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Esaret Episode 62: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Orhun and Hira

After a few weeks of delay, finally, the release date of Esaret Episode 62 is out! For those who missed some of the previous episodes, here, we will provide you with a recap of the previous episodes for you to catch up on what is currently going on in the series. This post will also provide the release date and the streaming guide for the upcoming episode of the series as well. Keep reading!

The Turkish drama, Esaret, also known as “Redemption,” directed by Ayhan Özen and Serkan Mut, made its debut on November 21, 2022. Since its broadcast, the series has seen a consistent rise in viewership. The audiences are loving the interactions, tension, and chemistry between the main leads – Cenk Torun (portrays Orhun) and Mahassine Merabet (portrays Hira).

The narrative of Esaret is a complicated blend of revenge, love, and drama. The story follows Orhun, who is a rich businessman. In his family, there are his twin sisters, Nihan and Nursah, and their mother, Afife. The story starts when Nihan goes to Eritrea for volunteer work but later goes missing. As a result, Orhun goes to Eritrea to look for her, when he crosses paths with Hira. Hira is a poor girl who is also a victim of human trafficking.



However, Orhun finds Nihan and brings her back home. After some time, Nihan gets poisoned and killed by a local gang. When it is revealed that Hira was the one who poisoned her on the gang’s order, Orhun plans to take revenge on her by pretending to rescue her and bring her to his home and make her life hell. But life has something else planned for the couple.

Things become complex when Orhun’s mother admits to her children that she has been lying about their father’s death. To make her repent for her mistake, Orhun reveals to her mother, who despises people who have lower status and is fixated on the concept of “pure blood,” that he plans to marry Hira.

Therefore, due to the complex yet intriguing plot, audiences are excited to see how the story unfolds.

Hira and Orhun

Esaret: Hira and Orhun

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Esaret Recap

In the last few episodes, we have seen that Orhun and Hira have started growing closer to each other and are trying to get to know each other more. Orhun is trying to find out about Hira’s past through Hira’s childhood photo as he wants to reunite Hira with her family. He looks in the neighborhood of Hira’s childhood house but does not find anything.

In the meantime, Hira doubts whether Maryem is her own sister as they have a lot in common. On the other hand, Orhun is also seen struggling to confess all the truth to Hira about the murderer of Nihan and Hira’s innocence.

We also see Afife’s growing concern about Orhun and Hira’s closeness. Afife tries to drug pregnant Hira, as she is scared to have a grandchild from such a low-class woman. When Hira gets sick due to the drugs, Orhun gets worried and takes her to the hospital. From the reports, he figures out about the drugs and blames his mother for Hira’s condition.


Esaret: Afife

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Esaret Episode 62 Release Date

Esaret Episode 62 will be released on March 6, 2023, at 7 pm in Turkey. Each episode of the Turkish drama is around 1 hour long. For the international audience, the time schedule is given below:

  • Indian Standard Time: 9:30 pm
  • British Standard Time: 5:00 pm
  • Pakistan Standard Time: 9:00 pm
  • Time in Spain: 5:00 pm
  • Time in France: 5:00 pm
  • Dhaka Standard Time: 10:00 pm.

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Esaret Episode 62 Streaming Guide

Esaret episode 62 will be airing on the Turkish television channel, Kanal 7. You can also watch the episodes of the Turkish drama on their official YouTube channel, Redemption. Episodes are released a day later to broadcast in Turkey. However, subtitles are not available for the episodes as the producers of the drama have not collaborated with any global streaming platform.

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