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32 Movies Like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

To All the Boys I Loved Before from Netflix is the first movie from a trilogy of the same name. The books and the movies revolve around Lara Jean Covey, portrayed by Lana Condor, as she manages the situation created by her sister. Kitty, played by Anna Cathcart, sends the secret letters written by Lara all her life that were not supposed to go anywhere.

This mishappening resulted in Lara sham dating Peter, played by Noah Centineo, who is her ex-best friend’s boyfriend, so he can get back with his ex-girlfriend somehow. But of course, this plan fails, and both of them actually start dating real this time and dealing with all the situations and problems that present themselves in high school relationships. 

Over the period of the three movies, Peter and Lara deal with miscommunication, jealousy, and actualization that they may or may not go to the same college as per their planning. Nothing is ordinary in this teen movie, which indicates that the story is predictable, but it is not. Their time together plays many of the same plots that audiences have already seen and like to see again in this genre; they give a totally new meaning to strangers to lovers, with their relationship transitioning from fake to real one. 

With the huge success of all three “To All the Boys” movies, fans are searching for other films that have the same energy and plot as the Netflix trilogy. So to make your search simple, here are 20 suggestions for your next movie night if you loved To All the Boys movies.  

32. Kissing Booth Trilogy

Those who have seen To All the Boys can also have a look at another romantic comedy movie from Netflix, The Kissing Booth. It is based on the books written by Beth Reekles; two of the books came out after the first movie got hit. The Kissing Booth is a great movie for those teens who liked Lara and Peter’s journey.

The story revolves around Elle Evans, played by Joey King, and she gets in love with her best friend Lee’s (Joel Courtney) brother Noah played by Jacob Eldori. He is very popular in high school and plays football. After graduating from high school, he is planning to go to Harvard for further studies; Elle is not so popular among the students until she and Lee move forward with their charity kissing booth. 

The Kissing Booth

Just like in All the Boys, there are some rules and regulations that Elle and Lee follow as best friends. Rules are, do not date Noah, go to the same college, and share all the secrets with her best friend. These rules are tested again and again multiple times, and some of them are added as the movie goes forward; these rules are the major reasons for conflict between them. There are various struggles seen while choosing the desired college; Elle initially decides to go with Noah and picks Harvard, but eventually chooses her own path, just like Lara Jean. 

31. 10 Things I Hate About You

“10 Things I Hate About You” is among the best teen flicks of all time. It revolves around Kat, portrayed by Julia Stiles, and she gets in love with a bad boy named Patrick, played by Heath Ledger. Later she finds out that Patrick was getting paid by her young sister Bianca portrayed by Larisa Oleynik, by her friend Joey played by Andrew Keegan, to fake everything. Kat is a very focused senior whose opinion is ahead of the situation, but she lets her become close to Patrick as he makes big gestures with the help of the school band. 

10 Things I Hate About You

Only Kat really understands what their relationship is in reality. She was devastated when she came to know about it, just like how Lara felt when she came to know that Peter was not waiting for her in the tub but for his ex-girlfriend Gen, played by Emilija Baranac in All the Boys I Loved Before. It was that day when the real relationship began between Peter and Lara Jean. Kat finding out what actually happened crushed her real good Patrick was paid to care about her by her sister. Both of the guys got a moment of realization that the feelings are not fake anymore; they are very real, giving the duos the happy ending they deserve but heartache always comes first. 

30. The Last Song

While Peter and Lara Jean did not have a summer romance on the beach, fans of the trilogy will surely find something in “The Last Song.”. Ronnie, played by Miley Cyrus, is having the summer of her life when she goes to spend time with her father. Steve, played by Greg Kinnear, lives on a small town beach. Their parents are divorced, and because of that, Ronnie and her younger brother, Jonah, played by Boddy Coleman, don’t meet her father much, but their parents are trying to make a change because recently Steve has been discovered with a severe terminal disease. 

The Last Song

In the movie, Ronnie meets Will, played by Liam Hemsworth, who is very popular and is from a good family and the two of them start their romance. Just like Lara and Peter, they also struggle in their relationship with college decisions, how people look at their relationships, and other conflicts that they face. Ronnie is accepted into Julliard as a gifted pianist but is not interested in going; on the other hand, Will is going to Vanderbilt and follows his family’s steps as he has no other choice but he wants to go to Columbia. Ronnie and Lara are the two faces of the same coin; both have lost a parent and struggling through the phase, feeling not enough because of the social standing of their boyfriends and making a major decision that will have an effect on the people whom they love. 

