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Top 10 Katsuki Bakugo Quotes That You Should Know

Top 10 Katsuki Bakugo Quotes
Katsuki Bakugo

Last Updated on February 28, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Katsuki Bakugo, popularly known as Kacchan by his childhood pals and as Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight per his superhero name, is a student at U.A. High School’s Class 1-A who aspires to be a Pro Hero. He serves as the series’ deuteragonist. Here are some of Bakugo’s most famous quotes, where he isn’t scared, to tell the truth or upset others, so if you’re a fan of Bakugo, stay reading to learn about the 10 most famous phrases of Bakugo and their meanings. Katsuki is a crass, egotistical, irritable, and belligerent character, particularly towards the start of the series.

Katsuki has a reputation for being unheroic. This troubling tendency dates back to his boyhood when he had been accused of bullying a young, Quirkless Izuku Midoriya. He was hypercritical to others around him, frequently boasting about the strength of his Explosion Quirk and even claiming and saying he would take on his whole middle school class.

Katsuki has progressively turned into a less hostile person, while still keeping many of his disagreeable features, after getting admitted into U.A. and enduring multiple personal setbacks, one of which came from Izuku. Katsuki’s combative nature and desire to win have given him a significant position within Class 1-A as a type of inspiring mood-maker, despite the fact that he is typically depicted harshly. Katsuki smiles strangely in the thick of combat, motivated and ravenous for triumph. He is hell-bent on obtaining his own genuine successes and has learned not to misjudge his rivals. Katsuki is a fighter who is not just athletic and skilled, but also bright and intuitive, skilled in decision making and flexibility.

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1. “I’ll Beat You With An Indisputable Difference!”

While leaving from their hero internships, which had undoubtedly made each U.A High student tougher than before, Bakugo was enraged to witness Deku’s development after practicing with Gran Torino, particularly because Bakugo had spotted Deku takes cues from Bakugo’s own battling technique. Regardless of how powerful or confident Bakugo is, he feels more frightened by Deku’s advancement, and he’s also motivated to bring Deku back in his position, judging by his jealousy. It isn’t the kindest emotion, and Bakugo would indeed be better suited to collaborating with Deku instead of against him, but he isn’t quite there yet in terms of maturity.

Top 10 Katsuki Bakugo Quotes

Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya

While Katsuki is utilizing 5% of One For All, he is competent enough to combat Izuku toe-to-toe and perhaps even defeat him. Katsuki demonstrated that, notwithstanding the winter conditions of the cold season hurting his Quirk, he could still fight effectively during the Joint Training Arc. As he uses his powers to reject opponents who overpower his companions, Katsuki has grown significantly less insubordinate when partnered with individuals and has gained a sense of brotherhood.

2. “I Only Look At Victory! That’s All!”

As many MHA and Bakugo fans know, he is completely focused on winning and is unconcerned about anything else. His battles are almost as entertaining as his personality; he never fails to add to the drama, whether it’s a fight with a villain or gloating about his superiority. Bakugo’s passion for triumph is what propels him to new heights and helps him to accomplish his incredible deeds. Katsuki is continually ramping up his power, refining his skill, and seeking forward to understanding what he is not able to accomplish right now, with the objective to be able to do something in the later, not wishing to allow Izuku to go ahead of him and neither taking his ultimate purpose of exceeding All Might lightly. Katsuki’s unquenchable desire to win is likely his greatest asset, with every one of his classmates, even Izuku, believing in his capacity to triumph.

Top 10 Katsuki Bakugo Quotes

Katsuki Bakugo

3. “I mean, I’m A Perfectionist.”

Even before Deku has gained a Quirk, Bakugo is dissatisfied with Deku when he declares he tries to apply to the U.A. Hero Program during the first episode of My Hero Academia. Bakugo introduces himself as a “perfectionist” while flatly asserting that Deku would never be able to attain his level and should not join. Bakugo’s narcissism is clear; he had a superiority complex, believing that he is superior to and superior to everybody else, which is among the reasons he continuously looks down on people.

