26 Best German Shows On Netflix to Stream Right Now

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German Shows

Binging German TV shows on streaming platforms like Netflix is an excellent method to pass the time and learn, listen and practice the German language and German culture at the same time. Fortunately for German language enthusiasts such as students and scholars, Netflix is increasing a whole lot of German TV series and movies in their streaming library.

German television shows streaming on Netflix are a great place to begin your journey if you’re glancing for something easy to binge that will improve your understanding of the country and its people and language.

These programs can also be a wonderful place to start if you desire to understand more about Germany or practice listening to native speakers. A variety of topics are covered in German television shows, such as family life, love stories, friendships, and commonplace issues. The most prevalent topics in German television shows are friendship, family, love, and crime dramas.

Throughout a thousand years ago, millions of people all over the world spoke German. It will speed up your language learning process and give you an understanding of German culture to watch German movies or a Netflix German series.

Learning a language is an activity that anyone undertakes at any age, and learning German can be valuable. There is no reason not to check out one of the German Netflix series since they are all available worldwide.

26. Dark 

Netflix’s German TV program Dark is not associated with the Cold War or the Nazis. One of Netflix’s most popular non-English programs is this paranormal thriller. A child goes missing in a small German village at the start of the Netflix series Dark, which is suitable for binge-watching.


The narrative begins as a tale about the hunt for a kid gone missing but develops into a complicated network of individuals who interact over time. The chronology leaps in 33-year cycles beginning in 2019 and moving 33 years back in time to the 1800s and forward in time to 2052.

One of the greatest German fantasy shows on Netflix and a classic time travel series to cross off your must-watch list, you may get a little frustrated while keeping the track keeping track of all the characters through their many life stages is a challenge.

25. Babylon Berlin

A sumptuous German neo-noir drama series set in 1929 Berlin is called Babylon Berlin. A modern rebirth of the 1950s-era cinema noir subgenre is known as neo-noir. This German Netflix series centers on police clerk Charlotte Ritter and officer Gereon Rath, set during the Weimar Republic, which was technically the German Reich between 1918 and 1933.

Babylon Berlin
Babylon Berlin

Rath, a native of Cologne, is on a quest to dismantle a clandestine extortion network. The plot features a superb storyline, magnificent production design, top-notch performance, and compelling characters.

With stunning photography of East Berlin, it conveys the difficulty of reversing the country’s slow descent into fascism. It’s a massively expensive German series available on Netflix that ranks with Game of Thrones.

24. Biohackers

Mia Akerlund, a medical student at the University of Freiburg who is fascinated by cutting-edge biohacking technology, is the protagonist of the sci-fi thriller Biohackers, which is about biohacking technology. As she looks into the cause of her brother’s passing, Mia runs into biology scholar Jasper and his flatmate Niklas and is immediately drawn into the world of unlawful genetic experiments.


It’s a quick-paced series with unexpected turns that keep you on your toes. The series debut was delayed so as not to frighten viewers during the start of the coronavirus outbreak, and to viewers, the first episode appears to be about a pandemic outbreak.

The repercussions of gene changes are the main focus of the film Biohackers. The show highlights concerns about the morality of scientific research and the lines that researchers shouldn’t cross. The movie Biohackers was filmed on location in Munich and at the College of Freiburg.

23. Parfum (Perfume)

This German Netflix series is a modern version of Patrick Süskind’s best-selling book Das Parfum about desire, smell, and serial homicide. At boarding school, six friends who share a passion for fragrance form a close bond. When one of the six is killed years later, however, secrets start to surface.


Six buddies who attend boarding school become close because they have a passionate love of fragrance. Years later, when one is stabbed to death, frightening secrets about just the group are discovered when each is investigated by the police as a suspect.

Investigators Matthias Köhler, Nadja Simon, and prosecutor Grünberg become mired in an inquiry as further bodies killed in the same manner turn up. A grisly murder mystery, Parfum features images of dead bodies that are completely naked.

22. Charite

This German drama series Charité is based on a prominent hospital in Berlin and is set in 1888. The plot centers on scientists, medical professionals, and nurses as they work to treat patients and build relationships.


This drama series is based on the real-life history of the renowned Charité hospital in Berlin and is set in the year 1888. The hospital served as the hub for a number of well-known scientific discoveries in 1888. Additionally, Paul Ehrlich, Robert Koch, and Emil von Behring all had jobs at Charité at that time.

