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John Fogerty’s Net Worth in 2022: Everything We Know!

john fogerty net worth
John Fogerty

Let us talk about John Fogerty’s net worth. We say John Fogerty, and you hear CCR band aka (Creedence Clearwater Revival). Though he has given several hit albums in his solo career, we cannot think about his career without the role of CCR in it. He has gifted us some music albums that we don’t hear often enough now. Yes, we are talking about songs like Green River, Proud Mary, Down On the Corner, The Old Man Down The Road, and much more. These songs are enough to make your day. So, without further ado, let us talk about how rich is this 77-year-old musician John Fogerty. Scroll through to know everything about his career, early life, investments, and much more.

John Fogerty Early Life 

John Fogerty, also known as John Cameron Fogerty, was born in a middle-class family on May 28th, 1945. John Fogerty also has four siblings who lived in Berkeley, California. Unfortunately, John Fogerty’s parents decided to part ways when John was in the fourth grade and filed for divorce. During his early education, John Fogerty switched schools, this was when John Fogerty found his love in music and started learning guitar classes. For the unversed, Fogerty and his elder brother Tom had an interest in music, so this is why they started a band in the school, CCR. However, everything comes to a break when John Fogerty had to join the army in the military service in 1986.

john fogerty career


John Fogerty Career

Before knowing the net worth of the 77-year-old musician, let us talk about his career first. As we have mentioned earlier that Fogerty’s military service put a full stop to his music career. But as soon as Fogerty came back from the army, he resumed his career in music. His first ever brand called CCR morphed the name, and now they were known as Creedence Clearwater Revival and released their first ever album. Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Susie Q, and Bayou Country are one of the hit singles produced by the band.  However, even after the successful hit songs and albums, the band decided to part ways and split in 1972. According to hearsay, the main reason behind the conflict was John Fogerty. He believed that as a core member, he should have greater creative control in the band.

This was the beginning of John Fogerty’s solo career, and the rest is history. Throughout his solo career, Fogerty released several hit albums such as Blue Moon Swamp, The Long Road Home, Eye Of the Zombie, and many more.

john fogerty investments

John Fogerty’s Property

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John Fogerty Investments

Folks, if you need to know about John Fogerty’s investments, let us take you back to 2008 when John brought a property in the posh area of Beverly Hills worth a whopping amount of 1.3 million dollars. However, if you think that John Fogerty bought this house for himself, then you might be mistaken. The house located in Beverly Hills was one of the investments done by John Fogerty. As an investment, Fogerty rented this apartment and got 5 400 thousand dollars per month as rent.

Now again, in 2013, John Fogerty put a hole in his pocket and brought a lavish home in the Thousand Oaks of, California, with a whopping amount of 8.95 million dollars. The house he bought in 2013 was no less than a lavish home. Reason? Spread in an area of almost 13 thousand square feet with five fireplaces and a wine closet, the house was one of the costliest investments done by John Fogerty.

John Fogerty’s Net Worth 2022

After we have discussed John Fogerty’s career and early life, let us hop onto the part you were waiting for. If we put his net worth into figures, then it would be somewhere between $60-90 million dollars. This is because several websites claim different things about his net worth. Throughout his career, John Fogerty has made several smart investments, including his lavish villa located in Beverly Hills, worth 1.3 million dollars.

So, this was the scoop on John Fogerty’s net worth. Stay tuned as more is coming your way.

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