How Much Does Zendaya Make Per Episode Of Euphoria? Report

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Euphoria Zendaya
Euphoria Zendaya

Ever since Zendaya was seen in the series named Euphoria, the viewers and Zendaya’s fans have been mulling over their favorite star. There is a general curiosity among fans about Zendaya’s role in Euphoria, her net worth, and how much she is getting paid in this role.

The answers to these questions might not be perfectly available, but we have still tried to get a scoop on the truth from various sources and her own social media platforms. Zendaya has become a fan favorite, and not without reason. She has worked hard over the past few years to establish herself in this industry.

Her acting caliber and talents have made her the admired star that she is today. After trying a variety of roles and after getting featured in music videos too, Zendaya has moved from there and has now taken up the role of an executive producer for this show

It is even more exciting to see Zendaya all dolled up in her character costume whilst also serving as a producer for Euphoria. The premise of this show is truly unique, but the main idea is quite relatable. It is about finding one’s own identity in a crowd of people and the journey that starts from there to total self-consciousness.


Euphoria, What Is It About?

The series has been running since 2019 and has been awarded exceptional praise as well as accolades. The one more important aspect of this series and about Zendaya is that Zendaya has served in a dual capacity whilst making this series. What this means is that she is liable to be paid her due as an actor for the series and also in her capacity as an executive producer.

With this unique combination of sorts, it is not difficult to guess that Zendaya must be making quite a few bucks while working on
Euphoria. How much is that? The answer lies ahead. However, it has been reported by those closest to her that she is one of the highest-paid actors in the show.

This extraordinary leap is what has made this matter a trending news piece. Her earnings for this series are going to be extremely high as it is, and for one of the first times in the entertainment industry, there has been a sort of pay parity between female and male actors. This is also an important step towards bridging the gap and striving toward equality.

Before trying to understand how much Zendaya makes for Euphoria, let us try to unravel Zendaya’s role in Euphoria and what it entails. In the series, Zendaya plays the role of a young and impressionable teenage girl called Rue Bennett, who has it quite rough in life.

She experiences a lot of trauma and emotional stress in life due to issues such as drug abuse and substance use. This leads to a lot of twists and turns in her life, and her journey toward self-exploration begins. Zendaya lends her voice as the lead narrator in this series.

Zendaya in Euphoria
Zendaya in Euphoria

How Much Does Zendaya Make Per Episode For Euphoria?

For her role in Euphoria, Zendaya is said to have demanded a sum of 1 million US Dollars. This is the newest reported amount for season three of Euphoria. The earning of such a massive salary is indeed a proud moment for Zendaya herself and for others actors in the industry too who are trying to achieve respectable pay standards. 

Zendaya is said to be the highest earner in the entire show cast. No other actor makes as much as Zendaya is making on Euphoria. No wonder she is an extremely gifted actress, and she deserves this salary for her work and her role in Euphoria.

This series has become one of the unique ones with a new and modern story that actually tries to understand the mind of an individual. It has all the tropes that concern a teenager, right from grief and trauma to finding one’s place in the world and society. Zendaya has done a stunning job in Euphoria, and this certainly justifies her high salary of approximately 1 million US Dollars.

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