Where Is Significant Other Filmed? All Filming Locations & Photos

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Significant Other:
Significant Other: Filming Locations

The Genre of Sci-fi has been on the rise for a very long time now. Hollywood has been one of the biggest cinema industries in the world to promote the production of Sci-fi movies by setting global standards. A lot of successful Science fiction movies have been brought to this world by Hollywood.

From the thrilling Alien film series to Star Trek, From the fan-loved Matrix to Star Wars, Hollywood has been the hub of popular science fiction films, and a movie called “Significant Other” has captured a prominent place in that list.

Released in the year 2022, Significant Other is one of the most recent sci-fi movies to achieve a considerable amount of fame and fortune. A lot of fans loved the concept of the film, which was pretty unique and interesting.

It has a storyline that did a very good job of captivating the attention of a lot of audiences who love watching science-fiction movies. With a ton of twists and turns, Significant Other has succeeded in becoming one of the latest remembered Science fiction films of Hollywood.

Even after having a total runtime of nearly an hour and a half minutes, Significant Other has done a really good job at delivering the feel of thrill and excitement to its fans through proper execution.

The film has received a composition of good and average reviews from the audience, but it did manage to yield a considerable amount of profit. The rights to air the film, Significant Other were bought by the famous streaming platform named Paramount+ of America. 

Directed by American directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, Significant Other takes its audience on a thrilling ride that majorly deals with moments of thrill. The majority of the story takes place in the wilderness, and the main characters struggle to survive and escape from the extraterrestrial forces, who are revealed as a serious threat to humanity as the story nears its climax.

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The movie is worth checking out if you are in for a short movie belonging to the sci-fi genre. Read along and find out more about the plot of Significant Other. 

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The Plot of Significant Other

The story of Significant Other starts with an extraterrestrial object falling from the sky and hitting an area present amid a deep forest. The next day, a couple visits the forest as a part of their trekking.

Their names are Harry and Ruth, and they have been in a relationship for a pretty long time now. The boyfriend has decided to propose to his girlfriend Ruth during this trek in a cinematic manner. He chooses a beautiful location and proceeds with his marriage proposal. But Ruth rejects his offer out of anxiety.

Significant Other Filming Locations
Ruth from Significant Other (2022)

The couple soon decides to put their sour moments behind them and continue exploring the forest. They come across anomalies throughout the forest, and their exploration is interrupted by an alien force from outer space. The aliens have a special power that can copy the appearance of existing human beings.

Will the couple escape the forest with their true partner, or will they get caught in the grave danger of the extraterrestrials is something for the viewers to explore. Read along and find out the filming locations of the movie, Significant Other.

Significant Other: Filming Locations 

Significant Other: Filming Location
Silver Falls State Park, Oregon.

The film, Significant Other has a lot of scenes that were taken in forests. The film has shots that are totally filled with a lot of locations that are infused with nature. From forests to lakes and rivers, Significant Other has a ton of locations with a beautiful ambiance, showcasing the gorgeousness of wildlife and nature.

The filming crew has chosen the perfect spot, which has successfully met all the requirements which are required for a film that has forest regions as its domain region. The filming of Significant Other took place in the US State of Oregon.

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Significant Other: Filming Location
Eagle Creek, Oregon/ Credits: Andy on The Mountain (Youtube)

Oregon has a large number of beautiful locations which shouts the wonders of nature. Some of the key locations of the state, like Silver Falls State Park, Cornelius, Nehalem, and Silverton, belonging to the state of Oregon, appear in the film.

Even regions like Cloverdale, Estacada, Sublimity, and Sandy appear in some shots of the film. Eagle Creek, present within the state of Oregon, is also an important location that appears in the film, Significant Other. 

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