Katsuki has a hard time recognizing his flaws and failures and will vehemently dispute them if they are called out to him by people, irrespective of who is doing it. That’s not to say Katsuki doesn’t take advice; he’s become aware of his flaws and how to mitigate them owing to the deeds of others like All Might and Best Jeanist, but he’ll never confess it aloud owing to his vanity. In stillness and seclusion, he tends to dwell on himself, getting a little moodier throughout those times. Katsuki’s unbridled vanity and violence have lost him victory in the Battle Trial and the Provisional Hero License Exam multiple times, and it only worsens when Izuku is engaged.

Top 10 Katsuki Bakugo Quotes

Katsuki Bakugo

4. “This Man Is The Highest Wall In The World.”

While Izuku’s motivation to become a hero, the Symbol of Peace, All Might, was the same as his, their ideologies differed. Irrespective of the situation, Katsuki believes that a great hero should never quit fighting or surrender, and which always prevailing is the definition of a great hero. Moreover, his arrogance and hubris have been criticized by a number of heroes, citizens, and even villains. Katsuki, on the other hand, is resolute in his desire to be a hero, having flatly denied Tomura Shigaraki’s invitation to join the League of Villains since he sees the antagonists as individuals who have lost rather than triumph like heroes.

5. “I Will Be Number One With My Strength!”

Bakugo has a lofty aim of being the best hero in the world, and this phrase sums it up well. He has always been committed to becoming the best hero in the world, and he would give his all to achieve it, which is something that fans adore about him. Katsuki is incredibly confident and fearless as a result of his quirks and skills, to the point that he is eager to face down anybody who confronts him. When confronted with such a strong foe, he seldom admits defeat from a battle and will go all out. Katsuki understands when he’s facing someone beyond his level after taking on multiple villains at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, as he let All Might square off by Nomu. Katsuki isn’t scared to take on All Might at the First Term Final Exam.

Top 10 Katsuki Bakugo Quotes

Katsuki Bakugo

6. “Even If There’s Nothing Left Of Me, I Will Win The Way I Want To!”

Katsuki has acquired a superiority complex as a result of the continual admiration of his talents and tremendous Quirk, and as a result, he aspires to be the first and greatest at everything. Some people have pointed out that Katsuki is obsessed with winning and can’t bear it too when he doesn’t, causing him to shed his notoriously quick temper or, less frequently, pout. He is extremely competitive but will never compromise for anything less than first place, feeling compelled to continually strive for success and to disprove those who disbelieve him. Katsuki, on the other hand, appreciates hard labor and fair play to the extent of rejecting to recognize a victory if he believes it was not gained on merit.

Katsuki doesn’t really seem to mind what anyone else thinks of him, and he’s barely keeping himself from acting violently. Katsuki is a firm believer in honesty and never cheats, to the point that his blunt candor is viewed as impolite and insensitive by others. He isn’t scared to say what he thinks, and he can tell when others aren’t being honest with him. This demonstrates that, despite his antisocial traits, Katsuki is a great judge of character, rendering deception difficult.

Top 10 Katsuki Bakugo Quotes

Katsuki Bakugo


7. “I Will Become A Hero That Surpasses Even You!”

During their childhood, Katsuki and Izuku were best friends. Katsuki was revealed to be athletically talented even before his quirk emerged, and he was frequently praised by others, notably Izuku. When Katsuki discovered Izuku lacked a Quirk while he possessed a formidable one, he felt justified in looking down on him and began to regard him as a stumbling block on his route to become the ultimate hero. Izuku was meant to be below Katsuki, but owing to his innate courageous spirit, Katsuki couldn’t help but believe that Izuku was much above him.

Katsuki couldn’t really comprehend this and did everything he could to keep Izuku at arm’s length, tormenting him with his peers and referring to him as “Deku.” Despite his dread of Katsuki, Izuku regards him as a dear friend and constantly addresses him as “Kacchan.” Following his loss against Izuku in the Battle Trial, Katsuki was in amazement. He was frustrated by his failure, as well as seeing how excellent the remainder of his class was in compared to him. Following that, Izuku made an unexpected revelation of owning a borrowed Quirk, although Katsuki seemed to dismiss it. Izuku vowed to defeat him throughout the encounter. Anytime he engages with Izuku, he has always been hostile to him. Bakugo is a powerful adequate hero to not turn back from a battle, and he uses his rage towards Deku to drive himself to become even more powerful.

