How To Watch Bad Sisters Season 1? Streaming Guide

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How To Watch Bad Sisters Season 1
A Guide On How To Watch Bad Sisters Season 1? Cr: Otakukart

A new comedy thriller Bad Sisters released last week on 19th August 2022. Originally titled Emerald, Bad Sisters is an Irish dark comedy thriller series created by Sharon Horgan. Set between London and Dublin, the series was filmed in Ireland. Additionally, this series stars Sharon Horgan in one of the lead roles. She will be playing Eva Garvey, one of the sisters in the show.

The roles of other sisters in the show will be played by Anne-Marie Duff, seen as Grace Williams, Eva Birthistle, seen as Ursula Flynn, Sarah Greene, seen as Bibi Garvey, and Eve Hewson, seen as Becka Garvey. The show also stars Claes Bang as John Paul Williams, Brian Gleeson as Thomas Claffin, and Daryl McCormack as Matthew Claffin. Saise Quinn will be playing the role of Blánaid Williams, Grace’s daughter.

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What Is The Show Bad Sisters About?

The show Bad Sisters revolves around five Garvey sisters who were orphaned early and have sworn to protect each other no matter what happens. However, this is tested when Grace’s husband gets murdered. The five sisters- Grace, Ursula, Bibi, Becka, and Eva are totally different from each other, yet they always come through when somebody needs them. Eva is the oldest sister and also the “mother” of the group. After their parents died, she took up the role of looking after her younger sisters. Ursula is a nurse, a mother of three, and a photographer who also has an affair with her photography teacher. Becka, the baby of the Garvey family, is an aimless and fun-loving girl. She is trying to launch her own massage studio to prove herself.

How To Watch Bad Sisters Season 1
A Guide On How To Watch Bad Sisters Season 1? Cr: Otakukart

Bibi, the second youngest girl, is uncompromising and lives with her lovely wife Nora and son Ruben. Lastly, Grace, a widow now, is a caring and mild-mannered person. She was a housewife and mother to her daughter Blánaid. She married John Paul, a man who is a controlling, coercive, and violent man eroding Grace’s spirit. His problematic behavior doesn’t stop there. He is also controlling their daughter by policing her diet, her social life, and her monthly allowance. Apart from that, he has been unkind to Grace’s sisters too. He humiliates Eva by talking about her infertility publicly, snaps at Ursula’s son, and blackmails her over her affair. He tried to sabotage Eva’s promotion and even financially ruined Becka. To conclude, he is not a good man, and he has given everybody around him enough reasons to kill him.

In the trailer, it’s revealed that John believes someone is trying to kill him. The sisters, after their traditional Christmas family swim, are seen talking about their fantasies about how to get rid of this man who has made everybody miserable. Obviously, Grace wasn’t allowed to attend this event since her husband didn’t allow her.

Nobody knows who killed John, but he’s dead and buried. Nervy insurance broker Thomas Claffin and his half-brother Matt grow suspicious and look into this case on their own. But, they are also doing this to avoid paying a hefty life insurance policy that could bankrupt their firm.

The big question looms: Who killed John? Who killed that man? Or should we say “that monster”?

How To Watch Bad Sisters Season 1
A Guide On How To Watch Bad Sisters Season 1? Cr: Otakukart

When Does The Show Bad Sisters Release?

The thriller series Bad Sisters is a new show that is currently airing its first season. The first season will feature ten episodes. The first episode titled “The Prick” and the second episode titled “Explode A Man” was released on 19th August 2022. The third episode will be airing on 26th August 2022, Friday at 12 am PT. The release dates of the next episodes are 2 September, 9 September, 16 September, 23 September, 30 September, 7 October, and 14 October 2022.

Where To Watch Bad Sisters?

The show is available on Apple TV+. The Apple TV+ subscribers may watch the show when it airs every week on Friday.  

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