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Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 24: Release Date, Preview & How To Read?

Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 24
CC: Spill It, Cocktail Knights

Are you excited about Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 24? We got you!! Spill It, Cocktail Knights, or  Bareteru! Cocktail Nights if you prefer is an action-packed comedy romance manga series.

It is written and illustrated by Takayama Toshinori. After the release of the first chapter in 2020, the manga series is collecting more and more fans with the release of every new chapter. Before jumping into Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 24 release date and how-to-read guide, let us first take a look at the plot and characters of the manga.

The story features a world where Stressmen is an epidemic in the city. It is about a story we hear a lot. It follows our main character Riku Daichi, who is just like many boys who have nothing going for them from childhood to now. Even so, not all of the many lives out there are like that.

In addition to him, there are Cocktail Nights, who are secretive battle maidens who cleanse the people of their stress. No one knows of these girls’ true identities, who saved their lives countless times. Among them are Red Eye the Super Princess; Sunshine A Sister to all; Valencia Prince of Beauty, and Kahlua Milk Forever Seventeen!!

There are many stories of people falling in love from which they are being saved. Normally paparazzi will be all over them like they do with idols, but at the same time, their hidden identities are really frustrating for them.

However, everyone is unknown about their true identity, our main character, Riku, knows that the real identity of the Cocktail Night that everyone wants to know is his friend, Sora Amagami. The fact he knows one of the true identities of the Cocktail Nights must be kept under wraps.

Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 23 Recap

In chapter 23 of Spill It, Cocktail Knights, Riku and Sora are on their way to buy a Christmas cake while wearing unusual attire. Suddenly, Mikawa appears and jumps over Riku, embracing him while wearing provocative clothing. Sora believes that Mikawa’s outfit is intended to seduce Riku, and it seems to be effective. After buying cakes for their families, they return home.

Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 24

CC: Spill It, Cocktail Knights

In the later part of chapter 23 of Spill It, Cocktail Knights, Sora contacts Riku, and he initially believes she might be asking about the cake they bought earlier. However, to his surprise, she sends him a picture of herself wearing a provocative and tight dress similar to Mikawa’s. She explains that since Riku was flustered by Mikawa’s outfit, she wanted to test his resistance and see if he would react the same way to her.

Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 24 Release Date

Upcoming Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 24 is currently scheduled for release on January 15th, 2023. However, due to the unpredictable release schedule of the manga series, it is possible that the date may change. Fans should check for updates and confirmations closer to the release date.

Various times and dates according to which Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 24, is expected to be released in different parts of the earth according to their time zones are as follows; make sure to set a reminder in order to prevent any unintentional miss of the upcoming release.

  • 09:30 PM in New York City, USA (EST) on January 15th
  • 02:30 AM (Monday) in London, UK (GMT) on January 16th
  • 05:30 AM (Monday) in Paris, France (CET) on January 16th
  • 11:30 AM (Monday) in Tokyo, Japan (JST) on January 16th
  • 10:30 AM (Monday) in Sydney, Australia (AEDT) on January 16th
  • 05:30 AM (Monday) in Mumbai, India (IST) on January 16th
  • 04:00 AM (Monday) in Beijing, China (CST) on January 16th
  • 08:30 AM (Monday) in Seoul, South Korea (KST) on January 16th

How To Read Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 24?

You can read the upcoming Spill It, Cocktail Knights Chapter 24 along with the previous releases of the series directly on the official site of their primary publisher, Kodansha

Although as of now, Spill It, Cocktail Knights, is only available to read in the raw format, and there is not any available option for official English translation. Considering the recent popularity of the series, we can hope to witness an official English translation very soon.

In the meantime, check out more exciting content in the ‘Manga’ section of our site.

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