29. The DUFF

Many teen movies are based on a not-so-famous girl who somehow ends up with a famous boy. Bot, how many movies are on a famous guy helping an unpopular girl win over her crush but somehow fall for each other? Now, this is what exactly happens in the movie with Bianca, played by Mae Whitman, and Wesley, played by Robbie Amell. As the story progresses, Bianca loses her crush, friends, and even the new crush as things change at the school dance. 

The Duff

You will find The Duff very similar to the first installment of  “To All the Boys” in the movie; both Wesley and Peter realize at the end that they do not want their popular girlfriend anymore. Both of the movies have a jealous girl who is willing to do anything that includes an objectionable video to use it as a threat to the relationship. The video situation in “To All the Boys” was easily handled with the help of Margot, played by Janel Parrish, who is Lara Jean’s sister. But in The DUFF, Bianca is not that lucky; the video also had a different content to that of Lara Jean’s video.

28. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

Fans of Noah Centino can follow his performance in another Netflix Original movie based on a similar theme. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser sports Sierra, portrayed by Shannon Purser, is a girl categorized as a loser among her peers. When Jamey, played by Noah, ends up with her contact number, which was a plan by Veronica, played by Kristine Froseth, a cheerleader, to prank Sierra, she starts a text-only relationship with him under the lens of being a famous cheerleader. She manages to get Veronica in her doings, the girl who is helping her can make a fool of Jamey while Sierra teaches her, so she can get her college boyfriend. 

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

Jamey is ashamed; the relationship is completely fake, even if Jamey does not realize it. Just like Peter, Jamey also falls for the person he is in a sham relationship with, choosing the famous girl over the not-so-famous one he was trying to get all along. But Lara Jean and Sierra are different, Lara struggles to rebuff the insults that her friends hurl at her, but Sierra uses her charm and wit and comes on top and makes the bully look tiny. Both of the girls love literature and books and use their skills with writing or texting to make the foundation of their relationship. 

27. Paper Towns

“Paper Towns” is a book by John Green. It may not be a well-known book, but the movie adaptation is a good, great coming-of-age movie for Lara Jean fans. Unlike most movies of this teen category, the plot revolves around the male character Quentin played by Nat Wolff, as he is trying to find a childhood friend who got missing, Margo, played by Cara Delevingne when everyone confirms her disappearance.

Paper Towns

He always had feelings for Margo, but she was already in a relationship and a whole group of popular girls whom she hung out with. Later she finds out that her boyfriend has cheated on her with one of the friends from the group; she and Quentin plan to prank everyone before her sudden departure. He explores the clues that hint at her location, which encourages him to find her. 

The movie resembles the theme of having personal growth and finding yourself as they graduate from the school that “To All the Boys” also has, especially in the later two films of the trilogy. The teens do not end up with each other at the end of the movie; both Margo and Quentin learn about themselves and their perceptions and thoughts on the world. Due to his attraction, Quentin always had a clean, very perfect image of Margo but learned that whatever he thought was not completely accurate, just like how Lara’s view changes over time, which is good character development.  

26. A Cinderella Story

This early 2000s romantic comedy is perfect for people who liked the “To All the Boys” trilogy. The story revolves around Sam, portrayed by Hilary Duff, who is a high school scholar in California; she resides in the situation in the aftermath of the death of her father. Sam’s stepmother treats her like a nobody, making her work in the family diner and not permitting her to take part in school social activities like Halloween. There is only one way to make out of all this for Sam to go to Princeton only if she can save money, as she is pretty sure that her stepmother has spent all of her father’s savings. 

In “To All the Boys,” Lara wrote letters that were not supposed to go anywhere, Sam has a friend online with whom she shares all she secretes with, but she is unaware of the fact that the guy whom she shares everything is Austin played by Chad Michael Murray who is a very popular guy in the school. Just like Peter, he is also unhappy in his life.

A Cinderella Story

Both of them struggle with their roles, and Peter wants to be with her girlfriend, and everyone thinks he should be with her, but he believes that he wants more, just like Austin. There comes a moment where it is revealed that Sam is Austin’s friend, very similar to the reveal of Kitty, who sent all Lara’s letters. The happy ending and other similarities make it a good watch for the fans of the trilogy.

