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10 Worst Things To Ever Happen In ‘Attack On Titan’

Attack on Titan
10 Worst Things Ever Happened In Attack On Titan Cr: OtakuKart

We have watched a lot of anime. All of us have laughed, cried, and learned a lot by watching so much anime. But, there’s nothing like Attack on Titan. This anime has a way of showing the reality of this world. Our real world is not perfect. It has lots of flaws, but everyone chose to either ignore them or live with them like they are not a big deal. But, Attack on Titan showed us all those flaws in our real world and reminded us, that ignoring these flaws does not mean that they are gone. Humans tend to act like ostriches. When ostriches find themselves in trouble they choose to bury their heads in the ground hoping that doing so will make the trouble go away. Similarly, humans choose to ignore such flaws of this world hoping that doing so will make them go away.

Attack on Titan showed us that no matter how much you ignore such problems, they still exist. And they exist until someone loses their sanity and does something so insane that he becomes the bad guy for everyone. Reality did not hit us the way Attack on Titan made us realize. But, even after the entire world watches this anime, humans will still repeat the same mistakes. After all, humans are creatures of habit.

Stories like Attack on Titan happen because something very bad must have taken place. We are about to see what such things happened in this story. So, here is the list of 10 worst things that ever happened in Attack on Titan.

1. Ymir Tragedy

Love makes you do things that do not feel wrong even if it is the worst. This story Attack on Titan happened because thousands of years ago, Ymir fell in love with the worst possible person. She fell in love with the mad Eldian King who invaded her village, killed her family, and was the sole reason for her pain and suffering. Just because she fell in love with the mad king she let him use her powers for his selfish purposes. She willingly became his slave. The pain and suffering did not end here. Even after when she died trying to protect the king, he didn’t shed a single tear for her. Instead, he made their three daughters Maria, Rose, and Sheena feed on Ymir’s corpse so that he doesn’t lose the power of titans.

Having that power, he kept attacking Marleyans because of which even after thousands of years the hatred of Marleyans against Eldians never ended. People say love can end wars. But, some love becomes the very reason for endless wars. This story is the result of such kind of love.

Attack on Titan

Ymir Fritz

2. Mikasa Had To Kill The Only Person She Dreamt Of Spending Her Life With

When you think of how your perfect girl should be, we all know the first person that pops up in our heads is Mikasa. She is the girl who stayed loyal to Eren from the moment she met him. All she ever dreamt about was to spend her life right beside Eren. But, as we all know, life is anything but fair. Eren got involved with the thousand years of hatred so much that the only way to end all the hatred for him was to end it all. And to stop Eren from destroying everything Mikasa had to kill him herself. We all waited for so long for them to kiss. But little did we know her first kiss would also be her last kiss.

Truth is Eren wanted her to stop him. Otherwise, there would be no one who could stop him. Even after all this, humans should have learned their lesson. But in the future, humans continued to fight for silly reasons. That’s how humans work in the real world too.

Attack on Titan

Mikasa’s First And Last Kiss

3. The Death Of Faye Yeager

Grisha and his sister Fay were little kids when this all happened. Kids always have big dreams, big ambitions. And that was these little kids’ mistake. To dream big. Fay wanted to see an airship up close. And Grisha being the big brother felt that it was his responsibility to fulfill her dream. Little did they know, that place had no mercy even for innocent mistakes of kids. He did manage to show her an airship that was in the Marleyan area without an exit permit. But, soon they were caught by two Marleyan officers. Grisha was beaten up by one of the officers while the other one took Fay away. When he returned home, he found out that Fay never made it back home.

The next day, they found Fay’s mutilated body. And the Marleyan officers told that they let Fay go the other day. Grisha couldn’t accept that as he knew that those officers were lying. But, no matter how many times he tried to say that to his father, he said that it was Fay’s fault to cross the internment zone. And that was the first incident that made Grisha make up his mind to take down the Marleyans.

Attack on Titan

Faye Yeager’s Unfair Death

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4. Eren’s Surprise Attack On Marley

Eren infiltrated Marley just like a few years ago Reiner did in Paradise island. What Reiner did before, Eren did the same. It felt so justified yet was so wrong. It was all part of Zeke’s plan but Eren went out of control and overdid everything. As a result, lots of innocent civilians and children died. We could not understand whether we should feel happy or sad about what happened. It was how the people inside the wall maria felt when Reiner broke down the wall which was followed by the titans’ attack. It was supposed to be Eren’s way of making Reiner realize what he did that day. But, it felt so wrong, that Eren did the same.

