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Healer Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Healer Poster (Credits: Amazon Prime)

Korean dramas have become increasingly popular over the past few years, captivating audiences with their compelling stories, fascinating leads, and stunning cinematography. We know most of you are waiting eagerly to know about the ‘Healer’ K-Drama review. A south Korean television series, Healer, originally aired from December 2014 – February 2015.

It is a perfect blend of romance, action, and mystery, which is what makes it so unique and intriguing. Song Ji-na is the screenwriter of this drama who has written several other popular Korean dramas like Eyes of Dawn and Sandglass. The Healer is a thrilling and suspenseful drama that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its fast-paced action and intricate plot.

K-dramas never fail to prove that they portray important issues of the world that people generally ignore. K-dramas ensure that we view the world from a different perspective and gain much knowledge from it. Let us now dig into the review of the K-drama Healer so you can learn more about how incredible it is.

  • Drama Name – Healer
  • Written By – Song Ji-na
  • Directed By – Lee Jung-sub, Kim Jin-woo
  • Original Language – Korean
  • Number of episodes – 20
  • Where to watch – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Viki

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Healer Star cast

Healer has a featuring talented ensemble cast. Ji Chang-Wook stars as Seo Jung-hoo, Park Min-young plays Chae Young-shin, and Yoo Ji-tae plays Kim Moon-ho. Other notable cast members include Kim Mi-Kyung as Jo Min-ja and Oh Kwang-rok as Ki Young-Jae. These actors delivered exceptional performances, making their characters come alive on screen and contributing to the success of the series.


The cast of K-drama Healer (Credits: Twitter @JCWKitchen)

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Healer Plot 

An old, unsolved murder case involving a group of individuals who were running an illegal broadcasting station has brought these people in a team of – a peculiar gofer chores guy, known as ‘Healer,’ who possesses remarkable camouflage and combat skills, a renowned journalist and a reporter from a mediocre journal. They will have to confront the cruel conflict between truth and faith.

As they endeavor to uncover the truth behind the 1992 incident and a series of current-day murders, they develop into honest reporters who strive to bridge the gap between truth and reality, even if it means standing up to powerful media figures.

The plot is exceptionally well-crafted, with a lot of unexpected twists and turns that will keep viewers thoroughly engaged throughout. The chemistry between the leading actors, Ji Chang-Wook and Park Min-young, is amazing, and their relationship is portrayed in an exceptionally realistic and relatable way.


A scene from Healer (Credits: Youtube)

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Healer Storyline 

Healer follows the story of a mysterious night courier and “fixer,” Seo Jung Hoo. He is hired to solve people’s problems using his exceptional skills in hacking, combat, and espionage. His tasks are to deliver packages and messages to people in need. He operates trying to keep his identity unknown and works under the code name ‘Healer.’

Jung Hoo lives his life in isolation and takes on any job as long as it doesn’t involve a threat to anybody’s life. When Chae Young Shin, a young reporter, hires him to investigate a decades-old case involving her father’s false conviction, his life takes a dramatic turn. The drama also features a complex love story between Jung Hoo and Young Shin.

They are drawn to each other even when initially they have emotional baggage and trust issues. They also have to deal with the problematic challenges of their respective professions while acknowledging their feelings for each other.

Initially, Seo Jung Hoo is an introverted outsider because of his past, but he eventually learns to trust and care for others. Chae Young Shin is a passionate journalist and is determined to uncover the truth and bring justice to all those suffering from falsehood. Kim Moon Ho is an experienced journalist. He serves as a mentor and confidante to both Seo Jung Hoo and Chae Young Shin.

He is very wise and cares for them. Along the journey, Jung Hoo forms an unexpected bond with Young Shin as they work together to expose the truth with the help of Kim Moon Ho, who has his own reasons for wanting to help them.

Jung Hoo uncovers a web of conspiracies and corruption that endangers the lives of everyone involved as he delves deeper into the case. He gets to learn more about his own past. He meets and falls in love with Chae Young-shin, who hired him to investigate the old story.

She is plucky and ambitious, and as he starts working with her, he begins to develop feelings for her. However, when they come to understand that they are connected by a terrible event that occurred in the past, their relationship becomes complicated. 


A still from Healer (Credits: Twitter @naan_jaan)

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Healer Review

The drama series Healer starts off with a bang, introducing us to the action-packed world of Seo Jung-hoo. The intense and well-choreographed action scenes will give you a glimpse of Seo Jung-hoo’s impressive skills. Throughout the series, it is a thrilling and exciting journey, filled with moments of a keen sense of sadness, regret, and heartbreak.

The Healer is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with its captivating plot and characters. The drama is compelling, with themes of family, loyalty, and betrayal explored throughout the series. While appreciating the action and suspense that Healer offers, we cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the romantic relationship between Seo Jung-hoo and Chae Young-shin.

Find that their relationship is based on trust and mutual respect, as it seems genuine. This series also has its required portion of quieter moments. We get to know about the characters and their motivations behind the kind of life they are leading towards. Also, talking about the plot is full of twists and turns. Healer tackles the issue of power and corruption very well.

It shows how powerful people can manipulate and control the media to suit their agenda as it is set in the world of journalism. The show does an excellent job of exposing the reality of certain situations and the dangers of silencing the truth, shedding light on bad effects.

Ji Chang-Wook effortlessly portrays the character’s cool and collected demeanor while also showing his vulnerability and emotional depth, giving a great performance as Seo Jung-hoo. Park Min-young’s chemistry with Ji Chang-Wook is so intense as it seems almost tangible to you, and their relationship looks so natural and familiar. They make a compelling and engaging on-screen duo together.

Talking about character development, we really get to know Jung-hoo, making him a really relatable and sympathetic protagonist. The supporting characters are also really well-written, and they add a lot of depth to the story. It’s great to see how their personalities and relationships with Jung-hoo evolve as the story progresses.

Healer’s production values are one of its great aspects. It is shot beautifully, with stunning cinematography and modern visuals that are sleek and really stand out. Additionally, the soundtrack is quite noteworthy as it features a mix of upbeat and emotional tracks that are perfectly suited to the various moods of the series.

It is impressive how the series is able to handle the complexities of the characters’ relationships and motivations without becoming overly complicated. The script is created as a narrative that is not simple yet easy to get along with. The depth of the characters and their motivations must be appreciated as it’s done in a way that is not too difficult to understand.


A still from Healer (Credits: IMDb)

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Final Verdict

Are you looking for an exciting and suspenseful drama? Then The Healer is the perfect choice for you! This Korean drama is sure to appeal to fans of the genre, with its strong character development, gripping plot, and great chemistry between the two leads. It’s easy to get invested in the characters and their story, as each episode brings a new twist and turns.

You’ll be rooting for the protagonists to succeed in their mission and overcome the obstacles in their way. Overall, The Healer is a must-watch for anyone who is looking for a thrilling and entertaining drama. With its captivating story and excellent performances, it’s sure to keep you hooked until the very end.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4/5).

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