Drugs

This movie is focused on the life of Jamie Randall, who cannot keep a job due to his “Flirty” personality. His brother helps him gain employment as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep after getting fired again. He is tasked with convincing doctors to prescribe the medicine made by his employer. He uses his powers of Flirting to get close to the employees and get to the Doctor through them. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Love and Other Drugs (2010)

Everything changes when he meets Maggie Murdock. She is suffering from Early-onset Parkinsons. Jamie is instantly attracted to Maggie, and the duo goes on a date. Their Maggie comes clean as to not wanting a relationship. As long as they remain casual, she is open to Dating Jamie, to which Jamie complies. As time goes by, Jamie begins falling in love with Aurora, much to her dismay.

7. 50 First Dates

This movie is about a girl who is forced to live out the same day over and over and over again. No, it’s not a Groundhog Day situation but a medical one. Every day when she goes to sleep, her memory resets, and she forgets everything that happened the day before. From her perspective, every day is the same day, and to protect her, her Family and Friends play along.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

50 First Dates (2004)

This changes when she meets Henry. Henry falls head over heels for this girl and wants to date her. Even after her family’s warning, Henry meets her every day. He uses what he learned from his previous encounters to woo her every day. The story progresses as Henry engineers several “First Encounters” for them. Even though he is well aware that come tomorrow, she will have no memory of it.  

8. The Father of the Bride

This is a story of a Father who does not want his little girl to get married. Taking place in San Marino, California, the movie focuses on the Banks Family. George Bank’s daughter, who was in Europe, returns claiming that she is now engaged. Even though the Fiancé seems to be a decent, well-liked guy, George is skeptical. And is not on board 100%. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

The Father of the Bride (1991)

The movie progresses as the wedding preparations are in full swing while George complains about how much it’s costing him. But as time goes by, George eases up. He even convinces her daughter to get married when they call off the whole thing due to an argument. He realizes his love for his daughter is greater than any amount of money. 

9. The Kissing Booth

Based on the novel of the same name, The Kissing Booth is a Teen Rom-Com movie taking place in Los Angeles, California. This is a tale of Best Friends Elle Evans and Lee Flynn and Lee’s Older brother Noah. Elle always had a crush on Noah but never acted on it, as Lee did not approve of it. Things change when the pair accidentally kiss, leading to Noah confessing his feelings.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

The Kissing Booth (2018)

They decide to date in secret and not tell Lee about it. But he eventually finds out and storms out. Elle confronts Noah and blames him for ruining her friendship. The movie progresses as Elle makes up with her best friend and convinces him about her relationship. Noah does the same, and Lee gives his blessing for them to date. 

10. The Internship

Seasoned Salesmen Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell lose their job abruptly. So they apply for an internship at Google and get accepted. There Nick meets Dana, an executive at Google. Although unsuccessful at first, Nick does convince her for a Date. In the Internship program, everyone is significantly younger than them. And therefore gets picked by no one for the group challenges.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

The Internship (2013)

However, they team up with those who are left over at the end. This ragtag team of misfits is going up against the best and brightest in the country. They find their pace after the first challenge and start doing better than most other teams. At the same time, Nick is making ample progress with Dana, who seems to have taken a liking for Nick.  

11. The Devil Wears Prada

Based on the novel of the same name, The Devil Wears Prada is a movie about Andy Sachs. And how she ends up working for a very demanding boss Miranda Priestley. Andy aspires to be a Journalist but lands a job as a Personal Assistant in one of the nation’s top fashion magazines. She hates her job as she never liked fashion but keeps at it in hopes that this will lead to a better job.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

As time goes by, she learns more about the world of fashion and gets immersed in it. So much so that she has no time for her personal life, much to the dismay of her Boyfriend. As time goes by, she realizes she has become the very thing she hated all these years and leaves. She goes back and reconciles with her Boyfriend and also her co-worker at her old firm. 

12. What Women Want

 This movie is about Nick Marshall, who gains the ability to hear women’s thoughts after a freak accident. Nick is known to be an excellent salesman and was on track to a promotion. But his dreams are shattered when his Boss hires Darcy Maguire instead. At the same time, trying on some of the Feminine products, he gets electrocuted as he drops a hairdryer into his bathtub.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

What Women Want (2000)

He wakes up the next day to discover this strange new ability. He is shocked to realize that most of his Female co-workers hate him. The movie progresses as Nick develops feelings for Darcy, even persuading his Boss to rehire her. He uses his ability to fix the issues with his female co-workers and eventually comes clean with Darcy.