That is why, Eren kept saying, “We both are the same”.

Shingeki no Kyojin

Eren’s Surprise Attack On Marley

5. The Breaking Of The Crazy Trio – Sasha’s Death

We expected a lot of disaster in this story, but nothing like Sasha’s death. Gabi, who lost her friends Udo and Zofia during Eren’s surprise attack wanted her revenge so bad that to kill Eren she climbed the airship they all were trying to escape on. And Falco followed her all the way. After she ended up shooting Sasha, she came to know soon that their idol Zeke was the mastermind behind this attack.

No one can deny how much everyone hated Gabi for killing Sasha, but she was also involved in the thousand years of hatred just like everyone. When she shot Sasha, she thought she was fighting for a valid cause. She thought that she was doing a good thing. But, little did she know that they were all fighting a war that was created thousand years ago.

Attack on Titan

Sasha’s Final Moments

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6. Levi Ackerman’s Dark Past

No one deserves to live life the way Levi lived. The way Levi grew up all his life, any normal human would have broken a long time ago. The way he lost his mother, the way he starved most of his life, the way he had to fight for everything he needed to survive, he didn’t deserve to face any of it. He even lost his friends during the Survey Corp operations. It broke our hearts to see him watching Eren, Mikasa, and Armin together and remembering his times with his friends Furlan and Isabel. But, there’s a saying “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. Even though he didn’t deserve to live life the way he did, he overcame all these hurdles and became who he is now. One of the greatest inspirations of all time.

Shingeki no Kyojin

Dark Past Of Levi Ackerman

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7. Death Of Eren’s Mother – Carla Yeager

This is how it started for Eren. When Eren saw his mother die right in front of his eyes, that’s when he made up his mind to erase every single titan from existence. This is where we thought that this story is about fighting titans. But, there was a lot behind what we saw. It was later that we came to know what exactly happened that day. It was Eren all along. Eren made the Smiling titan (Dina Yeager) eat his mother for the better future of the world.

We all used to imagine that if we knew our futures then we could do better with our lives. But, those who truly know their futures look like Eren Yeager. The courage to sacrifice your loved ones for a better future is something none of us could ever imagine doing so.

Attack on Titan

Carla’s Prewritten Fate

8. Erwin Smith Taking Everyone Towards Death

Erwin knew that the only way to take down the beast titan was for Captain Levi. And for that, he had to create a distraction. The distraction should be big enough to make the beast titan not notice Levi’s advance towards him. For that Erwin dragged everyone straight to death. “The courageous fallen! The anguished fallen! Their lives have meaning because we the living refuse to forget them! And as we ride to certain death, we trust our successors to do the same for us!” With these final words, Erwin wrote his fate along with his soldiers. Erwin was the only character who knew what was going on all along. All his life, he sought the truth. But, it was time for him to rest.

That’s why even when Levi had the chance to bring back Erwin, he didn’t. He didn’t want Erwin to get back into this hellish world to suffer for the truth.

Attack on Titan

Erwin Smith’s Last Shinzo Wo Sasageyo!

9. Dina Yeager – The Rise Of The Smiling Titan

Grisha already lost his sister Faye when they were kids. And that was not enough loss for him. He married Dina. They raised their son, Zeke. But, they forgot to love Zeke all their time. They were so drowned in their plan for revenge that they forgot to love Zeke. In the end, Zeke switched sides with his plan to save everyone. In this process, Grisha had to lose everything all over again. This is where his wife, Dina gets turned into the Smiling titan.

The level of trauma Grisha had to face, and even after that, he had to move further to raise another family on the paradise island. All these haunting memories, yet he was bound to follow what he started. At least that’s what he thought.

Shingeki no Kyojin

The Rise Of The Smiling Titan

10. Marco’s Death

What can be the worst timing? This was Marco’s bad luck that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just when Reiner and Bertholdt were talking about their secret, Marco happened to listen to all that. And Reiner didn’t want to leave any witnesses behind. So, Reiner along with Annie and Bertholdt took away his maneuver gear so that he couldn’t escape. Being unable to escape, soon a nearby titan devoured him.

The worst part was Reiner’s reaction to the incident. Even though he decided to let Marco get killed, he started screaming like he was helpless and could not save him from getting killed.

Attack on Titan

Marco’s Death

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