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Shark Season Cast: Who Stars In This 2020 Film?

Shark Season Cast
Shark Season Cast

Here, we cover the 2020 action thriller movie Shark Season directed by Jared Cohn, based upon a script by Mark Atkins and Andrea Ruth. Who’s in the Shark Season cast? While little is known about this low-budget film —the movie has no official website, and even aggregator sites fail to mention anything about it— here’s what we could scoop from the internet concerning this movie. It’s about sharks, and it is about kayakers lost on an island that’s slowly sinking. Other than that, you’ll have to watch the movie to learn the details.

Los Ángeles-based writer, director, and producer Jared Cohn has over fifty titles under his belt, mostly made-for-television movies, video shorts, and television programs. He’s worked as a cinematographer for Alien Predator and on the camera crew for other television productions. Moreover, he is also a stunt coordinator and film editor who decided to wet his feet with this production. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at who’s in it!

Shark Season Cast

Who is in this movie?

Shark Season Plot Synopsis

Dozens of great white sharks attack the tranquil coastal town of Goldcoast, California, killing several people and causing the town council to call in a team of marine biologists and shark hunters to help address the problem. However, when one shark, in particular, refuses to go down without a fight, it will take all of the researchers’ and hunters’ expertise to finally destroy the predator.

Shark Season Cast

Topping the cast of this production, we have veteran actor Michael Madsen. You may remember Madsen from many high-budget and box-office hits like Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs” and “Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2”. With a forty-year-old career, Madsen has done it all, from comedy to drama to thrillers. He’s even worked in video games and music videos. And in this movie, he plays James. Secondly, we have Paige McGarvin. She’s from Dallas, Texas, and has three movie credits to her name, Shark Season, End of The World, and Rich Africans. In this movie, she plays Sarah.

Then, we have Juliana DiStefano, born in 1995 to Italian parents. She’s worked in Small Things and Asteroid-A-Geddon as well as small roles in television productions since she was just a child. Jack Pearson plays Jason, and Lauren E. Hubbard plays the Paddleboard Girl. Additionally, Nicholas Ryan, who worked in Mission Impossible: III opposite Tom Cruise, World Trade Center opposite Nicholas Cage, and Domestic Disturbance plays Darin. Lastly, Jack Pearson, who worked in Pam & Tommy opposite Seth Rogen, plays Jason

Shark Season Trailer:

Where To Watch Shark Season?

If you want to watch Shark Season, you can stream it from Hoopla, Tubi TV, and Pluto TV. Moreover, you can rent this movie starring Michael Madsen on Amazon Direct Video, YouTube TV, Vudu Fandango, Google Play Movies, and The Apple Store. Lastly, you can purchase the movie from Amazon Direct Video, Google Play Movies, the Microsoft Store, Red Box, and Vudu Fandango. With this, we conclude our coverage of Shark Season. Thanks for your attention. And please keep browsing Otakukart for more daily updates and information on all your favorite movies, series, and shows. See you soon!

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