This German program excels because it combines real-life incidents with a dash of made-up drama by way of Grey’s Anatomy-style romances. The primary character of the show, Ida Lenze, is an associate nurse at the hospital, and the story centers on her interactions with the doctors, scientists, and other staff members.

In Germany, this six-part drama was a huge smash. Young nurse Ida discovers romance, a route to her ideal career in medicine, and an intimate look at the treatments for diphtheria and tuberculosis at Berlin’s Charité hospital in 1888.

The plot covers more serious topics of the time, like the gender gap, while incorporating good amounts of romance and religion. It carefully examines how society feels about healthcare.

21. How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

In a terribly ordinary German village, a heartbroken teenager challenges a local drug dealer, which sets off the entire scenario. This comedy, which is brief but hilarious and is based on a true incident, tells the tale of nerdy adolescents Lenny (Danilo Kamperidis) and Moritz (Maximilian Mundt), who open Europe’s biggest online drugstore in an effort to win back Moritz’s ex-girlfriend Lisa (Lena Klenke).

How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)
How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

Regardless of whether you understand German, it is frantic, exhilarating, heartwarming, and at the pinnacle of comedy. The generational divide in internet literacy, FOMO, Instagram rivalry, genuineness, adolescent insecurity, and entrepreneurship success are just a few of the topics discussed.

The majority of the show’s filming took place in NRW, specifically in the fictional town of Rinseln, Eppendorf, Bonn, and Köln. The first season of Netflix was released in 2019. This German program consists of two seasons and six half-hour episodes. There will soon be a third season.

20. Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood

The epic drama Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood (also known as Oktoberfest 1900) centers on the renowned yearly Munich beer festival at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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The program centers on wealthy Curt Prank, who plans to expand Oktoberfest by constructing a big beer palace, a sizable brewery in Munich that would be 20 times bigger than the town’s Oktoberfest celebrations. He is prepared to go to any lengths to realize this desire, but he encounters opposition from some neighborhood brewers, especially when one of those brewers’ sons falls in love with his daughter.

Oktoberfest Beer and Blood
Oktoberfest Beer and Blood

The movie Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood is only loosely based on actual events and isn’t particularly historically accurate. However, it makes for a good German television program with plenty of beer, carnage, conflict, and love that surely lives up to its namesake.

19. Dogs Of Berlin

German television show Dogs of Berlin chronicles how the death of a well-known Turkish-German soccer player pushed two investigators from opposing sides to cooperate against their will.

Dogs Of Berlin
Dogs Of Berlin

The darker side of the city is revealed in the series about two police officers in Berlin who look into the assassination of a Turkish-German soccer player. This series is tough and grounded in a society that doesn’t fit into a travel guide, featuring Neo-Nazi thugs, betting dens, minority Turks, and Berlin’s mafia clans.

The racial tension between the German and Turkish communities is explored in the second Netflix original series in German. In a compelling adventure about human frailty and the inner workings of criminal minds, the two engage in a gripping territorial fight with the mafia in Berlin.

The innovative cop drama Netflix series debuted on December 7, 2018, although there has only been one season with 10 episodes. Felix Kramer, Anna Maria Mühe Mohamed Issa, and Fahri Yardim are the primary actors.

18. Crime Scene Cleaner (Der Tatortreiniger)

The German television program “Der Tatortreiniger” (roughly translated as “Crime scene Cleaner”) centers on Heiko, whose duty it is to clean up criminal investigations. Despite the subject, the show manages to blend a criminal show with comedy aspects rather successfully. The series is situated in Eastern Germany and frequently uses aspects of dry humor there in its episodes.

Der Tatortreiniger
Der Tatortreiniger

Through the main character’s interactions with the persons connected to the victims, a hilarious perspective on the job of the crime scene cleanup is shown. This narrative will have you laughing uncontrollably if you want to see a program that is enjoyable.

The actual crimes that Heiko (also known as Schotty in the program) needs to clear up aren’t usually the main topic of conversation. It is more about the odd settings he finds himself in and how he responds to ridiculous events. This program is simple to watch, a terrific way to unwind, and a comedy with a deeper subject.

17. Tribes of Europa

The 2074 setting of the German science fiction show Tribes of Europa on Netflix. Following a global catastrophe, three siblings from the tribe of the Origins set out on a mission to change Europe’s future. The setting is gloriously dystopian, with the continent divided into warring tribal microstates.