13. Yes, Man

This movie is about Bank Loan Officer Carl, who vows to say yes to every question he encounters. The movie follows Carl as his life gets significantly better. Carl has been experiencing a downward spiral ever since his divorce. He attends a motivational seminar and is advised to seize every opportunity. And so he does. He also realizes that now there are severe consequences if he says no.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Yes Man (2008)

Saying Yes all the time gains him a lot of friends and a bunch of new skills, including playing the guitar, flying a plane, and more. When he says Yes to a flyer about a band, he meets Allison and is attracted to her. She reciprocates his feelings believing Carl is Spontaneous like her as he says yes to everything. Allison eventually finds out about it and breaks off the relationship, but Carl successfully wins her back. 

14. Chef

Carl Casper is known for his innovative cooking and works as a head chef in Los Angeles. However, the restaurant owner wants him to stick to the old classics, to which he agrees after some protest. When Carl receives terrible reviews from a renowned food critic, he loses his cool and yells at him. Causing a big scene resulting in him losing his job. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Chef (2014)

After some persuasion, he restores an old food truck and sets out with his son and friend, Martin. The truck is an instant success and gains a following quickly. As he travels across the country, he gets closer to his son and reignites his passion for food. He even convinces his ex-wife to work with him on his truck which leads to them reigniting their feelings for each other, and the couple soon remarries.

15. Overboard

Kate is a single mother who has to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. At one of these jobs is where she meets Leo. Leo is a spoiled rich guy who believes everyone is beneath him. When he tries to order around Kate, she denies it. Leo fires her and even pushes her off his yacht, damaging her equipment. Things take a turn when Leo slips and falls from his yacht and goes unnoticed. He wakes with no memories.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Overboard (2018)

Deciding to take revenge on Leo, Kate shows up at the hospital he was in and claims to be his Wife. She forces him to do manual labor and take care of her kids as payment for what he did to her. But soon, the kids grow attached to Leo while Kate also starts getting close to him. The story progresses as Leo’s memory returns one day, and now he has to decide between love and money, Literally. 

16. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Chuck and Larry are best friends and New York City, Firemen. During one of their missions, Chuck almost falls but is rescued by Larry. Resulting in them both getting admitted to the hospital. Chuck promises that he will make it up to Larry in any way he wants. Due to this accident, Larry decided to take a look at his Life Insurance and learned that due to some error, he was not able to add his kids to the plan. However, should he wish to remarry, his then-spouse can do it for him. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)

Larry asks Chuck to be his Domestic Partner so that he can transfer the insurance to him. After much persuasion, Chuck agrees, and the duo gets married at the courthouse. Several people have tried to do this scam, so Chuck and Larry are now under investigation. This is where Lawyer Alex McDonough comes in, and Chuck is instantly smitten with her. 

17. Last Christmas

Kate is an aspiring singer waiting for her big break into show business. For the time being, she is working at an all-year Christmas Shop. And is couch surfing as she does not have a place of her own. While at work, she notices Tom, whom she takes a liking to. Tom works as a Bicycle Delivery Person and volunteers at the Homeless Shelter. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Last Christmas (2019)

After spending more time with Tom, Kate changes her life. Helping those in need, Taking care of her Health better. As days go by, Kate begins to fall for Tom. But Tom stops her advances saying he has something very important to tell her. Kate mistakes this as Tom not feeling the same way as her. 

18. Friends with Benefits

The movie focuses on the relationship or lack-off relationship between Headhunter Jamie Rellis and Art Director Dylan Harper. Agreeing on the fact that people can, in fact, have sex without intimacy leads to the pair having casual sex. They start doing so on the regular. After a while, Jamie decides to start dating again. Therefore Dylan and Jamie go back to being just friends. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Friends with Benefits (2011)

After her new relationship fails, Dylan takes Jamie to Los Angeles for the 4th of July celebrations and to meet his family. But the trip does not go as planned, and Angry Jamie goes back home without Dylan and Ghosts him. After listening to his Father, Dylan goes and confesses his feelings to Jamie, and the duo goes on their first official date.