25. Chemical Hearts

In some heavy moments of life, you just need a movie that allows you to cry. Chemical hearts is one of those movies. It revolves around Henry, played by Austin Abrams, who is a romantic guy and falls for Grace, played by Lili Reinhart, who is the co-editor of the school newspaper. They both come close and even date each other for a while; it is revealed that Grace was in a sad car accident when her last boyfriend died, who she planned to marry. She struggles to move on with her loss; even living with his parents and moving into his bedroom also did not help. 

Chemical Hearts

Just like in Paper towns, the two main characters did not end together in the end. Both of them also avoid each other after falling, and Grace leaves the Newspaper job. At the school ends, both of them move in with their lives without the other, They share a last hug, but it is made clear that they will not get together. Chemical Hearts is a story of the love that is lost, which is not common in these categories of movies. The movie also shows the male working through first love and the negatives that come along with it, just like what Lara struggles with in “To All the Boys” first two movies. 

24. Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

“Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging” is based on Louise Rennison’s two books. It is focused on Georgia, played by Georgia Groom, who is a teen and struggles with her social acceptance in school. She is quirky and has a vast, unique interest which makes her the target of the bully girls from her class. Just like Lara Jean, Sara also never had a boyfriend or kissed before, but she believes everything will change now with a new student, Robbie, played by Aaron Taylor Johnson. But he starts dating another popular girl, but as the movie approaches its end, she and Robbie end up together. 

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

Lara Jean and Georgia have unique families. Lara’s father is a gynecologist who says the wrong things at the wrong time to all of his three daughters; on the other hand, Georgia’s father is just a bit behind schedule. Robbie and Peter are opposites of each other, and both are involved in their hobbies and understand that the popular girl is not right for them. 

23. Everything Everything 

If you loved Lara Jean’s love of books in “To All the Boys,” then “Everything, Everything” might be a suitable watch for you. The film revolves around Maddy, played by Amandla Stenberg, a young girl who has been at home her whole life because of an immune disorder. If she even takes one step out, germs can kill her. She escapes her isolation by reviewing and reading books on her blog. All of it changes when a new family moves in and becomes their neighbor, and she starts texting Olly played by Nick Robinson, who is their son. 


The film Everything, Everything is adapted from Nicola Yoon’s books. Lara Jean and Maddy are two peas from the same pod; both of them have the same interest and are curious to explore the world around them without getting nervous about the exploration. Their love life helps them grow; personally, Olly helps Maddy understands what is actually happening in her life, and Peter helps Lara to explore and spread her wings.

Everything, Everything

Even though Olly goes away, Maddy finds a way to reconnect with him in New York in a bookshop, allowing them to have the happily ever after that they wanted. Both of these movies surround different situations and circumstances; both have themes of acceptance and grief that keeps the narrative forward. 

22. The Perfect Date

Teens who loved “To All the Boys” can see Noah Centino in another sham relationship movie, “The Perfect Date.” Brooks, played by Noah, makes a phone app so that people can book him as a date for events so that he can make some bucks to pay the college fee, but it rapidly turns into a sham relationship that burns quickly. He and his sham girlfriend, Celia, played by Laura Marano, have a big fake breakup just to look respectable in front of their crushes. But it was too late as both of them had already fallen for each other till the breakup happened. 

Peter and Brooks are very similar characters; both are ambitious and share other points of their personality. Brooks is interested in the rich Shelby, played by Camila Mendes, as he thinks he should be with her, as same as Peter was trying to get Gen. Both of the boys realize their mistakes and immediately goes back to the girl they were in a fake relationship with and grow together as a better person and couple. In this movie, there is an application that does the job instead of letters. 

The Perfect Date



21. Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

“To All the Boys: Forever and Always” and “Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between” are the two movies with the same feelings and theme. The movie follows two teenagers, Aidan, played by Jordan Fisher, and Clare, played by Talia Ryder, as they discuss their relationship the night before they leave for their respective colleges at different locations.

They walk down memory lane, from the first time they met to other key memories in their romance. Both of them began dating in the summer under one condition they would break up before college with a final date, but both are having a change of plan now. 

