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What Does BBY Mean in Star Wars?

With the established popularity of the Star Wars franchise undeniable, there are new fans who still need to get used to various ideologies of the universe. They are searching for what BBY means and well, we are here to describe it all to you. And no, the abbreviation does not refer to the gen-z slang of baby.

In fact, its meaning is something far from romantic. Star Wars is a franchise that has films and now shows about space and various creatures that can be found on other planets and galaxies through space travel. It has literally every genre you can possibly ask for.

Drama, thrill, romance, comedy, action, the Star Wars universe is full of it. With the first film released in 1977, the franchise has expanded into a lot more now. We have various films as well as video games and novels along with comic books and themed parks. Star Wars is staked at a value of 70 billion US dollars and one can only imagine how much this means. As of right now, Star Wars is the fifth franchise to have grossed such loads of cash. At the top of this list is Pokemon with an estimated worth of more than 118 billion dollars. Then we have others up on the list before Star Wars such as Hello Kitty as well as Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh.

What Does BBY Mean in Star Wars?

A still from The Mandalorian set in the Star Wars universe

Well, now coming back to the Star Wars universe, we the adventures of our characters through space. It is not sure which galaxy are we talking about exactly but the films begin with the punchline describing a time in one of the galaxies located very far away. In this place, humans do exist but not without other creatures such as robots and aliens. These other creatures help the humans in their daily routines and well while fighting wars as well. The technology at this place is mindblowing and things travel at the speed of light.

What does BBY mean in Star Wars?

BBY, in Star Wars, is an abbreviation for Before the Battle of Yavin. Now, here is how you understand it all. It is all a part of the Star Wars timeline. We already have so many adventures in the universe with various characters and thus, it is important to keep a track of time. Thus, the measuring system was created that acknowledges the Battle of Yavin as a meter to determine the timeline of events happening.

The Battle of Yavin was a big historical event that eventually led to the destruction of the Death Star. We saw about it in the movie A New Hope. Everything that has happened before this battle is counted as BBY. Every event that happens After the Battle of Yavin is termed ad ABY. This is how the movies make sense and fit into the fictional timeline.

About The Star Wars

The planets in this galaxy are of various types. Some are rich, some are scarcely inhabited, some have a few tribal areas some are poor. Given the fact that this is a movie about space, we have spacecraft as well as capital ships and other forms of techy stuff included in the films. One of the most popular and recent ventures of the Star Wars Universe is through The Mandalorian. It is a show on Disney Plus that has completed a few seasons. We will also see the Obi-Van Kenobi Show on Disney Plus.

Well, here is one thing you should know about Star Wars as a new fan. Everything that happens in Star Wars is similar to our universe. Although, it is a tad bit more easy and the laws of physics are loose. This allows for a creative process of making films and shows where the technology comes in handy. You all should also know about The Force.

It happens to a weird energy field that is exhibited by every live creature. The Force is what is required to hold the galaxy in place. Well, various creatures here even worship The Force and can even use it to their wellness by focusing and training to enhance it. When The Force is strong, it can help you with telepathy and telekinesis sort of activities.

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