19. Liar Liar

This is a story of a Pathological Liar losing his ability to lie. Fletcher Reede is an excellent lawyer. And, therefore, is excellent at lying. But the courtroom isn’t the only place he lies in. He regularly lies to everyone, including his son Max. Fed up with his Dad’s antics, Max uses his Birthday Wish to make his father unable to lie for 24 Hours. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Liar Liar (1997)

Now he is under threat of losing his job. But Fletcher somehow pulls through. But in the end, he realizes his work is not as important to him as his relationship with his son. He stops the plane his son was in an attempt to say Goodbye. Seeing how much he loves his son, his Wife decides not to move away and, by extension, rekindles their love. 

20. Go With It

A young Danial Maccabee is heartbroken when he overhears his Finance openly admitting to cheating on him with her Brides Maids. She also reveals that the only reason she is with Daniel is that he has a bright Future. A distraught Maccabee decides to turn his life around, and turns around he does. He changes his specialty to Cosmetic Surgery while also getting it done on himself.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Just Go With It (2011)

Years later, he is running a successful business with his assistant Kathrine Murphy. All this time, Danny has been using his failed marriage as a sympathy card to seduce women. During a party, Danny meets Palmer and instantly hits it off. However, Palmer is skeptical of his lies. This is when Danny enlists the help of Kathrine to act as his Ex-Wife. Things only escalate from that point onward. 

21. The Proposal

The movie follows the life of Margaret Tate and her Assistant, Andrew Paxton. Margret is under threat of deportation as her Visa application was denied. Desperate for a green card, Margret forces Andrew to marry her. Andrew relents when Margert informs him that he will lose all the work he has done till now. And the latter agrees.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

The Proposal (2009)

But upon learning more about Andrew and meeting his family, Margaret feels immense guilt for lying to them. Just as they were about to go through with it, Margret came clean. At the same time, she is found by Immigration Agent Gilbertson, who gives her 24hrs to leave the U.S. Little does she know that Andrew has fallen for her. 

22. Easy A

Olive is a Highschool Girl who tells small white lies to get out of situations she does not want to be in. Things take a turn for the worse when one such lie goes out of hand. She lies to her Best Friend about how she lost her virginity. However, a student overhears this and spreads it all over the school. Rather than coming clean about her actions, she decides to embrace the lie. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Easy A (2010)

She gives students who are at the end of the Highschool hierarchy by saying she had sex with them. And in exchange for Gift Cards. However, things escalate to the point that a student tries to take advantage of her. Realizing that she has gone too far, she decides to come clean on a webcast. 

23. Confessions of a Shopaholic

Based on the Novels of the same name Shopaholic follows the life of Becky Bloomwood as she tackles her Shopping Addiction. Becky is a journalist and works for a Gardening Magazine. On her way to a job interview, she gets distracted by a green scarf. She decides to buy it but comes up short. However, a stranger helps her out. Little did she know that the stranger was going to be her new boss.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

However, her job becomes difficult as she has to manage her addiction and at the same time has to avoid her Debt Collector. However, things get out of hand as the Debt Collector publically shames her, which leads to her losing her job. In an attempt to make some money, she hosts a clothes sale. Even resorting to selling her beloved green scarf. 

24. Two Weeks Notice

The movie is about Environment Lawyer Lucy Kelson and Billionaire Real Estate developer George Wade. Wade hires Lucy as his Chief Counsel to navigate the waters of Real-Estate Law. But soon, she realizes that he needs her counsel on more than legal matters. It gets to the point where Wade calls Lucy for every decision he has to make, no matter how small.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Two Weeks Notice (2002)

When one of his calls interrupts a wedding, Lucy is in she decides to give him her two weeks’ notice. George tries his best to keep her with him but relents at last. After gaining new employment, Lucy realizes that she misses Wade. Wade feeling the same, tries to find her and the pair declare their love for each other. And eventually gets married.

25. 27 Dresses

This movie is about Jane Nichols. She has been a Bridesmaid 27 times and is wondering when her chance to be a bride will come. Then there is Kevin, who is a reporter and has a cynical view of the concept of marriage. Kevin decides to do an article about Jane, thinking that it will help him enter the big leagues of Journalism. Jane is unaware that Kevin is using her.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

27 Dresses (2008)

But as Kevin gets closer to Jane, he starts second-guessing his actions. The article comes out eventually, and Jane is not happy about it. At the same time, her sister Tess has lied her way into a relationship with her Boss and steals their late mother’s wedding dress for herself. This prompted Jane to expose her sister for what she really is. However, Jane realizes that she has feelings for Kevin and confesses her love. 

