Infinite Level Up in Murim Chapter 139: Release Date & Where to Read!

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infinite level up in murim yuseong dan
infinite level up in murim yuseong dan

When Yuseong Dan, the protagonist of this story, was killed on the battlefield with no glory to his name and nobody who would remember his name and his sacrifices, he was suddenly given a new opportunity to grow stronger through the strange levelling-up system. But he must face many challenges with every quest so he can level up and become stronger.

Yuseong Dan was always used by his higher-ups to fight the powerful enemies that they couldn’t escape and knew Yuseong could so when a new stronger enemy attacked their country and they all fell under war, the higher-ups sent Yuseong to the battlefield. But all that happened was his dying and terrible death with all his hard work down the drain.

But when something unusual like a screen popping up on his screen talking about a world where one can advance based on the hard work and mission you accomplish? He was immediately reincarnated to this world called Murim Online. It looks like a second chance for him to showcase his full potential.

Today, we will be talking all about the upcoming chapter of Infinite Level Up in Murim, chapter 139. We will provide you with every information needed from the release date to where you can watch it.

infinite level up in murim
infinite level up in murim

Infinite Level up in Murim: Statistics

  • Author: Gonbung
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Alternative Title: Infinite Leveling: Murim
  • Illustrator: Jinwoo Kim
  • Publisher: Naver Series
  • Rating: 6/10

Infinite Level up in Murim: Main Character

Yuseong Dan: He is the protagonist of the story Infinite Level up in Murim. Despite him being slightly foolish at times, he is still a very knowledgeable person with many ticks up his sleeves. He uses his past knowledge and combines it with his current one as he tries to discover many secrets and tries to move forward rather than just relying on going with the flow.

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Infinite Level up in Murim Chapter 138: Recap

Chapter 138 of Infinite Level up in Murim is titled “Chronicles of the Voyage (3)” and is chapter number nine in the second season. It started with Yuseong Dan fighting Tanaka Nikimura level 34 and winning the fight which made Tanaka shocked as there was a difference in their skills and Yuseong’s weapon, three-section scythe, three-section spear, three-section cudgel and three-section staff.

But when Yoshiki, level 54 came in demanding Nikimura to get up and defend their lord’s honour, Yuseong spoke up talking about how there is no honour for someone who kills his own civilians and allies. He says how pirates can never have any honour.

There are talks between Nikimura, who honours and follows his lord Konishi Naoshige Daimyo, and Yuseong, who thinks otherwise. Yuseong speaks about how innocent people die in war and how preaching about a unifying world when all they go is hurt others while they live comfortably.

Soon, Yuseong jumps onto their ship and starts fighting and causing havoc on their ship.

The episode ends with Yuseong questioning if he can beat the level difference of nine and he concludes by saying he can as his ‘best friend’ is there with him.

Infinite Level Up in Murim Chapter 139: Release Date

This intriguing manhwa series, Infinite Level up in Murim is a weekly issue with updates published every Friday. Currently, there is no updates about a hiatus from the writer’s side so it is safe to say that you can read along to this amazing action-packed manga.

Infinite Level Up in Murim Chapter 139 will be updated this Friday, March 3rd, 2023.

Infinite Level up in Murim: Where to Read

The official website with the rights to publish chapters of Infinite Level up in Murim is Naver Webtoons where you can read all the chapters up to 138 on the official website. But it would help if you remembered that they are a Korean firm that publishes the manhwas in Korean.

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Though if you want to read this Manhwa in English you can check out Line Webtoons where you can read this but only up to chapter 111 as here the update is a bit slower and will take time to reach episode 139.

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