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Why Should You Watch AOT? Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

Why Should You Watch AOT? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

The fans all over have always overhyped Attack On Titan; especially now that the last season has been released, fans are creating and making all types of memes to everything, all related to AOT. Why do you think these fans are all head over heels for the AOT series? What makes AOT that worthy of the hype that it has been receiving? Why are some fans cannot understand the AOT fandom, whereas many others have expressed deep emotions while watching the series?

The Attack On Titan anime series is a manga adaptation created by Hajime Isayama. The anime series first began airing in Japan on 7 April 2013, WIT studio produced for the first three seasons. The fourth season of AOT was produced by MAPPA studio. The story, as is well-known, talks about titans who pose a threat to humankind. Mankind in the AOT has only bounded themselves to the walls, called Maria, Sina, and Rose. Eren Yeager, who is the most controversial character in the AOT series, has made fans watch this series all over again.

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Attack On Titan

While many still compare the graphics between WIT and MAPPA studios, many others have stopped bothering themselves with such things. Instead, they are now more focused on bringing up pointers on why should anime fans, even non-anime fans, watch the AOT series. Here are some of the most brought up points on it:

10. Action Scenes

Not all anime can hold up action scenes well. There are many where it gets either too much, or it may seem like they are just fighting with no purposive action. However, the action scenes in AOT are of that standard where you can instead feel the tension piling up. The scenes when characters with Titan’s power transform and the scenes when the characters fight those titans are so heated up that you can’t do anything except for fearing what will happen next.

Surely, the AOT series isn’t the only one with great fight scenes. There are many indeed. However, AOT surely has one of those fight scenes where you can think no more, feel no more, and just keep on staring at what is going to happen next! If you are a fan of fighting scenes in the anime series, then go on. Watch the AOT series, if you haven’t yet. Surely, the series will not disappoint you.

Why Should You Watch AOT? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

Eren versus the Female Titan

9. Soundtrack

The soundtrack of any anime series stays with us because it is that good. However, the AOT has some of the best soundtracks and makes us feel some different emotions. Instead of reminiscing about our life while listening to other anime series’ soundtracks, the AOT does the opposite. Instead, the fans can feel the scene and get reminded of the same emotion while they were watching while listening to AOT’s soundtracks.

The best of AOT’s soundtracks are composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. The Project【emU】 of Hiroyuki’s has gained immense popularity, mostly because the scenes from AOT get reminded of whenever one listens to it. Sawano has especially arranged this suite of music for the AOT’s soundtrack, which has resulted in very positive responses.

8. Artwork and Hardwork

Isayama once shared how he went from studio to studio in hopes that his manga would be adopted and published. He even shared the fact that he dared to dream of having his manga work adapted into an anime series. Isayama, after many rejections, was about to give up and instead work in an internet cafe! Can you believe that? Isayama, who has created history by turning AOT into a hit series of all time, was about to work in an internet cafe? What more is that no company wanted to work on his manga series?

Because it was believed that Isayama’s artwork wasn’t up to the mark and instead looked kind of creepy, he was always rejected. No one, except for Kodansha, gave him a chance to showcase his hard work. Obviously, it is pretty much understandable that not everyone can take risks, “what if they publish, but it doesn’t get much attention as much as was expected?” So, not pointing fingers at anyone, Isayam’s hard work finally received what he was supposed to.

Why Should You Watch AOT? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

Hajime Isayama, the creator of the AOT series

7. Leaves with Cliffhanger

If you are an anime fan, sure you are well aware of the cliffhangers anime tend to put us up with, right? And if you are a fan who is too much into ‘what will happen next?’ then bet the Attack On Titan series wouldn’t disappoint you. The AOT series has some of the best and worst cliffhangers. Worst as in, the series has cliffhangers which is ought to drop your heart with the tension.

Best cliffhangers are like, for example, if Eren, Armin, and Mikasa would ever get to see the ocean. The fans always expected at the end of the season that they finally get to see what they had dreamed of. However, seems each time the fans expected something, they ended up seeing something else. However, this is one of the main reasons fans can not leave the AOT series without finishing it first. Because they want to know, they watch!