26. Crazy Rich Asians

Based on a Novel of the same name, Crazy Rich Asians is the Story of Rachel Chu as she tries to gain the approval of her Boyfriend’s family. Rachel and her Boyfriend Nick are traveling to Singapore to Attend a wedding. It becomes clear early on that Nick does not want Rachel to meet his family. Rachel Learns from a friend that Nick’s Family is like Royalty in Singapore.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

And Therefore might not approve of them dating. Her suspicions are confirmed when she finally meets his Mom. She acts very Stand-offish towards Rachel. However, Nick’s Grandmother seems to instantly like Rachel. The movie progresses as Nick’s mother tries to get Rachel to leave her son alone. But Rachel proves that she is this for the long game. 

27. The Girl Next Door

The movie is about Highschooler Matthew Kidman, who falls head over heels for his next-door Neighbor. Matthew has been accepted into an Ivy League school but does not have the means to pay the fees. And is therefore trying to win a Scholarship that will cover the costs. The movie progresses as Danielle moves into the house next door, and Matt is caught snooping.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

The Girl Next Door (2004)

But it turns out Danielle is a former Adult Film Actress and has since left the profession. As Matthew, against his better judgment, tries to take advantage of her, a Distraught Danielle breaks off their relationship. Matthew tracks her down and convinces her to give him another chance. The movie progresses as Danielle’s Ex finds Matthew and demands he pays him for being the reason Danielle left the industry. 

28. The Switch

Kassie Larson is over 30 years old and is still single. This prompts her to have a baby via in vitro fertilization. Her Best Friend Wally volunteers but gets rejected. As Kassie does not want her child to be as Neurotic and Self Obsessed as Wally. In the end, Kassie decides to go with Roland Nilson, who is a very good-looking and well-accomplished man.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

The Switch (2010)

The story progresses as a Drunk Wally accidentally knocks over the container with Wally’s “Deposit.” And to avoid anyone finding out, he replaces it with his own. As he did this when he was drunk, he has no memory of it afterward. Kassie moves away from the big city to raise her child, not knowing the child’s father is Wally. They meet years after, and Wally comes clean eventually and begins a relationship. 

29. Mr. Deeds

The movie is about Longfellow Deeds, who inherits over 40 Billion Dollars from his late Uncle. Deeds is a very simple guy and lives a simple life in Mandrake Falls. His life takes a turn for the better when he gets the call about his Uncle. Deeds has to travel to New York to finalize his inheritance. And there, Babe Bennette, a news reporter, tricks him into getting the scoop from him.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Mr. Deeds (2002)

But seeing how good of a person Deeds really is, she starts falling for the guy. But before she gets to come clean, Deeds finds out beforehand and leaves for Mandrake Falls heartbroken. He makes a return when he learns that there are plans to sell the business leading to thousands of people losing their jobs. Deeds comes by to convince the other shareholders not to. 

30. The Change-Up

Dave Lockwood and Mitch Planko are best friends. During a night of Drunken Shenanigans, the duo pee into a fountain wishing that they want to switch lives. To their surprise, the next morning, they wake up to realize their wish has come true. However, when they try to find the fountain again, they learn that it has been moved to another location. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

The Change-Up (2011)

The movie progresses as they learn to live as each other till the fountain is found. After some time, they even seem to enjoy living a different life. Mitch in Dave’s body helps get his marriage back on track, and Dave in Mitch’s body finally gets him to stay with a girl for more than a night.  

31. Along Came Polly

Ruben Feffer, after finding out about his Wife’s infidelity on his honey trip, returns home alone. There he meets Polly, a classmate from his Junior High days. Polly and Ruben start a relationship. And Ruben seems to enjoy that Polly pushes him to take risks he would never have taken before. But when his wife comes back into his life wanting to reconcile, Ruben is confused.

Along Came Polly

Along Came Polly (2004)

Ruben uses a risk analysis program to make the decision for him, and to his surprise, it picks Polly as the least risky choice. Polly finds out about this and leaves him. The movie progresses as he tries to win back Polly and goes to extreme measures just to prove his love. He even eats food off the floor to show that He is willing to change for him. Polly realizes this and gets back together with Ruben. 

