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Outchef’d Season 1 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Outchef'd Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide: MANEET CHAUHAN VS. HELENA
Outchef'd Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide: MANEET CHAUHAN VS. HELENA

Outchef’d done with episode 8, which was very enjoyable yet competitive. Now fans want to know the release date for the next episode, which is Outchef’d Season 1 Episode 9. “For the Food Network follower who unexpectedly has become the main attraction, this show is the pinnacle of desire fulfillment, according to Jane Latman, President, Home & Food Entertainment and Broadcasting, Warner Bros. Discovery.

Some watchers of cookery competitions believe they could compete. We give it a shot in Outchef’d by giving these outstanding chefs the potential to qualify against a celebrity chef.” On Tuesday, September 27 at 10|9c, Outchef’d made its debut with two back-to-back parts. The very same day, it was also streamable on Discovery+. Eddie Jackson, a former Professional NFL player & cook, hosts the show Outchef’d.

Maneet Chauhan, Scott Conant, Eric Adjepong, Anne Burrell, Geoffrey Zakarian, Alex Guarnaschelli, Antonia Lofaso, Tiffani Faison, Amanda Freitag, and Marc Murphy are the celebrity chefs participating in Outchef’d. “These homemakers thrive in their personal kitchens, however, are they capable of what something takes to triumph vs. an expert pro underneath the spotlights and cameras of a cooking war?” states the summary of the new season of Outchef’d.

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What Is The Preview Of Outchef’d?

Capable and skilled home cooks arrive thinking they are going to auditions, and they’re in for the shock of their life when they learn they are simply going into a fight against a top chef. These home chefs are excellent in their private kitchens, but do they possess what it requires to prevail in a gourmet competition vs. a top expert in front of camera flashes?

Following a culinary round with a star component theme, Eddie goes on the hunt for a board of 6 ordinary folks to blindfold and judge the recipes. Just one vote is required for the home cook to earn the $5,000 jackpot.

Eric Adjepong, Anne Burrell, Maneet Chauhan, Scott Conant, Tiffani Faison, Amanda Freitag, Alex Guarnaschelli, Antonia Lofaso, Marc Murphy, and Geoffrey Zakarian are among the celebrity chefs fighting against the home cooks.

In the ½ hour television cooking competition show, Outchef’d, self-assured home cooks who believe they are going to an audition receive the shock of their lives when they learn they are actually going head-to-head with a top-notch chef.


A fantastic chicken competition between famous chef Scott Conant and household chef Gabrielle, a Military veteran, is hosted by Eddie Jackson. Scott is prevented from claiming a complete victory by Gabrielle, who tries to claw her way to glory.

Outchef’d Episode 9 Release Date

Outchef’d Episode 9 is all set to be released on November 15, 2022, Tuesday. The episode is titled ‘MANEET CHAUHAN VS. HELENA.’ As Eddie Jackson unexpectedly announces a matchup between renowned chef and restaurateur Maneet Chauhan, he surprises nurse and house chef Helena. The emphasis will be on Helena to produce a meal deserving of victory.

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Where To Watch ‘Outchef’d’ Episodes?

The official Network to watch Outchef’d is Food Network. But, Outchef’d is currently available on fuboTV and Discovery+. Outchef’d be seen online by renting or buying it on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu. For Fubo TV & Discovery+, you will need a subscription. For buying and renting on iTunes, you’ll have to pay $1.99. For the remaining, you have to pay $1.99 for S.D. & $2.99 for H.D.

still from Outchef'd

still from Outchef’d

What Is Food Network?

A partnering venture and universal collaboration among Warner Bros. Discovery Networks (that also holds a 69% equity stake in the channel) and Nexstar Media Group (that further possesses the remainder 31% of the channel), Television Food Network, G.P. is the company that owns the American basic cable network Food Network.

The Network is managed and operated by Warner Bros. Discovery as a branch of the Warner Bros. Discovery U.S. Networks Group, notwithstanding the ownership model. The Network broadcasts both one-off and ongoing episodic shows around food and dining.

Food Network also has branches in Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Jersey City, Cincinnati, and Knoxville, in contrast to its headquarters located in New York. As T.V. Food Network, Food Network was founded on November 23, 1993, at six in the morning. It changed its official title in 1997.

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