8. “We are Not Here To Make Friends, We’re Here To Fight!”

Katsuki is extremely arrogant and likes to operate alone since he despises being shielded or needing to depend on others to help him, except, perhaps, in this case, he is acknowledged as the undisputed leader of a team. Katsuki’s cooperation was horrible at the start of the series, regularly ignoring his companions’ ideas and recommendations in favor of his own direct tactics. Even if Katsuki’s normal tone makes him come across as arrogant, his cooperation abilities improve as the story develops. However, it’s evident that he now recognizes their significance, shielding them from damage, and expects others to be just like him.

Katsuki has a reputation for being unheroic. This troubling tendency dates back to his boyhood when he was accused of bullying a young, Quirkless Izuku Midoriya. He was arrogant and dismissive to others around him, frequently boasting about the strength of his Explosion Quirk and even claiming and saying he would take on his whole middle school class. He was openly hostile to Izuku, primarily due to his past Quirkless condition, and would constantly dismiss his desire of being a Hero despite his lack of a Quirk, as well as giving him the derogatory epithet Deku, which means worthless and therefore unable to accomplish something.

Top 10 Katsuki Bakugo Quotes

Katsuki Bakugo

9.”Come At Me Seriously!”

Shoto lunges out to grab Katsuki, but he deflects the attack with an explosion and clutches Shoto’s left side. Katsuki urges Shoto not to underestimate him and, with an explosion, propels him toward the arena’s edge. To prevent going out of bounds, Shoto quickly rebounds by building and surfing an ice wave. Katsuki strikes Shoto while avoiding the ice. Rather than unleashing his fire, Shoto snatches Katsuki using his left arm and throws him away. Katsuki, irritated, asks Shoto whether he is not deserving of his fire.

Shoto’s forbearance has infuriated Katsuki. Bakugo’s confidence in his Quirk is a major motivator in his attitude, and he can’t abide it when opponents don’t attack him full force. While it may appear to be a casual remark, this phrase is addressed towards Shoto Todoroki. Katsuki Bakugo notices that Shoto Todoroki chose not to use his flames once the dust settles. He rushes over to Shoto, who is senseless on top of his ice. Katsuki, dissatisfied with his triumph, pulls Shoto’s shirt and tells him to get up and fight again.

Top 10 Katsuki Bakugo Quotes

Katsuki Bakugo

10. “I’ll Win… Because That’s What It Means To Be A Hero!”

When the fighters for the combat competition were originally named, Ochaco found out she would be facing Katsuki. Katsuki didn’t even recognize her name in the bracket, which irritated her. The pupils of U.A. Class 1-A all desire to be heroes for different reasons. Shoto carries this past trauma where he wants to become the best by solely utilizing his mother’s power, while Bakugo is motivated by All Might, who he looks up to and wants to become the greatest hero like him. His quest to become a hero is purely to prove that he is the most powerful of them all and to appease his ego. Katsuki’s irritability occasionally gets the best of him, forcing him to ignore important information and make blunders.

Top 10 Katsuki Bakugo Quotes

Katsuki Bakugo

The U.A. Sports Festival, the Entrance Exam, and possessing the most villain points. Katsuki has shown to be a very smart and savvy person. Although he doesn’t always have preventive plans like other people, he can foresee the deadliest scenarios by analyzing his enemy’s vulnerabilities, such as when he discovered Fumikage’s vulnerability during the U.A. Sports Festival in the middle of a match. Katsuki rapidly recognized which of the assaulting villains were the most significant threat in the long run, even when battling the lesser villains as during Unpredicted Simulation Joint, and finally worked out a means to overpower Kurogiri, one of the invasion’s commanders.

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