32. No Strings Attatched

The movie focuses on the “No Strings Attached” relationship of Emma Kurtzman and Adam Franklin. They have met each other a couple of times over their lives but never kept in contact. On the day, Adam learns that his Dad is dating his ex-girlfriend. Adam gets drunk and somehow ends up on Emma’s Couch. The pair hook up. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

No Strings Attatched (2011)

They decide to enter into a No Strings Attached Relationship, but Adam soon starts getting jealous. He starts being Romantic toward Emma, which leads to her ending their arrangement. Only for Emma to realize that she misses him. As she tries to get back with him, she finds out he has already found a new girlfriend. Being with her makes Adam realize it is Emma whom he likes. When Emma confesses her feelings, asking to continue the relationship, Adam does not give it a second thought. 

33. Hitch

This movie is about Alex Hitchens. He is a life coach who helps men seduce the woman of their dreams. Even though he sets up other men on dates, he seems to go on none. While he was helping one of his clients, he met Sara Melas. However, none of his techniques seem to work on Sara, prompting him to try harder.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Hitch (2005)

However, throughout their relationship, Hitch kept his profession a secret. When he gets outed by an angry customer, Sara publishes a scathing article about him hurting his reputation. Hitch confronts Sara to clear up things. While also trying to repair the relationship with his latest customer Albert as the article caused a rift in his relationship.

34. 17 Again

Mike O’Donnell is in his late 30s and is regretting the choices he made in the past. His life is in shambles as he gets passed over for a promotion yet again. And his kids have no relationship with him. But little did he know that he was about to get a second chance at things. After falling into what looked like a portal, Mike wakes up in the body of his 17-year-old self. He goes to his Best Friend Ned, who attacks him first but realizes who he is after seeing an old photograph.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

17 Again (2009)

 Mike uses this opportunity to better the lives of his two children, Maybe even fix his marriage. Mike acts as a mentor to his son and gets him into the Basketball team. At the same time, he helps his daughter make good choices in life. At the divorce proceedings, Mike shows up claiming the older Mike sent him in his stead and was successful in postponing the proceeding by a month. Mike eventually comes clean to their Wife, which reverses his transformation, and the pair decide to give their marriage another try. 

35. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

The story follows Connor Mead as he gets confronted by the mistakes he has made in the past, the mistakes he is making now, and how they will affect his life in the future. Connor, who was attending his brother’s wedding, runs into Jenny Perotti. The one that got away, according to Connor. While drunk at the rehearsal dinner, the ghost of his uncle appears to him and gives him advice.

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)

As the movie progresses, three other ghosts appear to him, pointing out what he is doing wrong. And how it will affect him in the long run. The realization that he is going to be alone for the rest of his life hits him hard. And he goes and confesses his feelings to Jenny and shows her a photo of hers he has kept all this time. Jenny decides to give the relationship another chance.

36. Focus

Focus focuses on Nicky Spurgeon, a self-made entrepreneur of sorts. He has a vast system of cons, everything from pickpocketing to sealing credit card info. He uses indicate systems to stay a step ahead of the law and make lots of money in the process. Then he meets Jess Barrett, who tries to play a con on him, not knowing he has been at this game a lot longer than her. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Focus (2015)

He recruits Jess into his fold, and she quickly learns the ropes of his organization. As time goes by, the duo starts a romantic relationship with each other. But Nicky breaks it off as it’s never good to become emotionally attached. Jess is clearly distraught, but there is nothing she can do. Years later, they run into each other while trying to scam the same person and decide to work together. At the same time, they give their relationship another chance.

37. Failure to Launch

Tripp, who is 35 years old, is still living with his parents. It’s not that he is broke. As a matter of fact, he has a good job and makes decent money. This is when Lura enters his life. Laura specializes in getting brown men to move out of their parent’s house. But she is having trouble with Tripp as he does not fit the usual criteria. Paula, in an attempt to make Tripp fall for her, ends up falling for him. 

37 Movies Like Set It Up You Should Consider Watching

Failure to Launch (2006)

But Tripp finds out that Paula was hired to make him move out. And subsequently ends the relationship. His parents come up with a plan to get them back together, which involves locking the pair in a room. There Paula explains everything to Tripp, and Tripp agrees to forgive her. Tripp decides it’s time to move out and resumes his relationship with Paula from where he stopped it. 

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