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Somebody Ending Explained: Who Is The Real Jun-Yeong?

Somebody Credit: Netflix

Somebody is a South Korean psychological thriller that aired on Netflix on 18 November 2022. The series was written and directed by Jung Ji-woo and had 8 episodes with a run time 0f 1hr 15min.

Netflix is the film’s distributor and has an interesting plot to it. The series is somewhat like a half-baked psychology romance drama. A software developer gets entangled in a series of murders involving a dating app developed by her. A mysterious man is lurking behind the shadows waiting for his chance to strike.

The series lead cast includes Kim Young-Kwang as Sun Yun-ho, the antagonist of the series, a man full of dangerous lies, and Kang Hae-lim as Kim-Sum, a successful software developer, the series protagonist.


A Still From Somebody 

The supporting cast of the series has Kim Yong-ji as Im Mok-won plays the role of Kim’s friend and Kim Su-yeon as Yeong Gi-eun, another friend of Kim-Sum. The cast is full of charismatic actors who made their parts believable in the series. The series will give you goosebumps and chills at some points. It is a must-watch series.

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Somebody Ending Explained 

The plot revolves around an app and its use of it to carry out murders. Kim- Sum is a young, socially awkward girl who developed a dating app to connect people. Kim-Sum has been an extremely talented software algorithm from a very young age.

The film starts with showing Kim-Sum rigging lottery machines in the gaming arena for a man in exchange for a large sum of money. Kim-Sum saves all the money she earns by rigging the lottery machine and uses most of it to prepare for an upcoming youth programming exhibit. 

Trouble knocks on Sum’s door when cops come knocking on Spectrum’s door to investigate about two recent murders where the victims extensively used the somebody app. These victims met each other through the platform and killed themselves later.

Sum decides to investigate the matter herself as if this information comes out, the reputation of Spectrum will be tarnished. She meets the killer on accident when a stray cat is hit by a truck, and Sum decides to relieve the cat of its pain. She chats about the incident with the men on Somebody, and one of them encourages her to kill the cat.

This incident marked the beginning of a bond between the two individuals. The killer is revealed to be Seong, an architectural designer by profession. As he starts to know Kim, he becomes intrigued by her personality. The two of them begin a romantic relationship after realizing they are similar and different from everyone around them.

The rest of the series follows the chase of finding the real killer and causing an end to the killing sprees by ending the psychopath. Sum’s friend also becomes prey to Seong on Somebody, but he doesn’t kill her after knowing she’s a cop.   

 Seong-Yun Isn’t Seong-Yun

Seong-Yun meets up with Sum and confesses to his crimes in hopes that Sum will continue their romance and relationship the way it was going on before his confession. Seong also confessed about Sum is his one true love. His confession was the point that made Sum realize the integrity of the situation.

Sum realized their love has no future as it would never reach a comfortable or positive position. She decided to take matters into her own hands to end Seong’s charade and his killing sprees. While at the same time, Yeon-o is terrified after receiving video calls from the victims he had previously killed.

He later realizes the phones of his previous victims have been stolen. Seong tracks Mon-Wok and warns her not to mess with his life and leave Sum and his love life alone. He threatens her by telling her he knows the three of them are friends, and he knows where all of them live.

The day she is supposed to meet Seong, Sum realizes that her friend Young Gi-Eun with her police force would track her phone to reach Seong’s location.


Kim-Sum makes the first move.

She outsmarts her friend by leaving her phone in an empty taxi that roams all around Seoul. She leaves alone to reach their meeting spot, which is a new house Seong was building to live with Sum in the future.

As Seong is waiting for Sum to arrive, he gets a video call from her that turns out to be a pre-recorded video edit of hers. A hand sneaks up on Yeong and injures him fatally by running a sharp wire through his eyes and temple as he continues to confess his love.

The hand later gives another cut to Yeong’s neck, and he runs away from the house. The hand is revealed to be of Kim-Sum.  She leaves Seong in a pool of his blood as he continues to bleed profusely.

Her friend Mok-Won realizes previously of Sum’s plan, arrives at the location of Sum, and gives her a ride back to her Spectrum. Kim is tracked by the police to be in her office to be at Spectrum.

Kim is happily playing a video game with her colleagues. She laughs for the first time in a social gathering indicating a positive change that came in Kim’s life that she has always yearned for.

She experienced some kind of emotion for a long time.  Her experience of love and then the realization of her love is more dangerous than she thought it to be likely brought the change in her. 

Will There Be A Second Season Of Somebody

The thriller series was loved by the audience, except for some parts where people felt the cast lacked the common sense required by the role one plays. For the part where Gi-Eun meets with a stranger she talked to on an app, but being a police officer, she should’ve been aware of the dangers that come with doing so.

A cop is never as reckless as Gi-Eun was in the series. The series has a clean and fascinating plot with great acting by the cast members. The story has the audience hooked to the screen.


Somebody is Creating A Buzz

There have been speculations about there being a second season of the series among the audience. People want to see more of the series, as several questions were left unanswered in the first installment. The series received a mixed reaction from the audience.

Especially the reason behind Gi-Eun’s accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. There hasn’t been any official statement released about there being a second season of Unlocked. The release of the second season of the series will depend on the response received by the first season of the series. The series is available to stream for viewers on Netflix.

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