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One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Date: Bonney Accesses Kuma’s Memories!

One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Date Details

The release date for One Piece Chapter 1073 has been scheduled and according to the January scheduling of the weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, we will be getting One Piece Chapter 1073 this month without any break. One Piece Chapter 1073 will continue to expand on the chaos at Egghead Island.

Ever since this arc started, we have been getting news of new things one after another. While they do reveal mysteries of the earlier One Piece series, they bring new mysteries with them as well. One of the main focuses of this arc is on Bonney who wants to know why did Vegapunk turn her father into an emotionless machine.

One Piece Chapter 1073 might finally reveal that as we saw that  Bonney has gained access to her father’s memories while asking Vegapunk about what he had done to her father. In addition to Bonney getting close to the truth of her father being turned into an emotionless machine, we also have Stussy, the member of CP0 to be something else than we thought.

It was revealed in the latest chapter of One Piece that Stussy is a clone of Buckingham Stussy who was a member of the Rock Pirates and is currently the mother of Weevil. Many theories are rising ever since this was revealed and fans are excited for the new chapter to come. So, let us talk about the upcoming chapter in detail.

This post will be providing you with all there is to know such as the exact release date of One Piece Chapter 1073 to when the spoilers for the chapter will be available as well as the raw scans including where you will be able to read the chapter once it is out for free. With that being said, let’s dive into all of those details after we take a quick recap of the latest chapter of the series.

One Piece Chapter 1072 – Recap

One Piece Chapter 1072 was an informative chapter rather than an action-packed one. We saw them insisting on knowing what had Vegapunk done to her father. The latter was also intent on not telling what had been done with Kuma as he has promised Kuma that he won’t ever tell Bonney.

One Piece Chapter 1073 Expectations


After a few chases and even turning Vegapunk into a child, Bonney finds a room that presumably contains the memories of Kuma. Vegapunk refers to it as a “Pain” and if Bonney touches it, she will end up dead. However, Bonney says that she knows her father and it is her father’s memories rather than Pain.

A flashback during this particular scene shows that Vegapunk had asked Kuma’s help in measuring the weight of the memories. Meanwhile, on the outside of the lab phase, the Seraphims are under the CP0’s control thus Lilith and Edison go out to take the control of them as they have higher control authority.

Zoro and Kaku continue to fight and the latter uses the awakened devil’s fruit ability. Seraphim on the orders of Lucci starts destroying the Lab until Stussy suddenly bites Kaku and he falls asleep. Stussy asks Lucci to fall asleep as well as it is revealed that she is a clone of Buckingham Stussy who is a former member of the Rocks Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Date

As previously mentioned, since there is no break announced for next week, One Piece Chapter 1073 is going to be released on Monday, January 30th, 2023 at 00:00 hrs Japanese Standard Timing. Since the timing will vary in different regions, most of us will get the chapter on Sunday 29th January.

The initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1073 will start emerging a week before the chapter’s official release and the full summary and the raw scans for the chapter will be made available by 2-3 days before the official release. We will surely have articles on both topics.

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1073?

Much like most of the new chapters of the Weekly Shonen Jump series, One Piece Chapter 1073 will be made available on Viz Media and Manga Plus for free once it is released. Including One Piece Chapter 1073, we will have two more latest chapters to read for free on the aforementioned platforms.

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