Tribes of Europa
Tribes of Europa

This post-apocalyptic German science fiction series centers on a catastrophe that occurs in Europe in the year 2074. Each tribe in Europe has its own microstate, and they are all engaged in conflict with one another for supremacy. After discovering a curious cube that crashed out of a plane, 3 brothers from the peaceful tribe of the Origine become involved in the conflict. Everyone wants the mysterious cube because it is strong, valuable, and powerful.

After their tribe is wiped out, the plot involves each of the siblings as it explores the capabilities and meaning of the enigmatic cube. The Origins tribe is a technologically antiquated puritan drive. The youngest sibling discovers a cube in the wreckage of an Atlantian plane that crashes close to their village. Tribes of Europa were inspired in 2016 following the British people’s decision to quit the EU.

The referendum so angered the author that it gave rise to this dystopian scenario in which all of Europe had been obliterated.

16. Über Weihnachten

Über Weihnachten (Over Christmas in English) is a holiday drama that centers around Basti. He goes home for Christmas with a faltering music career and little leads, only to find his good-natured brother dating his ex-girlfriend.

Christmas at home rapidly turns into a disaster for Basti as he is forced to deal with the difficulties between his parents owing to an underlying secret while accepting his brother’s new relationship.

Über Weihnachten
Über Weihnachten

However, he contemplates his own life’s journey while developing a love with a local woman over this festive season. Über Weihnachten is a great picturization of a family Christmas, complete with a stolen Christmas tree, a busy church service, and a wrecked Christmas meal.

15. Shtisel

Shulem Shtisel (Dov Glickman), the patriarch of the Shtisel family and the rabbi at the neighborhood cheder, and the other family members are the subjects of the television program. Shtisel is based in a Haredi neighborhood without internet access. The Haredi group is very selective of their strict traditions, and if they try new things, it leads to disputes inside their family.


However, in contrast to their neighbors in Mea She’arim, the nearby neighborhood known for religious extremism, the personalities who are more accepting of a secular lifestyle exemplify Geula’s moderation. Shulem Shtisel, his father, is a widower and Akiva Shtisel, a single Haredi guy, is 26 years old. Akiva begins his journey as a teacher in a cheder and develops feelings for Elisheva Rotstein, the twice-widowed mother of a pupil in his class.

To the dismay of his father, who wants Akiva to marry a young woman who has never been married, he requests that matchmaker Königsberg arrange a meeting for them. Akiva insists that they meet again after their initial encounter, but Elisheva declines. Akiva is urged by Shulem to meet with Esti Gottlieb, a 19-year-old. When Akiva, who is still in love with Elisheva, tells Esti he isn’t yet ready for marriage during their second encounter, and she begins to cry.

14. Barbarians

The narrative takes place in the later part of 9 AD, during the Roman era of Germania Magna. The Germanic tribes were oppressed by the Roman empire’s high taxation and tribute demands during their twenty-year occupation of the area. Petty rivalries among the tribal chieftains and certain tribesmen’s self-serving desire for peace with Rome hinder efforts to organize the Germanic resistance.

Arminius was an eques in the Roman military and a major component of the Cherusci tribe of Germany. When he was a young kid, along with his younger brother Flavus, his father Segimer gave them up to Rome as hostages in order to maintain peace between his tribe and Rome.


He assumes the position of the warlord of the Cherusci tribe after witnessing the atrocities committed by Roman soldiers against his former people. With the aid of Thusnelda, the daughter of Segestes, and Folkwin Wolfspeer, two of his childhood best friends, he finally unites the tribes and sparks a rebellion.

Finally, on September 11, 9 AD, three Roman legions (about 15,000 soldiers) were ambushed at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. The Germanic troops ultimately triumphed. Varus dies suicide after mourning an uncomfortable collapse and being terrified by his adoptive son’s treason.

13. Fauda

Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff created the Israeli television series Fauda, which translates to “chaos,” using their encounters in the Israel Defense Forces. On February 15, 2015, the show debuted. It chronicles the tale of Doron, a commander of the unit Mistaarvim, and his crew as they go for “The Panther,” an iconic Hamas terrorist, in the first season.

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Trooper Doron and his squad were credited with murdering the terrorist Taufiq Hammed eighteen months before the show premiered. Doron then decides to start a vineyard after leaving his job. The commander of his previous squad, Moreno, pays Doron a visit at the start of season 1 and lets him know that Taufiq Hammed is still alive and intends to attend his brother Bashir’s wedding.