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

It feels like this movie could have been easily about Peter and Lara Jean The third movie of the  “To All the Boys” franchise revolves around them managing to go to different schools and how it will impact their relationship; the couple even broke up for the first time in their senior year. They do not have a final date to make their future decision, but they could have done that and gone on a final date. Clare and Aidan do not have the same ending as Lara Jean and Peter, but their growth might mirror how Lara and Peter managed it in “Forever and Always.”

20. Moon Shot

Well, Noah is not the only actor from “To All the Boys” that was in another streaming romantic comedy movie. Lana Condor stars in the Moonshot, HBO Max project. The story follows two adults that are going to Mars so that they can be with the person they love.

Sophie’s character is played by Condor, and she is an orphan who likes technology; Walt’s character is played by Cole Sprouse, who has applied multiple times to go to mars but has been denied regularly. Sophie uses her inherited money to buy the ticket to Mars so that she can be with her boyfriend Calvin, played by Mason Gooding; on the other hand, Walt sneaks to meet Ginny, played by Emily Rudd, a girl whom he fell for recently. 

Moon Shot

In  “To All the Boys,” Walt and Sophie are trying to be with other people but end up with each other. Walt is reliant on Sophie as he snuck onto the spaceship, and Sophie helps her in hiding. He also lies about his identity, which creates a further mess as scientists get wind of and discuss his work.

19. Say anything

This is a bit of a throwback but Say anything is a good watch for teenagers. Two high school pass outs get together one summer after their senior year but after a lot of difficulties. Diane, played by Ione Skye, is an ace scholar, and Lloyd, played by John Cusak, is a mediocre student.

Her father tries to keep them away, but in the end, the two of them fly together to the United Kingdom. Peter and Lara deal with a different type of father issue, Diane and Lloyd were getting separated by their father, but Peter’s father just wanted to be in his son’s life. Both Diane and Peter have seen, and it ends the relationship with their respective fathers. 

Say Anything

“Say Anything…” has one of the most iconic scenes in romantic comedy movie history, a guy standing outside a girl’s window with a big boombox. There is a high chance that you must have seen this scene or the recreation in any other movie if not in the original one. 

18. Easy A

Easy A

Remember when Lara Jean came to the realization that she had gone too far in her fictitious relationship and actually felt something for Peter? In Easy A, the same thing occurs. Olive (Emma Stone), the protagonist, is a high school student who starts to reinvent herself by feeding rumors that she is promiscuous. The famous book The Scarlet Letter served as the basis for the comedy.

17. The Candy Jar

In Candy Jar, Lona (Sami Gayle) and Bennett (Jacob Latimore), two competing debate club champions, are made to serve as co-presidents of their high school team. But the two teenagers unwittingly fall in love, just like Peter and Lara Jean did after being forced to have a fake relationship. It’s a charming, funny look at how two accomplished people can open up to one another and bring out the best in one another.

Candy Jar

16. Sixteen Candles

This classic movie made this list because it is Lara Jean’s preferred romantic comedy. But as she herself noted in the first To All the Boys I Loved the movie, it hasn’t held up over time (particularly in regard to its homophobia, racism, and doubtful understanding of consent). But this is a good place to start if you want to comprehend some of the vintage romantic comedies that influenced Lara Jean’s outlook on life.

Sixteen Candles

15. The Half Of It

Watch The Half of It if you want something similar to it that is a little less predictable (again, not a criticism!). Your biggest surprises are in store for you with Alice Wu’s teen dramedy. Fans of To All the Boys will recognize the opening: Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis), an outsider and introvert, reluctantly agrees to assist a ditzy jock. Daniel Diemer’s character, Paul Munsky, attempts to court popular and attractive Aster Flores (Alexxis Lemire) by sending her love letters in his name. However, Paul is unaware that Ellie is also obsessed with him with Aster.

The Half of It

Of course, the trick is eventually discovered, causing damaged sentiments and broken hearts to mend. The Half of It, though, ultimately focuses more on Ellie eventually letting herself open up to the world, let folks like Paul and Aster and her incredibly kind dad in, and well, living. It’s a clever and endearing coming-of-age tale that makes good use of clichés from romantic comedies (that last train scene).