Why Should You Watch AOT? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

The series, for many episodes, did not let the fans know about Eren’s dad if he was dead or alive.

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6. New Emotions

Anime, in general, makes us feel every bit of our emotions that we had buried a long time ago. However, AOT does not do the same. Why not? The series instead makes us feel emotions of which we were never aware. Can you believe the pain fans had to face when they knew that Eren was the one that had done whatever was happening? Can you believe that he ordered the smiling Titan to kill his own mother for humanity?

Emotions which we never knew about, the emotions of the characters which became ours, the emotions which we never thought of, the emotions which brought about remorse as well as a feel of life, AOT makes us express all these emotions with just a few episodes!

Why Should You Watch AOT? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

Fans were late to understand Eren. He was mainly a protagonist who didn’t stand much, not more than Mikasa and Levi.

5. Deaths

An unavoidable fact, anime deaths. And deaths in AOT are deaths that will make you remorse. Yes, it is that bad! No one, literally no one, had really thought that the characters who had died would die! The fans wanted those characters not to leave the series, and that exactly did not happen.

No one thought that Eren Yeager’s mother would die such a death. No one thought that Eren Yeager’s father would die such a death. No one thought that Erwin could be killed, nor that he would be sacrificed. No one believed when Sasha died. No one, to be specific, except for the people who were associated with the anime making, thought of these deaths.

Why Should You Watch AOT? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

Many were shocked too when Marco died

4. Intense Story Telling and Story Building

The storytelling and story building in AOT has touched many new heights. The fans have commented on Isayama’s talent to bring the stories from all over the world and depict them with so much detail. From the start till the end of every season, the story never gets old. Every time the fans are taken by surprise with new surprises.

The story of the series, of how the humans are trapped in the three giant walls and not being able to experience the world outside, is so darkening. The irony lies in when the humans inside the walls are afraid to step outside because of titans, but the walls are made of titans themselves!

Why Should You Watch AOT? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

Eren, Armin, and Mikasa did not remain as close as in their early days.

3. Kaleidoscopic Personalities of the Characters

The characters in the AOT series have not one but multiple characters, which seem so justifiable even in real life. Kaleidoscopic personality, however means a personality that is rapidly changing. Meaning, the personalities of the characters in AOT do not only stay with one side of personality but change when the time changes.

It is true with even the people in real life, is it not? We tend to change our personalities when the place, situation, and time change. We behave differently in different contexts of life. That also seems to be the case with the AOT characters. The characters in here change with each passing season. Eren didn’t remain the same Eren when the first season of AOT started. He changed, and so did the other characters as well.

Why Should You Watch AOT? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

Some of the major personalities in AOT: Levi Ackerman, Erwin Smith, Hange Zoe (left to right)

2. Protagonist turn Antagonist

Light Yagami, who had the strong urge to kill all the criminals, became a criminal himself. Eren Yeager, the main protagonist of the AOT series, similarly, became the major Antagonist of the AOT series. While Eren did become the villain of the AOT series, he did for his loved ones though. Eren, who knew that what he does will have no effect, had no choice but to turn into an antagonist.

Therefore, one can say that Eren is a villain and a victim. He, hence, is the most controversial anime character. Many fans have sided with the fact that he could have done something else to execute that grand plan of his. But others, others have expressed their grief for Eren, who had no choice but to follow the already laid path.

Why Should You Watch AOT? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

Eren, later on, turned into a major antagonist of the series

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1. AOT Question’s Life

AOT teaches us to question life too. Because Eren’s actions have brought quite a controversy, it is also true that what he did, had we been in his place, we would have done the same. What do we know when we can only see one side of his or anyone’s life? Instead, what is the purpose of our life if we had to sacrifice for other’s life? Why should we do it and not them?

Why Should You Watch AOT? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

AOT makes us rethink life

Will anyone even remember us after we are gone? To make others happy by remaining sad, is that what one’s life’s purpose is? Why him/us/we/me and not them? Who is in the right and/or wrong? What exactly is right? Someone choosing to do wrong for their or other’s right is right? What is Eren doing, is it the only right option? Many say yes, while others say no, even though they do not seem to have known any other alternatives.

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