Doron re-joins his squad in order to attend the marriage as a covert agent. They are eventually found, and just as Taufiq is about to arrive, Bashir is killed. Taufiq flees despite Doron being able to shoot him and hurt him.

Taufiq manages to survive the bullet wound and is required to undergo covert emergency surgery in order to conceal his survival and whereabouts. Doron persuades Moreno to let him continue serving with the squad until they capture Taufiq.

His wife, Amal, swears vengeance as the rest of Bashir’s family mourns him as a martyr. Just before Doron’s crew arrives, Taufiq’s right-hand man Walid persuades his cousin Shirin to aid in Taufiq’s hospital escape.

12. The Billion Dollar Code

German television’s The Billion Dollar Code premieres in 2021 and stars Björn Freiberg, Seumas F. Sargent, and Leonard Scheicher. The series, which is based on actual events, was created for Netflix and debuted there in October 2021, together with a side information story episode.

There are two interconnected timelines in the story. In order to experiment at the bleeding edge of computer engineering and digital art, a collection of young programmers and art students established the ART+COM partnership in Berlin in the 1990s.

The Billion Dollar Code
The Billion Dollar Code

They created a planet browser in 1991, which Joachim Sauter used to obtain financing from Deutsche Telekom in 1993 and launch the productive development of Terravision. The ART+COM roots were eliminated from the series, and a number of the real participants and participants were combined into a smaller cast, with the imaginary Carsten Schlüter serving as the primary artist and Juri Müller serving as the primary programmer.

11. Kitz

The Instagram model Vanessa “Nessa” von Höhenfeldt travels to Kitzbühel in Tyrol for the biggest party of the year with her best pals, Kosh Ziervogel and Pippa, as well as her buddy Dominik Reid. Lisi Madlmeyer, a 19-year-old waitress in the area, is trying to connect with the group because Vanessa was among the last people to have seen her brother Joseph, who was in love with Vanessa, alive. Joseph passed away a year ago.


At Vanessa’s New Year’s Eve party, Lisi is successful in landing a position as a waiter. Hans Gassner, a peasant youth who was close to Joseph, assisted in catching Lisi as she raided Vanessa in an effort to gain her trust. Hans attacks Vanessa while wearing a mask and points a gun at her. Hans strikes Lisi as soon as he notices her so that the conflict appears genuine and Lisi has a genuine chance to defend Vanessa. Standing in front of the mask-wearing Hans, a terrified Lisi whispered that she had already called the police.

He follows it by pointing the gun at her. Hans abruptly departs from Lisi and leaps from the balcony carrying a clock that he had earlier taken from Vanessa.

Lisi’s rescue has made Vanessa thankful, and she extends an invitation to lunch. Due to her mistrust of Lisi, Pippa dislikes this. She understands that if her friends Kosh and Pippa constantly slip past them, she will never be able to gain Vanessa’s trust.

10. We Are The Wave

We Are the Wave, also known in German as “Wir sind die Welle,” is a starting-to-come drama television show that is largely based on Todd Strasser’s 1981 novel The Wave. On November 1st, 2019, Netflix introduced the series. The fictional German city of Meppersfeld serves as the setting for the TV show. It depicts the tale of a group of youngsters who resolve to battle injustice and social issues collectively.

We Are The Wave
We Are The Wave

Lea, a high school girl from a prosperous family, finds her pampered existence to be boring and frustrating. She questions her parents’ lifestyle, who pride themselves on being global citizens and environmentally conscious. Lea thinks she wants to go beyond what they do to make the world a better place. Lea’s attention is piqued when Tristan, a new colleague, moves to Meppersfeld and rapidly befriends the outsiders Zazie, Rahim, and Hagen.

Tristan motivates the teens to unite in the fight against complaints and injustices by drawing on their own personal experiences. For instance, Rahim and his family frequently suffer racial assaults. In addition, his family is in danger of losing their apartment because a developer wants to transform the structure into pricey luxury condos.

After waste material from a nearby paper mill damaged their fields, Hagen’s parents, who were organic farmers, were forced to give up their source of income. Zazie experiences oppression from sexist gender stereotypes and is tormented by her peers. Lea eventually decides to join the group, which joins in the late afternoon on the site of an abandoned factory, to discuss the next course of action.

9. The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem

Based on the same-titled book by Sarit Yishai Levy, The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem television series is from Israel. It started airing on the Yes Drama channel on June 7, 2021. Since June 3, 2021, the first couple of episodes of the series has become accessible on Yes VOD.

