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Star Trek: Discovery Filming Locations & Sets

Star Trek: Discovery filming locations
Star Trek: Discovery Credits: CBS

There are a lot of science fiction movies out there in this modern world filled with space lovers. The genre stands out when compared to other movie and show genres. A lot of movie franchises belonging to this genre have seen huge success worldwide, especially in the United States of America. Classic science fiction movies and TV Shows have gained a lot of fan support all across the globe.

The movie franchise known to us as Star Trek belongs to that list of successful science fiction movie franchises. Owning its very own fan community with a lot of active members, Star Trek proves to be one of the most powerful science fiction movie franchises in existence.

From the very start, Star Trek has been one of the centers of attraction for a very long time now. The franchise includes a lot of movie parts with legendary characters, including interesting storylines. The franchise owns a lot of quality entertainment in the form of TV Shows, movies, and series as well. It has all the fun and intensity a science-fiction lover could expect.

The media franchise of Star Trek owns a total of 12 Television series with a ton of amazingly fun-filled and action-packed episodes. The original series started to go public in the year of 1966, and the latest series, named Strange New Worlds, was released in the year of 2022.

This makes Star Trek one of the oldest media franchises based in America. It is, in fact, one of the oldest in the entire world. Star Trek has a total of nearly 900 episodes with a runtime of nearly an hour each. One of the finest ones belonging to the list of Star Trek Television series is known to the fans as Star Trek: Discovery. This television series belonging to the fan-loved media franchise started to air in the year of 2017.

The series has released a total of 4 seasons, including 55 episodes to date. It is still releasing new episodes at regular intervals every now and then. Owned by the CBS network in association with Paramount+, Star Trek: Discovery was once the most-watched science fiction series belonging to the list of Star Trek Classics.

Star Trek: Discovery filming locations

Captain Pike in Star Trek: Discovery

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The Plot of Star Trek: Discovery

The story of Star Trek: Discovery revolves around the founding periods of the media franchise. The timeline of the series is way before the Star Trek Universe was formed. The fan-loved character of the franchise named, Michael Burnham, takes the lead by starting a war between two powerful sides, the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets.

She is then punished for declaring a doomsday for these sides and is reassigned to a new position in the USS Discovery unit. From thereon, Michael Burnham embarks on new adventures, ranking up and making her way to the top. She gets a lot of connections throughout the entire storyline, solving a lot of messy events in space and resolving unsolvable conflicts between extraterrestrial beings.

The 5th season of Star Trek: Discovery is yet to be announced, but there is speculation going on that it will likely be released in the early months of the year 2024. From concepts of time travel to pure action, Star Trek delivers a lot of content to its fans. 

Filming locations of Star Trek: Discovery

Die-hard fans of the Star Trek media franchise love a lot of things about it. But one of the most common reasons for them to fall in love with the franchise is the visuals. Visuals of every single TV Show, series, and movie belonging to the Star Trek franchise have amazing visuals in common, which has been a winning factor that has attracted a lot of fans.

Now, science fiction movies need a lot of good landscapes and CGIs to be successful, and Star Trek: Discovery has assured success by choosing one of the finest filming locations. The creators of the series started to film in locations belonging to the regions of Toronto, Canada.

To be more specific, Star Trek: Discovery’s filming work was done in a famous media studio known as the Pinewood Toronto Studio located in Canada. The creators even decided to travel to some parts of the world in order to shoot unique scenes, which required a much more cinematic look than what could be achieved through graphic and CGI works. 

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