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10 Best Anime from IG Production That You Can Check Out!

IG production best anime
Attack on Titan

IG Production has produced some of the best animes of the past decade. The famous sports animes like Haikyuu as well as Kuroko No Basket has been produced by them! The production’s anime has explored all the characters deeply, with exceptional animation as well as graphics. Some new animes like Moriarty The Patriot went really famous among fans for their mystery and thrill, along with a touch of shounen in them. Moriarty is like the best anti-hero of all time. The production house also produced classic romance animes like Kimi Ni Todoke and The Ancient Magus Bride which made the fans fawn over the anime.

Attack On Titan and Vinland Saga are the ones more focused on a Dystopian world, and the fight for self-righteous and brave goes on. Guilty Crown is one of them too, and it’s also very popular among the older generation of otakus. While talking about the Dystopian animes by I.G. Production, one must not forget Psycho-Pass which is literally a masterpiece in this genre. The anime by this production has truly won the hearts of many viewers, especially because many of the otakus’ childhood was spent watching these amazing animes!

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10. Kuroko No Basket

Teikou Middle School’s renowned team, the “Generation of Miracles,” has conquered the national basketball arena for the past three years. It had five sports prodigies, but a sixth person lingers in the darkness and helps the team achieve an amazing reputation. Their gigantic development eventually turned them off to the sports they loved, and they split up in high school. The Seirin High School basketball team is looking for new players and has recruited Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko, two juniors with a wide range of characteristics. Kagami, who returned home from America, has a natural talent for the sport as well as an unyielding devotion for it. Kuroko, on the other hand, lacks charisma and isn’t particularly athletic.

IG production best anime

Kurokos Basketball

Kuroko wants to show the Seirin gang that he is a formidable opponent in his own right. Upon seeing Kagami’s sentence, Kuroko forms a strong partnership with him, promising to preserve Kagami’s “spark” as his “darkness.” They hope to win the forthcoming Interhigh championship with their fresh Seirin comrades, but the presence of Kuroko’s former friends disrupts their plans. Kuroko No Basket occurred before Haikyuu, and it’s possible that Haikyuu would not exist if Kuroko No Basket hadn’t been so successful. Free! has been one of the anime series that matches the aesthetics of Kuroko no Basket. Basketball, team cohesion, and the athletes are all key themes in the anime. It’s about athletics, with all of the usual rivalries and egos that come with it. There are three seasons of this anime.

Aired: 2012

Episodes: 25 (first season)

Watch here: Netflix, Crunchyroll

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9. The Ancient Magus Bride

Chise Hatori was auctioned off for £500,000 to a tall hooded male. She’d been abandoned at a young age and embarrassed by her peers for her strange behaviour, so she was eager to sell herself to anybody for a chance to get home. She overhears whispers from dressed guys walking behind her, discussing and making a big deal about how a certain buyer got his paws on a one-of-a-kind “Sleigh Beggy.” The strange man ignores the murmuring and walks the girl to a library, wherein he exposes himself to be Elias Ainsworth, a spell caster. The pair open their minds to Elias after a short struggle and some teleportation magic.

IG production best anime

The Ancient Magus Bride

Chise’s adventure as the protégé and presumed spouse of the legendary magus begins with her arrival when she is welcomed by fairies and accompanied by strange and lovely beings. The Ancient Magus Bride is among the most relaxing, beautiful, and calm slice-of-life shows available. The sights are simply breathtaking. Even in 2020, the above anime may easily compete with and defeat much other anime in terms of graphic quality. It’s a more relaxed take on magic than the more theatrical and showy acts we’re used to seeing in this genre.

Aired: 2017-2018

Episodes: 24

Watch here: Netflix, Crunchyroll

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8. Kimi Ni Todoke

Sawako Kuronuma is nicknamed “Sadako” because of her resemblance to Sadako from The Ring series. Despite possessing a shy and kind demeanour, she is mistaken to be frightening and wicked like her fictional counterpart. Sawako is automatically attracted to Shouta Kazehaya, one of the most famous boys in her class because she wants to make acquaintances and live a regular life. Sawako has loved Kazehaya’s capacity to be the centre of attention when their first encounter and desires to be more like him.

