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How Old is Kim Tate in Emmerdale in Real Life? Who is ‘She’?

Kim Tate in Emmerdale
Kim Tate in Emmerdale

Claire King as Kim Tate in Emmerdale is a sensation nowadays because of her character and her comeback in the show. She was part of the show around two decades ago, but now she made a special comeback in the show Emmerdale. Thus, her fans are wondering what could be the age of Kim Tate in Emmerdale in Real Life? Is she just in her 50s, or is she very old as compared to other characters? But before knowing her age, let’s have a look at her early life to know her better.

Right now, Claire King is an American actress, but once, she did a lot for her survival in this world. She was born in Bradford, United Kingdom, and grew up in Harrogate. Also, she has siblings, so they grew with her, and as they were growing, they learned how to do hard work for themselves. Claire King went to a lady’s college named Harrogate Ladies College. This Emmerdale actress was never a delicate and soft woman. Rather she was a punk. As a result, she chose a career in the music band where she was a disc jockey. She was one of the cores of a Leeds Nightclub.

Further, claire enjoyed her work so much that she steadily became a lead singer for a band. She was managing her disc jockey job and a role in a band named Fidei (a pop group). She continued as a singer for years, but her fate pulled her into television and after that in Emmerdale. Now, to know about Claire King, aka Kim Tate in Emmerdale, you need to read on.

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How Old is Kim Tate in Emmerdale in Real Life?

Claire King, the gorgeous lady, and an amazing television star, was born on 10th January 1962. Hence, she is 59 years right now in 2021. So, she has been in the industry for years. In 1987, she was a part of “Eat the Rich,” then later she left the show. In 1988, she was part of “Wish me Luck,” and within a year, she left it too. Furthermore, in 1989, “Cold Light of Day” she had a part as a prostitute. After these roles, she joined Emmerdale and didn’t leave the show for years. She was doing a role named Kim Tate. So, Kim Tate in Emmerdale did her best in the show.

Kim Tate in Emmerdale

Claire King as Kim Tate

Then, she left the show in 1999 and joined “Babes in the wood”. Again she left the show within a year and joined “Bad girls” in 2000. Also, with this show, she worked with many other shows within two decades. But again joined “Emmerdale” in 2018, and she is still working with it. Therefore, it can be said that she is a very experienced actress, but because of her particular reasons, she was leaving most of her shows in mid. She raised a net worth of $11 million, but she says that she had to lose all her money because of her careless husband.

Is Claire About to Leave Emmerdale?

Claire King has joined Emmerdale again after two decades as a retirement job. So yes, she was about to retire from her career, and she was planning to chill out now. However, she says that things have changed, and her career wants more from her. Her role as Kim Tate in Emmerdale faked her death in the show recently, so people got confused that maybe she was about to leave. But as Kim Tate is the center of the show, therefore, she wants to live in the show for some more time. Hence, she isn’t leaving the show, and she will continue for some more time.

Kim Tate in Emmerdale

Claire King

Claire also elaborated on how sexism and ageism are going on in the industry, and because of which she has a different opinion on it. She says that she is facing ageism and had grown up facing sexism, and not only she but every actor has to give an audition in hotel rooms rather than an office or studio. However, she just leaves such situations as she cannot put her dignity at stake for a role in some series. She adds that Emmerdale is different, and the makers here are way professional. As a result, Claire King stayed in the show for a few years.

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