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Marvel Necrosword Shocking Origin and Powers

Marvel Necrosword

Marvel’s latest release is out in the theatre and fans are loving it. Thor: Love and Thunder lay its focus on the Marvel Necrosword powers and origin. Wel, Marvel has already introduced Necrosword in Thor: Ragnarok. Hela was the one using a whole of Necroswords. Some were very big and some were a little too small. But all can do one thing properly, it’s killing people. Yeah, Necroswords are very powerful and they can cut the body of humans into pieces without having a scratch on it.

But it isn’t the Necrosword we are talking about. We are talking about the Marvel Necrosword in Thor: Love and Thunder. This latest release of MCU Phase 5 introduced a new weapon Necrosword. Well, Marvel has introduced a lot of weapons from time to time. Like, Captain’s Shield, Infinity gauntlet, Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, etcetera. And now marvel another weapon is here in the movies. We are going to talk about Marvel Necrosword Origin and Powers. It may contain some major spoilers from the movie Thor: Love and Thunder. So, proceed with caution.

Marvel Necroswrod Origin and Power

When Celestials started their creation, the light of creation woke Knull from his deep sleep. The light starts spreading all over. Knull became furious over this. Knull is a god-like entity. He rules over the void and darkness. Also, he is very powerful and moves through shadow. On the other hand, Knull is the god of all symbiotes. So what Knull did is he created a weapon using his immense power. The weapon was Necrosword. Necrosword is a symbiote itself. Knull then killed a celestial with just one blow of the sword. The planet Nowhere in the Guardians of the Galaxy is the head of that Celestial.

Marvel Necrosword

CC: Christian Bale as Gorr

After that, Knull went crazy and he killed billions of gods for thousands of years. On top of that, Knull and Gorr are not the only ones who wielded the Marvel Necrosword. Loki also wielded it once in the comic verse. Ego and Galactus also possessed Necrosword for some time. This pretty much sums up the Marvel Necrosword Origin.

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Marvel Necrosword Powers

Marvel Nocrosword is one the most powerful weapons in the MCU and Marvel Comics both. Knull created it with the immense power of darkness and void. On top of that, Necrosword is a symbiote so yeah it comes with a lot of perks. Whoever wields Necrosword gets a whole lot of power These powers come from Necrosword only. This is based on the mentions in the comics and as portrayed in the Thor: Love and Thunder movie.

Marvel Necrosword

CC: Marvel Comics

Marvel Necrosword helps allows its wielder to create shadow berserkers. These are dark creatures created from the darkness itself. Gorr created shadow berserkers of different sizes and shapes. Necrosword also gives the power to travel through shadows. Gorr can be seen traveling in the shadows in the latest Marvel movie. It also gives superhuman agility and strength to its wielder making him a god-like entity. Also, the All-Black Marvel Necrosword has some symbiote-like powers. It slowly takes the life from its wielder. So yeah, Necrosword power is pretty high and it makes it one of the most powerful weapons in MCU.

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