K-drama Andante Cast: Meet The Talented Actors of The Sweet High School Romance

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Andante K-drama Cast

The Andante K-drama cast not only mesmerized us by their visuals but also by their amazing chemistry! Andante is one of the many high school K-dramas brought to us. You might already know that the high school genre is K-drama’s specialty. Almost every actor and actress in South Korea must have starred in a high school rom-com at least once in their career. Coming back to Andante, the story of the K-drama focuses on four characters Lee Shi Kyung, Park Ga Ram, Lee Shi Young, and Kim Bom. Lee Shi Kyung and Lee Shi Young are siblings who got transferred to a countryside school.

Park Ga Ram is an elite student who dreams of becoming a doctor and has a very warm personality, while Kim Bom is a very shy girl who has a mysterious and cool aura surrounding her. The story of the K-drama is not very complicated and complex but rather highlights a normal teenager’s life and friendships. They are able to portray Lee Shi Kyung and how he changed after coming to the countryside with simplicity.

The chemistry of the Andante K-drama cast had been unarguably awesome! Keep reading to find out who the talented actors and actresses of the Andante K-drama cast are!

1. Kai

Kim Jong In, aka EXO’s Kai, is part of the Andante K-drama cast! The boy member not only excels in dancing and performing but also does well in the acting industry as well. Kai has acted in K-dramas like Choco Bank as Kim Eun Haeng and Haru Ga Kita as Lee Ji Won. Besides his acting career, Kai has a flourishing musical career. Apart from being one of the members of the two biggest K-pop boy groups, EXO and SuperM, he even has received quite a success with his solo activities. Not only that but Kai is also known for his impeccable fashion sense and is also called one of the biggest fashion icons of K-pop!

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Andante K-drama cast
Kai cr: SM Entertainment

2. Lee Ye Hyun

Next up is the actress who plays the role of Lee Shi Young in Andante, Lee Ye Hyun! Lee ye Hyun has not starred in many K-dramas since Andante. In fact, Andante is the first and only K-drama where she had bagged one of the main roles in the story. She had guested Kim Soo Hyang ( Dried Squid Fairy’s Past Lover) in Extraordinary You and the young Go Gang Sook in The Master of Revenge. 

Andante K-drama cast
Lee Ye Hyun cr: BMPkhan Entertainment

3. Kim Jin Kyung

Kim Jin Kyung is a South Korean actress as well as a famous model. She has appeared in many famous magazines such as W Korea, Vogue Korea, and Elle Korea. Making her debut in the web drama Yellow, Kim Jin Kyung has starred only in a few K-dramas. Kim Jin Kyung has, other than being a part of the Andante K-drama Cast, also acted in Tofu Personified as Baek Min Kyung and Perfume Kim Jin Kyung ( Jae Hee’s daughter).

Kim Jin Kyung cr: ESteem

Kim Jin Kyung is more famous as a model. She was the runner-up in Onstyle’s Korea’s Next Top Model. She is reportedly dating Crucial Star currently and has not returned for three years by now. We, as well as her fans, are eagerly waiting for her to make a comeback soon. Cross your fingers so that she makes a k-drama comeback this year!

4. Baek Chul Min

Baek Chum Min is a model-turned-actor who has been garnering attention for his excellent acting skills! Baek Chul Min has played the roles of many significant characters like Alex in ( Kill Me, Heal Me), Choi Woo Hyuk ( Solomon’s Perjury), Ahn Tae Gyu ( Witch’s Court), and Kang In Gyu ( Your Honour). His breakthrough role was in the K-drama Kill Me, Heal Me. Fans have been waiting for four years now, but there is still no news of him making an acting comeback. We sure hope that he makes a comeback really soon this year!

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Baek Chul Min cr: E-Um Contents

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