When Did Fran and Maxwell Start Dating?

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The Nanny

Fran and Maxwell are two lead characters in an American TV sitcom name The Nanny. The show was released on CBC in the year 1993, and it went on till 1998. The total show consists of 6 seasons with 130+ episodes. The Nanny was created and produced by Drescher and her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson. The inspiration behind the show was Jacobson’s life while growing up in Queens. Names used in the series are also taken from real persons like his friends and family members.

The main casts of the show were Fran Fine, Maxwell Sheffield, Maggie Sheffield, Niles, Grace Sheffield, C.C. Babcock, and Brighton Sheffield. The show was nominated for 12 awards, of which it won the Rose d’Or and one Emmy Award. Along with that, the producer of the show was also nominated for the Golden Globe Awards.

Now coming to the topic of the article, it was obvious with the series progression that Maxwell is hooked on Fran and the same way Fran was also hooked on him. But do you know when they started dating? If not, then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to share the whole story behind Fran and Maxwell’s closeness and when they started dating each other. 

When Did Fran and Maxwell Start Dating?

To talk about their dating life, let us start from the beginning of Season 1. In episode 18 of Season 1, Fran and Maxwell share their first kiss. Later in episode 24, practicing ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Maxwell went a little swept away with his role and ended up kissing Fran violently. Later in Season 2, it is seen Fran’s new romantic interest made Maxwell a bit jealous. In the same season, it had seen that Fran and Maxwell kiss each other just to prove that she can win a kissing competition. Later Fran confronted Maxwell that she is happy to be able to kiss him again. 

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The Nanny
Fran and Maxwell

In season 3, their romantic appearance has been seen getting more complicated. In this season, Fran and Maxwell confront that they both have some feelings for each other. While going through tough times, Max tried his best to help Fran to his best. After sharing a romantic moment, Fran and Max also kissed. In season 3, when Maxwell’s mother came to visit his house, he tried his best to spleen his mother. He even proposed to Fran, but later, he cleared that he had done all that because of his feud with his mother.

Well finally proposed to her. In this episode, there were numerous jokes by the other character of the show, which implied Fran and Maxwell having sex with each other, whereas the reality was completely different. In real Fran gave a foot massage to Maxwell. 

But these romantic moments were short-lived when Maxwell caught Fran kissing Brighton’s french teacher. Maxwell gets more confused when Fren announces her engagement, but later she agrees on it is all fake. Later Maxwell finds out Philippe kissed C.C., and he announced that to Fran. When Philippe denied the fact that he was kissing, Maxwell took benefit of the scene and dipped Fran into another kiss. They kept going until C.C. confirmed that they had “made their point”.

Fran and Maxwell Baby
Fran and Maxwell’s Baby

Later, Maxwell took Fran to dinner to make her better. In episode 26, Maxwell and Fran got stuck in an airplane that was taking them the Paris. Then the plane hit scary turbulence, where Maxwell thought he was about to die and told Fran he loved her. There they again share a passionate kiss.

These loving relationships keep on until the end of Season 5 when Maxwell finally proposes to Fran for their marriage. In the season finale, they give birth to brotherly twins Jonah and Eve. 

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