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In Which Episode Does Nacho Varga Die In Better Call Saul?

american drama
Nacho Varga

This American crime drama in its seven-year-long run has been able to catch the eyes of anyone who loves to watch shows dipped in crime and drama and at the same time has a side to comedy to it and probably a little bit of sarcasm too. This show exactly caters to the needs of the viewers through its episodes. 

The show is an associated spin-off of Breaking Bad, which aired in 2008 and ended in September 2013. This show is a perfect description of how knowledge of things can be used in multiple ways, whether good or bad, all that lies, in the end, is the intent of the possessor of the knowledge. 

The show is created by Vince Gilligan and the show other than crime serves the viewers a first-hand experience of black comedy, tragic ends, neo-western setups and backgrounds and a thrilling storyline, all packed in one show. The show was first launched on 8th February 2015 and the show ran for six seasons. The final episode of the show was aired in August 2022. Even after almost a year post the show’s closure, it is still loved and watched highly and is relevant to the viewers. 

american drama

Nacho Varga

This thrilling show stars Bob Odenkirk, Nina Jack, Diane Merce, and Robin Sweet is in the lead and prominent roles. The show was set in Alberquerque, New Mexico and the show was also shot in the same place. AMC was the network that officially aired the show on the air. Each episode has a running time of 43-55 minutes and had a total of 62 episodes over the course of 5 seasons. 

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A brief synopsis of Beter Call Saul

The story revolves around a con man named Jimmy McGill who has fooled a lot of people in the past and has been a part of several crimes all at once. But now he is tired of such life and wishes to leave it behind him for good and more ahead in terms of living like an honest and honourable man. 

Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul

He chooses to become a lawyer by the name of Saul Goodman. At the start of his working life, he was denied to give exams to even work, so he chooses to work as a professional for the people who would pay him less and he even starts building his practice on Elder Law for the elderly people and serves them. 

In the process of the same, he meets many new people who genuinely help him and at the same time, he makes some arch-enemies who would do anything to cause him harm and create a nuisance in his life. On many occasions, he is confronted by his past and it keeps bothering him again and again. 

This transformational journey in itself is a hard one for Saul, as he adjusts to a whole new life, finds great people and even loses many of them. Most of the scenes are made to match the timelines of Breaking Bad and both of the shows correspond to each other in timelines.

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In what Episode does Nacho Varga die?

Nacho Varga is another prominent character in Better Call Saul’s show and has been a very important part of the show from the very start till the very end of the show. He has been mentioned in conversations and in talks in Breaking Bad as well. The role of Nacho Varga was played by Michael Mando. 

american drama

A still of Nacho

Nacho is a notable member of the Hectors’ Drug ring and has been a part of several crimes and schemes that took under his surveillance. He is shown to be honest and obedient towards his work and is considered to be one of the most loyal characters to Hector on the show. Other than that he has been blessed with an intelligent mind a sharp analytical sense and observing skills. 

Unfortunately, fans of Nacho were disappointed to see him dying. He dies in Season 6 in episode 3 which is titled ” Rock and Hard Place”. His death saddened a lot of people, as people saw him to be one of the most beloved characters. He dies by suicide in the show as he is in hand-to-hand combat. 

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