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Why Is Breaking Bad Called Breaking Bad? Meaning Behind The Name

Why Is Breaking Bad Called Breaking Bad?
Why Is Breaking Bad Called Breaking Bad?

Why is Breaking Bad called Breaking Bad? Have you ever thought about this? It’s not just this thriller, but all the series and films are titled with some major inner meanings. Starting from the basics, Breaking Bad can be centered on a crime drama in the black comedy genre. In case you haven’t watched it yet, it focuses on the life of a high school chemistry teacher. Despite being highly qualified, he doesn’t get paid well. All of a sudden, he gets diagnosed with lung cancer, and that too is in the third stage. Knowing this, he finds a difficult way for earning money so that he can secure his family after his death. He partners and gets himself involved in the business of manufacturing and selling methamphetamine. That’s tough! 

Let’s dive into this piece to learn the reason behind the name Breaking Bad. 

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Why is Breaking Bad Called Breaking Bad? 

Well, ‘To Break Bad’ is a phrase that refers to getting involved in illegal activities. In other words, it can also be defined as someone leaving his methodical life and starting a new thing, irrespective of its legality. In Breaking Bad, we have seen Walter White leaving his job and getting inclined into cooking meth. That’s illegal. The title ‘Breaking Bad’ itself depicts the change in his lifestyle. His clear shift from a decent teacher to a drug kingpin is the major reason for satisfying the name. 

Why is Breaking Bad Called Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad

On the other hand, as mentioned, Walter plays the character of a chemistry teacher, and the subject is also involved in the naming Breaking Bad. It has a couple of elements from the periodic table, ‘Br’ and ‘Ba’ which stand for Bromine and Barium, respectively. Breaking Bad is reported to be “a Southern regionalism from the area in Virginia from which Gilligan hails. It means ‘to raise hell,’ as in ‘I was out the other night at the bar…and I really broke bad.” But, he has used it to showcase the violent and wild moves made by Walter. The phrase can also depict domination and violation. 

Breaking Bad is available on Netflix. Happy Streaming! 

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