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Ms. Marvel Season 2: Will Kamala Blast her Way Through?

Ms. Marvel Season 2

‘When will Ms. Marvel Season 2 come out?’ was the first question once the final episode of the teenage superhero concluded. Though different from her comics counterpart, the TV version still manages to stand out on her own. But how likely are the chances for a second season? Many have praised the show for its quality and yet there doesn’t seem to be that high of a demand for it may be something is afoot at Marvel. The production value was quite high for this series and it also gives the impression that there is more that needs to be told. It could be possible we will see a lot of cameos by the bangle wielder on the upcoming shows like I Am Groot, Loki season 2, and such. However, as for the fate of Ms. Marvel and her role in MCU she will be coming to the big screen. It has already been stated that she will be appearing in the second Captain Marvel movie. And going forward we will get more hints on whether or not we will get Ms. Marvel Season, but if that were enough we wouldn’t be curious, would we?

Ms. Marvel Season 2

CC: Ms. Marvel Franchise

What to expect from Ms. Marvel Season 2?

Kamala is no longer the only person that has powers similar to the Djinn. Kareem too can use Hardlight now and given he and Kamala were Inhuman in the comics. So we will have two people with Hardlight powers roam in the city of New Jersey and on runaway from DODC. Though they are not the only teenage heroes in the comics, there are a lot of them that could potentially show up in Ms. Marvel Season 2. But who could they be? The very first in Miles Morales, and he should be discarded just as early. Because it doesn’t seem like Marvel wants to rely on IPs that they don’t have complete control over. And quite frankly, Spider-Man is the only one in that category now. Marvel has gotten rights to film all of their characters by acquiring the companies that owned. Daddy Disney isn’t Mysore when it comes to stuff like this. We can also see young Avengers coming to the show if they ever get introduced to the MCU. Though the Avengers have dwindled they have some nice addition as well. Like a rubber man and a mutant that can read minds. Though, their kids are candidates for appearing in Ms. Marvel season 2.

Will Captain Marvel be there in Ms. Marvel Season 2?

The chances are slim, might as well be negligible, don’t get your hopes down though. Cause there is nothing that says Kamala can’t appear in a Captain Marvel movie. That’s right, Ms. Marvel is slated to appear in the second movie of Marvel’s first female superhero movie. The one who started this deserves to share space with one of her most dedicated fans. But the only thing we know about the movie is the appearance of many people going on a space adventure and dealing with threats outside. The second Marvel movie, The Marvels, will have a high budget as well as a series of the cast that have similar powers but different roles. Kamala will learn a lot about being a superhero, especially from Nick Fury. The man has been around way before Avengers was even made. Though, it might be out of context and Carol might be the one who guides her. On second thought, it would be great to have Nick Fury come over and fix issues with DODC in Ms. Marvel Season 2. But then it will raise the question of who will be the bad guys beyond Ms. Marvel Season 2?

What to expect from Ms. Marvel Season 2?

It is a little hard to predict what Ms. Marvel Season 2 will bring to the table. The first season of the show went through reshoots and redirected some scenes, not to mention it was delayed as well. What the point of it remained debatable but it does have a good effect on the overall effect of the show. So if the second show does get greenlit we can consider reshoots being part of the norm. However, that may not happen at all. As the show is likely to be in Phase 5 and there will be a major shift in the status quo when that happens. Like how Spider-Man Far From Home took heavily from Avenger: Endgame and it affected the overall plot. If the Avenger movie of Phase 5 does the same then we have something big on our hands. But phase 4 is still in the earlier so we could get a movie much early on. As to when the announcement for Ms. Marvel Season 2 will happen, it will most likely happen at a Comic-con event.

Ms. Marvel Season 2

CC: Ms. Marvel Franchise

Where would ‘Ms. Marvel season 2 stream?’

All of the marvel shows appear in Disney+ first, the same goes for the movies. Since the first season came out on the OTT platform, no doubt Ms. Marvel Season 2 will appear on it as well. When season 2 will come out is not known, however, we do know shows get renewed based on their performance. Like how Loki got renewed for season 2 on its first season.

What is Ms. Marvel about?

In an ever-growing Marvel universe, people are inspired by the heroic actions of the heroes that put their life on the line to save others. One such person is Kamala Khan who is obsessed with Captain Marvel and her adventures. Kamala fails to fit into her school life, she also finds her daily life and responsibilities to be a bother and wishes for an escape. Her life changed when she found a magical bangle in her attic which gave her superpowers. The bangle gave her the ability to make solid constructs out of cosmic energy. With newfound powers and an escape from her daily life, Kamala takes on Heroing and aspires to become like Captain Marvel.

Character Ms. Marvel is created by Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G. Willow Wilson, with artists Adrian Alphona and Jamie McKelvie. Ms. Marvel is part of the MCU.

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