IG production best anime

Kimi Ni Todoke

When Kazehaya organizes a bravery test for the rest of the class and invites Sawako to participate, she takes the opportunity to bond with her friends, particularly Ayane Yano and Chizuru Yoshida. Sawako thinks that encountering Kazehaya has transformed her for the good with each new interaction and emotion she has. Sawako had no idea that her existence has also transformed Kazehaya. Misunderstandings abound in this anime, particularly with the protagonist, Sawako. She is portrayed as intimidating, despite the fact that she is the polar opposite. The anime has set its claim as one of the highest-rated in the genre and even the most well-known.

Aired: 2009-2010

Episodes: 25

Watch here: Netflix, Hulu

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7. Vinland Saga

Thorfinn grew up hearing tales of elderly seamen who had traversed the seas and arrived at Vinland, the legendary land. It’s said to be peaceful and productive, a location where combat isn’t an essential long cry from his birthplace in a chilly hamlet in Iceland, and certainly not his current life as a fighter. He now lives in a conflict zone. Ignoring the fact that a person had told him previously, “You don’t even have any opponents, but no one else does either. Is the only one on whom inflicting pain is justified?” As Thorfinn grew older, he realized that none of it could be further from the truth.

IG production best anime

Vinland Saga

For each passing year, the struggle between England and the Danes worsens. Death became a way of life for the Viking mercenaries, who relish each moment of it. Affiliating with either faction will result in a significant power shift, and the Vikings are content to build a name for themselves rather than seize any prizes they can. Thorfinn must seek vengeance on Askeladd, the man who killed his father, amid the mayhem. The Vikings only paradise seemed to be the ongoing era of violence and conflict.

Vinland Saga, which debuted in 2019, is an anime series that seems to have slipped under the radar. Especially in comparison to Demon Slayer. Nonetheless, this anime is quite popular, and there’s a good reason for it. With its historical setting, action, and subject of warfare in England vs. the dames, this movie is a must-see for fans of historical fiction. It’s one of Production I.G’s most successful collaborations. The initial studio was Wit Studios, however, Production I.G was involved as producers.

Aired: 2019

Episodes: 24

Watch here: Prime Video, Netflix

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6. Attack On Titan

Humanity was nearly wiped out by giant humanoid beings known as Titans centuries ago, leaving humanity to hide in dread behind massive concentric walls. What makes these creatures particularly horrifying is that their appetite for human bodies is fueled by what appears to be joy rather than hunger. To secure their survival, humanity’s survivors began to live within protective barriers, leading in a century without the need for a single titan confrontation. However, when a massive Titan tries to breach the allegedly unassailable outer wall, the struggle for life against the man-eating monstrosities is reignited.

IG production best anime

Attack On Titan

Eren Yeager devoted his life to the elimination of the encroaching monsters after experiencing a tragic personal tragedy at the arms of the approaching creatures by participating in the Survey Corps, an exclusive military organization that counters the cruel humanoid creatures outside of the security of the walls. Eren, his foster sister Mikasa Ackerman, plus his close friend Armin Arlert engage the Titans’ heinous battle and race to vanquish them even before the ultimate barrier is overcome. Attack On Titan was developed by Production I.G, just like Vinland Saga. All three seasons It was made in collaboration with WIT Studios. This anime is self-explanatory. It’s already too well-known, and it’s one of the most popular horror/action anime series throughout the past decade.

Aired: 2013

Episodes: 25 (first season)

Watch here: Netflix

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5. Guilty Crown

Japan in the year 2039. The formerly great nation has fallen under the dominion of the GHQ, an autonomous armed action sworn to restore order ten years after the advent of the “Apocalypse Virus,” a period gravely referred to as “Lost Christmas.” During a major mission, Inori Yuzuriha, a key member of Funeral Parlor, stumbles into the feeble and socially inept Shuu Ouma, resulting in him receiving the “Power of Kings”—an ability that allows the holder to draw out aspects of a user’s psyche, or “voids.” Shuu, who is now an unwitting accomplice in the fight against GHQ, must learn to handle his newfound strength if he is to survive.

IG production best anime

Guilty Crown

Shu Ouma, a 17-year-old high schooler who stays all by himself in class, encounters Inori Yuzuriha, the main singer for Egoist, whilst revisiting one of his favourite sites on his ride home. Shu is a huge admirer of Inori, a vocalist who has become an internet sensation. He also learns about her other side, which really is that she is a participant of “Funeral Parlor,” a rebel group dedicated to freeing Japan from the GHQ. Shu begins to participate in “Funeral Parlor” activities, and the “King’s Mark” emerges on his dominant wrist. This “mark” gives him the ability to reach within the body of another person, withdraw and materialize a weapon.

