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10 Best Dramas and Movies of Lee Min Ho: From The Heirs To Pachinko

Best Lee Min Ho dramas and movies
Lee Min Ho

The Hallyu star, Lee Min Ho, is a favorite of almost all Kdrama lovers. The South Korean actor, singer, model, and creative director is a house of talent, and his fan following shows how respected and loved Min-Ho is. Well, there is no doubt that the actor is filled with talent. B ut, have you seen all of his best performances? If you haven’t, we are here to share the list of best Lee Min Ho dramas and movies. Further in the article, find the catalog of Lee Min-Ho’s best work since the beginning of his career.

Best Lee Min Ho dramas and movies

Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor, singer, and model, active since 2003 in the South Korean Entertainment industry. He started with minor roles but got his first break with the EBS series Secret Campus in 2003. In 2006, Lee Min Ho suffered a severe injury because of a car accident that killed two of his friends. Following the recovery, he got back in the game with another drama. Ever since, the actor has given his fans some of the biggest dramas.

So, let’s discuss the best dramas and movies of Lee Min Ho. You can tell your favorite at the end of the article.

As we mentioned above, Lee Min Ho has been a part of several Korean dramas and films. And, if you are his fan, you will know that all of his dramas and movies are a serious hit. Besides talking about his already existing works, you should all know about Lee mIn Ho’s upcoming Apple original series, Pachinko. The upcoming drama is already popular among the fans.

And, it will soon make to the list of best Lee Min Ho dramas and movies. Nevertheless, here are the best dramas and movies from Lee Min Ho.

     1. Boys Over Flowers

You cannot expect us to start the list with some other Lee Min Ho drama. Boys Over Flowers shaped Min-Ho’s career for the best. The 2009 teenage school drama has been adapted into more than five languages after its release, and its popularity is still soaring after 11 years of its release.

Boys Over Flowers follows the live Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun), a brave yet clumsy girl who gets the opportunity to study in the most elite school in the country. She there encounters F4, the most popular and influential group of boys at the prestigious Shinhwa High School. F4 is led by Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min-Ho), an arrogant and wealthy spoilt brat. Go Jun Pyo made the audience fall in love with him for his childish nature and, of course, his curly hair.

Best Lee Min Ho dramas and movies

Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo

Lee Min Ho garnered millions of fans after his leading role in Boys Over Flowers. Moreover, the chemistry between Gu Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di is still appreciated in 2021. Hence, Boys Over Flowers has to be Lee Min Ho’s best drama.

You can watch Boys Over Flowers online on Netflix and Rakuten Viki.

      2. Legend Of The Blue Sea

They say Lee Min Ho is the king of Kdrama. And we cannot deny it anymore. With his 2016 drama, Legend Of The Blue Sea, Lee Min Ho proved that he could adapt to any role effortlessly. Plus, he has the best chemistry with all of the actresses. “Legend Of The Blue Sea” depicted Lee Min Ho as the biggest Con man in Seoul, who works with his two accomplices. However, one day, he meets a mermaid (Jun Ji Hyun) from the Jeosan Era, and due to some reason, he makes her live with him.

The two (for apparent reasons) share a history together. So, the audience also gets a chance to see Lee Min Ho portraying a double role. Legend of The Blue Sea is considered one of the unique dramas ever made. In addition to this, with Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho leading it, it definitely deserves to be on the list of best Lee Min Ho dramas and movies.

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     3. The Heirs

Love romance, love triangles, family dramas, and crazy ex-partners? ‘The Heirs’ is for you.  Lee Min Ho plays Kim Tan, an illegitimate heir living in the US. He meets Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) in the US and becomes friends with her. The two return to South Korea, and we are introduced to more characters of the drama. The drama also stars Kim Ji Won, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, Choi Jin Hyuk, F(X) ‘s Krystal Jung, Park Hyung Sik, and CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk.

The daily lives and secrets of the high-class students and their families are disclosed in a furious way. Also, the love triangles and school drama will keep you on your toes constantly.

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Fun Fact: The Heirs was the first South Korean drama co-produced by an American digital distribution platform – Dramafever-in association with the Korean production company – Hwa&Dam Pictures.

      4. The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch was a special drama for both Lee Min Ho and his fans. The SBS and Netflix drama marked Lee mIn Ho’s first drama after returning from his mandatory military service. The 2020 romantic-fantasy Kdrama followed the story of a modern-day emperor of Corea. He is trying to cross the barrier to get into an alternative reality, where the Republic of Korea exists.

Lee Min Ho plays Young Lee Gon, the third king of the Kingdom of Corea. Moreover, Min-Ho also plays Lee Ji Hun, who exists in the Republic of Korea, and is now an alma mater of Korea Naval Academy. Due to their past, Lee Gon’s life story is linked with Jeong Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun). Hence, when the two finally meet each other in the real world, more secrets are unveiled, and romance blossoms.

Best Lee Min Ho dramas and movies

Lee Min Ho in The King (cr: Netflix)

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The King: Eternal Monarch, the latest from Lee Min Ho, is one of the best dramas from Lee Min Ho. Along with Min-Ho, you will witness incredible performances from Woo Do Hwan, Kim Kyung Nam, Kim Go Eun, and Jung Chae In.