Yes revealed its fresh, unblemished displays for 2022 at a ceremony hosted in East Tel Aviv in December 2021. It formally declared that a second season of the show has been ordered and will premiere before the end of 2022.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem
The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem

The Armoza family’s tale is entwined with the background of Palestine under Ottoman authority and later the British Administration of Palestine in the television series. It also looks at how the family fared during the subsequent war and depression.

Gabriel Armoza (Michael Aloni) and Rosa (Hila Saada), his wife, and their three daughters—the eldest, Luna (Swell Ariel Or), who is her father’s favorite, Rivka, and Rachel—are at the center of the series’ plot, which takes place concurrently on two timelines with present and past stories being presented alternately. Gabriel’s affection for Luna contrasted with his disdain for his wife, Rosa. Her resentment of Luna causes strife within the family.

8. Skylines

A young producer named Jinn (Edin Hasanovic) is thrilled to be going to perform in a rap exhibition in front of Semir (Sahin Eryilmaz), a hot shot exec for Skyline Records, a prominent top hip-hop label in Germany, with his friend Momo (Booz Jakob), who travels by the nom de plume Tonik (Jinn and Tonik… get it?) at a hip-hop club in Frankfurt.

Following the performance, Semir calls Jinn to his car and instructs him to come to see him and bring his drum kit. He must travel without his rapper friend Momo, though. Jinn, who works at a filthy hotel front desk, is so ecstatic that he makes a “Night Shift” single. 


A Frankfurt police detective named Sara (Peri Baumeister) is speaking with an insider dubbed Thorsten (Christopher Schärf) to get information about his employer at a posh hotel and how he might be connected to a significant organized crime figure by the name of Kelmendi.

She completes the deal and then goes to a small store to buy groceries. Just then, the motorbike riders arrive, and a hand grenade explodes across the street. Because the place is a known hangout for the Albanian mob, Sara’s supervisor decides to intensify the investigation and see if she can get a supplier by the name of Dejan Pandev to cooperate (Slavko Popadic).

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7. King Of Stonks

Felix Armand, an IT manager in his 30s, is nearing the pinnacle of his profession. Fintech-CableCash AG will ultimately be named co-CEO by his employer Magnus Cramer on a big platform with the IPO of those seated in Düsseldorf.

King of Stonks
King of Stonks

Unfavorable news, however, threatens to derail these plans shortly before the appointed moment. According to reporting by journalist Tom Wieland, CableCash is one of the internet banking companies that engages in illegal activity. The destiny of the entire business is at risk, not just Felix’s Ascent.

Despite the fact that Felix succeeds in averting a catastrophe, Magnus ultimately declines to give him the planned position of co-CEO.

As a manager, he is convinced that each firm can only honor one IT expert. The IPO was a huge success, but Felix’s life changed drastically. Magnus, who was once his buddy and mentor, has turned against him and must be removed.

However, he must first make sure that the company’s criminal relationships with the Italian Mafia and the porn industry are kept a secret. However, striking new bargains with the devil is insufficient. Journalist Tom Wieland, of course, does not simply end his study.

6. Black Space

Israeli creators Anat Gafni and Sahar Shavit’s television series Dark Space, which translates to “black space,” will begin airing on Reshet 13 on December 13, 2020. The first season of the show debuted on Netflix on May 27, 2021, in French-speaking nations.


The first episode of the series features a school killing that leaves the parents, teachers, and students of a high school in disbelief. Over the course of the episodes, the show also tackles issues, including bullying at school, strained parent-adolescent relationships, and the growing impact of new technologies on young people’s conduct.

An Israeli high school’s routine is cruelly flipped upside down while planning a concert when several masked assailants storm in and start shooting at the children, leaving four of them dead. Rami Davidi, the inspector responsible for the investigation (and a former pupil at the school), learns right away that the murderers could conceal themselves among the high school pupils.

5. When Heroes Fly

Speaking to his girlfriend, Yael “Yaeli” Ashkenazi (Ninet Tayeb), Aviv Danino (Tomer Capon) expresses his love for her and informs her that he will return from his unit’s deployment to Lebanon the following day. Yael is a member of a reserve commando squad under the command of the well-known Azulay (Dan Moor).


They are taken on a patrol when they discover an Israeli tank that has been disabled. Azulay calls central command and learns that they have deployed a drone to destroy it because they don’t want Hezbollah to get their hands on the important information it contains.