Aired: 2011-2012

Episodes: 22

Watch here: Netflix, Hulu

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4. xxxHOLiC

The storey of Watanuki Kimihiro, a perplexed young man with the “gift” to see spirits and ghosts, is told in xxxHOLiC. Watanuki’s visions are erased when he brushes the gate of a stranger’s home while being pursued by ghosts. As he rises, he is pulled into the house, where he encounters Ichihara Yuko, a “store owner.” Yuko is a strong witch who owns a shop that fulfills all sorts of desires for a charge that is equivalent to the worth of the wish. She almost instinctively recognizes Watanuki’s spiritual vision power and strikes a bargain with him to free him from his “curse.” Rather than paying a fee up front, he could work at her business until he can afford it.

IG production best anime


Kimihiro Watanuki has the capacity to see ghosts and other mythical creatures, which he finds to be a very irritating skill. He is forcibly pushed to visit a mysterious mansion on his way back home a day while being haunted by various spirits. There, he meets Yuuko, a mysterious figure who promises to be able to cure him of his ability to get out there and draw the nefarious creatures for a price. Watanuki’s experiences through strange and amazing events begin when she asks that him to operate at her “shop,” where she fulfills people’s wishes.

Aired: 2006

Episodes: 24

Watch here: Funimation, Hulu

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3. Moriarty the Patriot

During the late nineteenth century, the United Kingdom grew into the world’s greatest empire. The country’s rigid economic structure, hidden beneath its prosperity, measures the price of one’s life only on position and riches. The system, predictably, favours the aristocrats at the top while making it difficult for the workers to progress through the ranks.

IG production best anime

Moriarty the Patriot

William James Moriarty, the Moriarty household’s second son, lives as a typical aristocrat while simultaneously consulting with ordinary people to help them solve their difficulties. However, he harbours a genuine desire to destabilize the current framework that governs British society and the people who profit from it. William, along with his siblings Albert and Louis, will go to any length.

Aired: 2020

Episodes: 11

Watch here: Netflix, Funimation

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2. Haikyuu

After seeing a volleyball player named “Little Giant” in action, Shouyou Hinata, a little volleyball champion nicknamed “Little Giant,” becomes inspired. The newly formed team eventually makes it to a tournament, but their first combat is their end, as Tobio Kageyama, the “King of the Court,” destroys them mercilessly. Hinata is determined to defeat Kageyama, so after graduating from middle school, he joins the Karasuno High School volleyball team—only to find out that his sworn foe, Kageyama, is now a friend.

IG production best anime


Hinata, despite his exceptional leaping power, tries to find his place on the team due to his diminutive stature. Unexpectedly, Kageyama would have his own issues which only Hinata can solve, and it looks like learning to work cooperatively is the only solution. Haikyuu!! is a thrilling and dramatic sports situational comedy on Haruichi Furudate’s classic shounen manga with the same name. It follows two dedicated players as they seek to patch up a tense competition in addition to making their junior high volleyball team the greatest in Japan.

Aired: 2014

Episodes: 25 (first season)

Watch here: Netflix, Crunchyroll

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1. Psycho-Pass

Law has evolved, as has the way it is applied. Japan implements the Sibyl Network in the 22nd century, an objective method of measuring each consumer’s threat level by analyzing their psychological condition for evidence of criminal intent, designated as their Psycho-Pass. Investigators enforce the law by subjugating anyone holding the smallest ill-will, frequently with lethal force; beside them are Vigilantes, jaded Officers who have turned into dormant felons, granted comparative freedom and safety for performing out the Investigators’ dirty job.

IG production best anime


Akane Tsunemori, a young girl with a sincere instinct to preserve justice, enters this universe. Nevertheless, as she works alongside experienced Enforcer Shinya Kougami, she quickly discovers that the Sibyl Program’s judgments aren’t always as accurate as her colleague’s Inspectors believe. With just about everything then she previously knew flipped upside down, Akane mulls over what fairness is and how that can be maintained through the employment of a structure that may have already been tainted.

Aired: 2012-2013

Episodes: 22

Watch here: Netflix, Hulu

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