How Old Is Ami From Family Reunion In Real Life?

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Ami From Family Reunion

Want to know how old Ami from Family Reunion is in real life? It feels cute to know that the actress portraying the character of Ami McKellan is considered to be the youngest cast member of the show. Despite that, she is doing a great job. Her acting performances at this age are undeniable. Jordyn Raya James is Ami McKellan in real life.

Well, Family Reunion is not her first project. Born in Upland, California, Jordyn entered the entertainment industry when she was 18 months old. Sounds insane? This was how she had been crazy about acting since her childhood days. It was in 2014 when she made her debut in Bet on Your Baby Season 2. That aired on ABC. This is not the end.

Jordyn is believed to be a multi-talented girl, also excelling in playing piano. Also, this child actress can dance well and is interested in art and music. There are several other co-curriculum activities in which Jordyn enjoys involving herself. Proceeding further, we will learn more about her. Being the youngest cast member of Family Reunion, as mentioned already, she is loved by everyone on the set.

Jordyn Raya James is considered one of the rising sensations in this industry. She is a threat to many other actresses of her age. If you are looking for what Ami’s age is in real life, here are your answers. 

How Old Is Ami From Family Reunion In Real Life
Jordyn Raya James portrayed Ami McKellan in Family Reunion

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How Old Is Ami From Family Reunion In Real Life?

Jordyn Raya James, aka Ami McKellan in Family Reunion, is 12 years old. Yes, you are right. She was born on 22 October 2010. It’s just been a few days since she celebrated her 12th birthday with her family and friends. She is such a lovely girl! Despite being so popular, Jordyn is a very down-to-earth kind of person and is believed to achieve more success in the future.

More About Jordyn Raya James

Some of Jordyn Raya James’ other acting credits include- Kids React, People vs. Food, and Try not to Smile or Laugh. The actress has also appeared in the commercials for Disney Aqua Beads. What are her other talents? At this age only, she is very good at gymnastics and swimming. It seems like she is also much interested in sports activities. 

Talking more about her, you will be surprised to know that Jordyn Rayes James is reported to have a diverse ethnicity – African-American. Korean and Caucasian. She appears to be very close with his family and loves traveling with them while posting pictures on social media. Jordyn is fond of getting clicked and enjoys posing for the same. Briefly, she is a cheerful person. 

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How Old Is Ami From Family Reunion In Real Life?
Jordyn Raya James

Meet Ami McKellan From Family Reunion

In the Netflix series, Jordyn is known as Amelia Nicole McKellan. She is one of the children of Cocoa McKellan and Moz McKellan. Being the youngest of all, she is loved by each of her family. Her siblings include- Jade, Mazzi, Shaka, and Baby McKellan.  

You will be surprised to know that Jordyn Raya James is very popular on social media. To be more precise, she has garnered more than 122K followers on her Instagram account. You may follow her to know about her whereabouts and updates on her work life. She is very active. 

Best Wishes to Jordyn Raya James for the upcoming days of her life. It’s just the beginning. She has a lot to explore and prove to the people. We are eagerly waiting to see her in more projects. Sending blessings to the cutie! Created by Meg DeLoatch, Family Reunion Part 5 dropped on Netflix very recently, on 27 October 2022. Make sure to watch it if you haven’t already. 

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