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What Episode Does Andrea Die In Breaking Bad?

breaking bad

Breaking Bad has been making it to the hearts of viewers since the time it premiered on screens all across the globe. From amazing acting to excellent settings, and intriguing scenes, Breaking Bad has it all. An American drama, Breaking Bad featured some of the most painful deaths in its fifth and final season, which took the audience by complete surprise and left them in awe.

Where there is always gossip about how some of the important characters were killed off in the ‘House of the Dragons’, there is hardly any blather about the deaths that took place in this famous drama series. However, it is indeed true that while House of Dragons had an interminable build-up, Breaking Bad’s story could not have been pushed further had not some of the mainline characters died. Breaking Bad did not necessarily turn out to be the best series, but it had to be one of the most surprising series. 

Main Characters That were Killed Off in Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has always startled its fans with its unanticipated deaths and stupefying twists. Right from Season 2, some of the most important characters had been killed off, which of course, was not enjoyed by the fans who, however, could not help but wonder more about how the show would unfold in the upcoming seasons.

breaking bad

Walter, “Best Bad” on Netflix

Season 2 observed the death of Tuco Salamanca, who was leading an empire running on drugs in Albuquerque. However, things go south for Tuco after the murder of No-Doze right under his nose, which leads Tuco to abduct Jesse. However, Tuco did not have luck on his side after Hank shot him in the head when a clamor broke out while Jesse and Walt tried to escape.

Tuco’s death was not the only death that took place in Season 2 because Jesse’s landlord cum lover, Jane Margolis, who was a drug addict, OD’d and choked on her vomit which caused emotional havoc in Jesse’s life. Moving on to Season 3, Gale Boetticher’s character was killed off when Jesse decided to kill him against every ounce of his flesh because Walt was sure Gus would kill them if they did not kill Gale.

Gus, who was also referred to as the “Chicken Man,” loved playing a game of cat and mouse. However, Gus was done with Walt and Jesse after they had killed Gus’s loved associates. But Walt was all prepared to kill two birds with one stone after he decided to plant a bomb in the wheelchair that belonged to Hector, causing both Hector and Gus to die in the bomb blow-up during Season 4.

However, no loss from the previous seasons could be compared to the deaths that took place in Season 5. Mike Ehrmantraut, Hank Schrader, Walter White, and Andrea Cantillo are some of the most important characters that were killed off in the final season of Breaking Bad.

While Mike was shot dead by Walt because he did not like how Mike spoke to him, the shocking death of Hank after the shootout with the Neo-Nazi gang had to be the most shocking of all. Todd Alquist was responsible for Andrea’s death, and on the other hand, Walt died after his face-off with the Neo-Nazi gang.

breaking bad

Andrea Cantillo died in Season 5, Episode 15

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In which Episode does Andrea die?

Andrea Cantillo died in Season 5 Episode 15, titled “Granite State”. Andrea, who was Brock Cantillo’s mother and Jesse Pinkman’s love interest, was a recovering drug addict. Andrea’s character was introduced in Season 3 of Breaking Bad when she met Jesse Pinkman at Narcotics Anonymous. Andrea, however, moved on to a new life when Jesse sent her some money to live a modest life following her brother’s death.

Andrea, Jesse, and Brock had a happy relationship which, however, came to an end when Walt convinced Jesse that his involvement in the meth trade could cause Andre trouble. Walt tried to cook up a story and talk Andrea into believing that Jesse was using drugs again and that he had gone missing. Andrea attempted to help Walt and asked Jesse to return her call since she wanted to talk.

However, that could not happen because, in Episode 15, Todd Alquist, in an attempt to seek revenge on Jesse, killed Andrea, whose death left Jesse in a state of complete shock. Jesse later avenged Andrea’s death after he stifled Todd to death. 

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