14. Clueless

The Jane Austen novel Emma is updated for the 1990s in the movie Clueless. Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), a Beverly Hills girl, concocts plans in the movie to assist others around her in finding love (while just beginning to comprehend it herself). Both Cher and Lara Jean have significant thoughts about love that evolve and improve, despite Cher being considerably more cheerful and gregarious than Lara Jean (all while they banter with wistful guys).


13. Saving Face

Similar to how Lara Jean and Peter were friends before becoming a couple, Vivian, played by Lynn Chen, and Wil, played by Michelle Krusiec from Saving Face, started dating as adults following a fortuitous childhood encounter. Then, as Wil strives to come out as a lesbian to her conservative Chinese parents and freely pursue her engagement, she encounters a series of misadventures. The film serves as both a significant representation of an early LGBTQ+ romantic comedy as well as a universal tale of juggling love and family.

Saving Face

12. 13 Going On 30

While Lara Jean and Peter’s first kiss occurred during a game of spin the bottle, the seven minutes in paradise board game holds significant significance for the future relationship of the central protagonists of 13 Going on 30. Jenna (Jennifer Garner), an unhappy middle schooler, aspires to become 30 after the sport goes wrong, and as a result, she unexpectedly transforms into a grownup overnight. But maturing isn’t always easy, and she eventually discovers love in the most unexpected places.

13 Going on 30

11. Bridgerton

You’re doing it wrong if you’re a devotee of the To All the Boys trilogy and one of them, I’m assuming, very few individuals who have not yet watched Netflix’s Bridgerton. Sure, the highly R-rated melodrama of the ladies and lords of Regency London is a vast cry from the far more chaste happenings of Lara Jean Covey’s romantic life with all the scandal, sex, and The Spoon, but here is the thing: Lara Jean would like Bridgerton.

When Chris, played by Madeleine Arthur, calls her out on her fixation with bodice rippers in the first movie, Lara Jean responds that she “enjoys them for their camp, like, sure, Covey. This is how we know she’s a major romance novel reader.


So, if you asked me to suggest a series for our love with the heroine, I’d say Bridgerton. And who knows, maybe Lara Jean may find the plot of a television show about Daphne Bridgerton, portrayed by Phoebe Dynevor, and the Duke of Hastings, portrayed by Rege Jean Page, forging a deal to pretend to be dating so that each of them can acquire something they need strangely similar when she watches it.

10. Crazy Rich Asians

Despite the fact that To All the Boys and Crazy Rich Asians have recently been enormously popular romantic comedies, Hollywood first attempted to whitewash the primary characters in both films. Fortunately, it didn’t occur, and both were able to significantly increase the amount of Asian representation in the genre. Constance Wu plays Rachel in Crazy Rich Asians, a character who finds it difficult to blend in with her fiancé’s extremely wealthy mom at a Singaporean wedding.

Crazy Rich Asians


9. Never Have I Every

If you read To All the Boys extensively: P.S. If you’re hoping that John Ambrose McClaren (Jordan Fisher) and Lara Jean fall in love, you’re not the only one (justice for John Ambrose!). Try watching Mindy Kaling, and Lang Fisher’s junior high series Never Have I Ever if you enjoy seeing people select between two excellent, worthwhile dating alternatives.

In the show, sophomore Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) aspires to improve her unpopularity by having sex with Paxton Hall-Yoshida, a “rock hottie who can rock [her] all night long” (think a much more pensive Peter Kavinsky, played by Darren Barnet).

Never Have I Ever

She also spends a great deal of time engaging in combat with her arch-enemy Ben Gross, performed by Jaren Lewison and not at all like John Ambrose but still a terrific character. We already know how that ends. Yes, the love triangle is the main attraction of Never Have I Ever but remain for something far more unexpected: The show is at once a razor-sharp teen comedy and an insightful examination of a teen’s grief process.

Like Lara Jean, Devi has also experienced the loss of a parent; this time, it was her adored father, and boy, is she angry. The sincere, complex mother-daughter relationship at the series’ core, which is represented by both Devi and her mother, Nalini, played by Poorna Jagannathan, is what made this show one of the finest of 2020. The junior high love triangle is fantastic.

8. When Harry Met Sally

I imagine Lara Jean will force Peter to view When Harry Met Sally via Videoconferencing at least once while she is pursuing her dream in New York City. The classic romantic comedy focuses on best friends Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan), who address the issue of whether a man and a woman can be mates without having sex. That idea is obviously obsolete, but the film’s humorous script and emotional portrayals of how relationships can develop and change over time make it a classic.

