All Of Us Are Dead Review: Is It Worth A Watch?

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All Of Us Are Dead
All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead was proclaimed one of the highly viewed series in 2022. It is a horror zombie apocalypse South Korean television series. All Of Us Are Dead started streaming on Netflix on 28th January 2022. The series was written by Chun Sung-il and directed by Lee Jae Kyoo and Kim Nam-su. 

The series consists of 12 mysterious and nail-biting episodes. Each episode showed the struggle of students to survive on their own. All Of Us Are Dead was released in January 2022, but it ended on a cliffhanger that left fans with many questions. Later in 2022, Netflix renewed the contract and announced the second season, which made fans squeal with joy. 

All Of Us Are Dead focuses on the students who try to survive to live after the sudden breakout of zombies in the school. They got only two options either to find a way to fight with zombies or to become one. It showed how the apocalypse brought some students together and kept others asunder by the misery and anguish imposed upon them. 

Characters Of All Of Us Are Dead

Like a color palette, each character has a different shade or story, and they depicted it with full intensity and gave life to the characters. There are so many characters to remember in this big cast who played significant roles. 

cast of all of us are dead
Credit to Netflix

Lee Cheong San

Yoon Chan-young played the role of Lee Cheong San and nailed it. Cheong-san, a student of Class 2-5, was also On-Jo’s childhood friend and neighbor. He had a secret crush on On Jo, which he realized later. Cheong San was seen doing many action scenes and always a helping hand in the series. Yoon Chan Young appeared in many popular dramas, including Mama (2014), Six Flying Dragons (2015), and Thirty But Seventeen (2018). 

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Lee Cheong-san
Credit to Netflix

Nam On-jo

Park Ji-hu played the role of one of the most note-worthy characters in the series, Nam On-jo. She was a student of Class 2-5 and had a massive crush on Lee Su-hyeok. On-jo was the brain of the group and perhaps the character who suffered the most. Her suggestions helped a lot during the chaos. Ji-hu has proven herself in quite numerous works, including House of Hummingbird (2018) and Little Women (2022). 

Nam On-jo
Credit to Netflix

Lee Su-hyeok

Su-hyeok was the show stealer of the series. Park Solomon played the role of Lee Su-hyeok. He also had a fair share of action sequences which he pulled off flawlessly. Known as one of the most popular students at school, he was a student of Class 2-5. Su-hyeok was given the nickname Bare-su. Solomon, popularly known as lomon, has worked in worth-watching dramas, including Sweet Revenge (2017), Lookism (2019), and Revenge of Others. 

Lee Su-hyeok
Credit to Netflix

Choi Nam-ra

Choi Yi Hyun played the role of Choi Nam-ra. She was the class president of Class 2-5, was studious, and never really liked interacting with her classmates. Nam-ra left quite an impression on the audience with her praise-worthy performance. She was a Halfbie, half a zombie, and half a human. Choi Yi-Hyun received compliments for her roles in Hospital Playlist (Seasons 1 & 2), School 2021 (2021). 

Choi Nam-ra
Credit to Netflix

Yoon Gwi-nam

Yoo In-soo played the role of Yoon Gwi-nam. He was the central antagonist in the series. Gwi-nam, a problematic student of Class 2-1. He became more brutal and powerful after transforming into Halfbie. Yoo In-soo has appeared in many recognizable dramas, including Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017), School 2017 (2017), At a Distance, Spring Is Green (2021), and Alchemy of Souls (Seasons 1 & 2). 

Yoon Gwi-nam
Credit to Netflix

The Plot of All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead is based on a webtoon by Joo Dong-Geun. It all started when a science teacher, Lee Byeong-chan’s experiment on a rat went wrong at Hyosan High School. That rat bites one of the students letting her to start behaving strangely.

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Byeong-chan only wanted humans not to fear anything and was filled with anger. The reason behind his experiment was the constant bullying of his son, and he couldn’t fight for himself, and even after knowing everything, authorities were not taking any steps. 

The virus began to spread like a fire, and the city became the ground zero for the outbreak. The student got tangled without much food, water, electricity, and government help, and the only option left was to run and survive to live. They must save themselves from infected ones or bite them. It even made their close friends turn into the worst enemies ever. 

Not only the school but the whole city was fighting the virus. Their life depends on the choice they make. One wrong choice, and you’re dead. The antagonist, a total freak, was there only to make things hard for them. When Cheong-san was out there fighting all alone, his feud with Gwi-nam started at that point.

And after becoming the halfbie, his only mission was to kill Cheong-san no matter what. Gwi-nam invariably made the most of his sense of smell, hearing, potency, and pain toleration to his benefit. 

After fighting for their lives, only a few students made out live from there. Although they’re alive, the pain and misery of losing their friends left them with lifelong pangs. 

All Of Us Are Dead Review 

South Korea has always come up with the best zombie shows. This time too, they amazed us with the thrilling, coming-of-age, horror, and full of suspense series. All Of Us Are Dead created a buzz the moment it came out. It also showed the negligence of the school authorities, even when students were facing severe bullying. 

The fact that All Of us are Dead focused on students set it apart from other zombie series, and they were not just running away from them but also finding out ways to keep themselves safe and sound. 

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The series reached the heights of success because of many aspects. And one of the reasons was the electrifying cast and their powerful performances. The standout character in the series was Lee Su-hyeok, Choi Nam-ra, Lee Cheong-san, and Nam On-jo. Lomon, as Su-hyeok came, ate, and left no crumbs.

One of the most talked about and liked characters was that of the hottest class president, Nam-ra. She was a robust yet serene personality. And Yi Hyun did her job well. The series also highlighted the relationship between the students and how they depended on each other and were ready to help in this difficult time.

The chemistry between the childhood friends, Cheong-san and On-jo, left a deep impression on the audience. The audience might have watched the series for different reasons but ended up falling for the sizzling chemistry between Su-hyeok and Nam-ra. Even the side characters depicted their parts well, especially the main antagonist, Gwi-nam, who took away their peace. 

The series did best with creating realistic situations. The cinematography will leave you in awe, and the acting from the young actors was commendable. They will make you experience every emotion. But witnessing them lose their friends make our hearts filled with emptiness. The decisions made by people in dire straits were a principal focus of the series.


All Of Us Are Dead, a thrilling rollercoaster ride, makes you cry a river, laugh and feel the pain with them. The series has earned worldwide popularity and broken many records. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger and left us longing for more. Fans are looking forward to what season 2 has kept in store for us. 

All Of Us Are Dead is a perfect series to binge-watch for fans who love this genre of horror and zombie apocalypses. Yes, there were a few loopholes, but you cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that it has substantial factors that are worth creditable. But don’t watch it while you’re eating. 

I will give 4 out of 5 to All Of Us Are Dead, one of the best horror, thrilling coming-of-age series.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4/5).

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