      5. Personal Taste

Personal Taste was Lee Min Ho’s next popular drama after Boys Over Flowers. The 2010 drama starring Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho will make you laugh, cry, and make you fall in love with Korea’s traditional architecture. Personal Taste displays the story of Park Kae In (Son Ye Jin) and Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min-Ho) as they try to move forward in their lives due to their personal problems. Anyways, the two ends up living under the same roof, but with hilarious misunderstandings.

Kae In allows Jin-Ho to live at her modern hanok (traditional Korean house) because she believes he is interested in men. But, as they start living together, their mutual interest in architecture and multiple family problems become the reason behind their closeness. The viewers will find betrayal, love, friendship, and a great source of laughter from Personal Taste.

Personal Taste indeed deserves to be on the list of best Lee Min Ho dramas and movies. While, on the subject of Lee Min Ho movies, here’s what we have.

   6. Gangnam Blues

Fans highly appreciate Lee Min Ho’s diversity in playing characters in Kdramas. But, one cannot deny the action and crime he presents in the movies. Gangnam Blues is a 2015 action film starring Kim Rae Won and Lee Min Ho. Gangnam Blues is set in the 1970s, dealing with the real estate development of Seoul’s Gangnam district. The time is also marked with political terrorism and terrors. So, the viewers will also find the actual reality of the socio-political turmoil that took place in the 70s.

Best Lee Min Ho dramas and movies

A still from Gangnam Blues

The film received critical affirmation from the critics. Modern Korea Cinema cited it as “an evocation and entertaining saga.” The film will thrill you based on the concept of a brotherhood tested while betrayal and crime soared in a period setting. In addition to this, Ganh]gnam Blues also earned the words- “one of the most beautifully designed films that Korean productions have ever made. ”

So, what is stopping you from streaming Gangnam Blues? Watch it online on Prime Video. 

     7. City Hunter

The next on the list of Lee Min Ho’s best drama and the movie is “City Hunter.” City Hunter is adapted from a Japanese Manga series and features Park Min Young and Lee min Ho in the primary roles. The drama was a massive success in Europe and opened the gates for Lee Min Ho’s success in the European region. Therefore, City Hunter had to be on the list.

The cast of City Hunter

Set in the backdrop of the 1980s, City Hunters follows dirty politics when Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min-Ho) takes on the titular characters after his father and surrogate father are killed. He plans revenge against five politicians who plan the killings and eventually gets the title of “City Hunter” Although Lee Yoon Sung is filled with vengeance, his heart takes a soft turn when Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) enters his life. The two were highly praised for their onscreen pair.

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You can watch it on Rakuten Viki and Apple with English subtitles.

    8. Bounty Hunters

Another addition to Lee Min Ho’s movies list is “Bounty Hunters.” The 2016 film is an action-comedy drama starring Lee Min-ho, Wallace Chung, Tiffany Tang, Jeremy Tsui, Karena Ng, and Louis Fan. Due to its diversity, “Bounty Hunters” was already on the watchlist of many fans. However, it earned mixed reactions from the critics. On the other hand, the fans of the South Korean stars praised him for his marvelous acting in the film.

Lee Min Ho plays Lee San, a martial art expert. Along with master sleuth Yo (Wallace Chung), he has been working as bodyguard-to-hire but has earned only a little success. The two are forced to barge into a hotel room in Incheon during the mission, where a terrorist executes his bombing mission. As a result, the two investigators transform into wanted suspects.

What will happen when the two previous Interpol officers find them guilty of something they never did? To know more, Bounty Hunters now.

     9. Faith

Faith, the historical drama from Lee Min Ho, is also known as “The Great Doctor” in many regions of the world. Just like The King, “Faith” is also a mixture f both the present-modern day and the historical period of the Goryeo Period. Lee Min Ho plays Choi Young, the Captain of the Royal Guard, to cross a specific mystic portal and bring heaven’s doctor. Yoo Eun-soo (Kim Hee-sun) is a plastic surgeon in the modern-day, who was brought to the Goryeo period by Choi Young.

At first, she tries to run away from there. However, Choi Young promises to return her to her real life, but things get in the way when the royal advisors manipulate the king into keeping Eun Soo there forever. The conspiracies to the throne and EunSoo’s responsibility encompass Choi Young’s life. Also, the two get close while exploring life in the past.

“faith” turned out to be a massive hit for SBS and brought an incredible viewership number in South Korea. The drama also stars Yu Oh Seong, Ryu Deok Hwan, Park Se Young, Lee Phillip, and Sung Hoon.

     10. Mackerel Run

Get excited to see Lee Min Ho in his younger days. Mackerel Run is our last stop on the Best Lee Min Ho dramas and movies list. The 2007 drama brought attention to Lee Min Ho as an actor, as he played Cha Gong-chan. He gets into an elite school because of his soccer skills. However, once he gets into school, he starts losing interest in sports and cutting classes. One day, a beautiful girl enters school making Gong Chan fall for her instantly. Soon, he became energetic and started going to school regularly and attending all his classes. While the love emerges between Gong Chan and Min Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won), the former vows to focus both on his love and school life.

Lee Mn Ho dramas

Mackerel Run (cr: SBS)

The drama was a hit among teenagers and brought the leading cast into light. Mackerel Run also stars Park Bo Young (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon), Kwon Se-In (Angel’s Revenge), Ko Kyu Pil, Lee Byung Joon, and others.

And here, we will end the list. The above-mentioned dramas all bring out the best of Lee Min Ho. Moreover, fans will be thrilled to see how easily the actor can adapt to any role.

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