However, they discover live soldiers inside the tank, and Hezbollah soldiers ambush them as they attempt to rescue the captives. Knowing that the drone is approaching and that Azulay is seriously hurt, Aviv gives the order to keep him there and remove the patrol from the area. Aviv agrees grudgingly.

4. Holiday Secrets

The very brief runtime of this German program leaves a lot to be unpacked. The English dubbing is excellent, making it simple to ignore. A family of three is reunited for the holidays, but it’s obvious that they haven’t spoken about a lot of things over the years, including long-held grudges, regrets, and pains.

Holiday Secrets
Holiday Secrets

It cuts back and forth in time, unfolding a complicated web of intergenerational conflict that lasts for decades. Grandmother Eva (Corinna Harfouch) is discovered dead in her upstairs apartment just while everyone is arriving for their celebration, which serves as the first episode’s main plot point.

She arrives downstairs as the family is in shock and trying to determine what to do, despite appearing to have died after all. She makes a reference to her own mother, who has been dead for a long time, revealing her dementia and overall ill health.

Other family members consider how they got to where they are as a result of her apparent desire to unearth some of her long-buried secrets.

3. The Last Word

Stephan Fazius (Johannes Zeiler) and his wife Karla seem to still be in love after 25 years of marriage (Anke Engelke). She sings to him about how he eats and how much he despises her mother, but she loves all of these little details about him. She flees to hide under their bed as the throng turns on her, but Stephan says he doesn’t want to continue the party without her.

The Last Word
The Last Word

Karla suggests an anniversary roll in the hay after everyone has left, and their teen boy Tonio (Juri Winkler) appropriately refers to him as “the shittiest shit dad in this shitty world” for declining a camping trip.

Stephan’s head strikes the table as she waddles to the bedroom while joking about being an elderly lady while he says he’s coming. At first, she thinks it’s a prank, but then she realizes that Stephan has died from an aneurysm.

While Tonio is engrossed in his cell phone and their young daughter Judith (Nina Gummich) is back in Berlin for the very first time in a while after deciding to distance herself as much as possible from her childhood, getting everything for Stephan’s burial ready prevents Karla from breaking down.

2. The Same Sky

German TV series from 2017 called The Same Sky ( Der Gleiche Himmel). It depicts the Cold War and is set in West Germany in the 1970s. On the opposite side of the Berlin Wall, it depicts the fate of two families. The plot centers on the interactions between someone from an East German “Romeo” agent, a spy who uses seduction to learn secrets—and his Western-based female targets.

The Same Sky
The Same Sky

Depending on the public service broadcaster, the series was shown as either six-hour-long episodes or three feature-length episodes. Tom Schilling and Sofia Helin are the two main characters, and it was penned by Paula Milne and produced by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The director translated the English-language scripts into German.

For ZDF and Czech TV, in partnership with Rainmark Films, UFA Fiction created the series in co-production with Beta Film. Prague served as the location for filming from 24 August to 6 December 2015. Walter Mair and Vesselina Tchakarova composed the music. The first airing of the series occurred in March 2017 in Germany. The series premiered on More4 in the UK in 2020.

1. New Heights

Corporate advisor and restructuring specialist Michi Wyss (Julian Koechlin) resides and works in Zurich. One of the largest dairy firms in Switzerland, which is having financial difficulties, is currently his biggest client. When he’s not working, he goes out to clubs and snorts drugs. Joel Bachmann (Benito Bause), a new member of the group sent in from corporate headquarters in Hamburg, captures his attention right away.

New Heights
New Heights

Kurt Wyss (Paul Kaiser), who is back at the family dairy farm in Neumatt, sees his son Lorenz (Jérôme Humm) give birth to a calf. He then visits Sarah Wyss’s (Sophie Hutter) fitness center but has the courage to speak to her. He then rings Michi while she makes love to Joel in a club. Lorenz wakes in the middle of the night to a disturbance and discovers his father in the barn, hanging from a rafter.

The entire family comes together to support their mum Katharina (Rachel Braunschweig), who persuades Lorenz to inform his brother and sister that their father passed away after falling from a ladder. She discovers a note he left for Michi and decides to keep it for herself.

Everyone pulls in to help with the cattle care because it still needs to be done, but Sarah believes her mother should at least consider an offer from a neighbor named Ursula Halter (Judith Hofmann), whose husband Martin (Roeland Wiesnekker) has been having an affair with Katharine.

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