When Harry Met Sally

7. The Edge Of Seventeen

Although Lara Jean was the star of a whole trilogy of romantic comedies, she frequently follows her own path and struggles to fit in with the other students at her high school. While the main character of The Edge of the Seventeen, Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld), deals with a similar circumstance, her dramatic high school life is upended when her popular older brother, Blake Jenner, begins seeing her closest friend (Haley Lu Richardson). Lara Jean and Nadine experienced parent bereavement, a battle to understand their adolescent years, and unexpectedly falling in love.

The Edge of Seventeen

6. Love and Basketball

Lara Jean had intended to go to Stanford with Peter, who was accepted there on a lacrosse scholarship, as To All the Boys: Always and Forever. But eventually, their aspirations for the better are irrevocably dashed. In the 2000 romantic comedy Love & Basketball, a young couple’s aspirations to play sports together ultimately put their love to the test. The movie focuses on Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy (Omar Epps), two ambitious professional basketball athletes who were childhood friends. Their budding romance has highs and lows both on and off the court.

Love and Basketball

5. Pride and Prejudice

The fact that Lara Jean spends the majority of the third film reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is sufficient justification for viewing the acclaimed 2005 film adaptation. The fact that Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen) and Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) doggedly dance around their affections for one another in Austen stories—which are essentially the first romantic comedies that never get old. Every era has had its share of steamy romantic drama that people enjoy watching.

Pride and Prejudice

4. Dumplin’

In all the top teen romantic comedies, the protagonist discovers love for both oneself and their love interest. That is undoubtedly the case in the Netflix film Dumplin’, in which the young Texas woman Willowdean Dickson played by Danielle Macdonald, transforms the small-town pageant that her mother, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, had won. By doing so, it also conveys a unique love tale involving a mother and a daughter.


3. Sylvie’s Love

This is another suggestion made specifically for Lara Jean Covey. The female lead in the final TATBILB movie falls in love with New York City, truly rocks an old Hollywood glitz appearance at the Belleview Star Ball, and adores romance. You’ll love Sylvie’s Love, a beautiful, classic romance film featuring Tessa Thompson and Nnamdi Asomugha that debuted in late 2020, if you’re anything like Lara Jean. The story is set in the 1950s and 1960s in New York as aspiring TV producer Sylvie (Thompson), and saxophone Bobby (Asomugha) fall in love.

Sylvie’s Love

They don’t cross paths again for years until they attempt to reignite their relationship in the face of some, hmm, issues. Time and circumstance are, objectively speaking, some of the worst things that could have happened. The story is a sweet, uncomplicated one that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is beautifully shot and has excellent vintage costumes and production design. What else could you possibly ask for in a relationship?

2. Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits is directed by Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. They portray fast friends in the romantic comedy whose casual friendship quickly turns complex once they start getting close. Both couples are put to the test as their friendship develops into something more, despite the fact that all these people are much more senior than Lara Jean and Peter. Friends with Benefits is a good time killer and a casual flick to watch on weekends; you should definitely consider watching it as it has comedy and depth about a casual relationship and how the characters handle it.

1. Set It Up

By the moment Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky are drafting their dating agreement contract, you already know they’re going to fall in love if you’ve seen even two romantic movies. Basically, it’s romantic comedy flick law: You establish a deal or a plan with someone who shares your sexual predilection, and you know you’ll end up falling in love. In the movie To All the Boys, Lara Jean and Peter make a fictitious dating arrangement.

It’s been done before, and it will be done again on this list! In the Netflix romantic comedy Set It Up, Harper played by Zoey Dutch, and Charlie played by Glen Powell, our unwitting lovebirds, find themselves in a more Parent Trap-style situation.

Set It Up

The two assistants arrange schedules, settings, and Yankee Stadium kiss cams to make Kirsten (Liu) and Rick (Diggs) fall in love with each other in order to get their domineering employers (delightfully represented by Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs) off their backs, so they can really have lives.

It really doesn’t take long for anyone to recognize that Harper and Charlie are the real ideal match. Like To All the Boys, this doesn’t really matter where this is all headed because the journey there is enjoyable and pleasant, and you’re traveling with possible connections who have excellent chemistry. If you enjoy romantic comedies, as I assume anyone who enjoys the To All the Boys films does.

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