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A World Worth Protecting Episode 6 Release Date: Wang Baole’s Adventures Continues!

Baole Wang
Wang Baole and his friends camping

You would certainly agree with the fact that Japan’s anime is on the next level, and with each year, the industry is evolving at a great pace, but Japan’s not the only country that is giving a huge focus on its animation works. If we look at the graph for the past couple of years, we will notice that the anime popularity in South Korea and China has grown massively, and the native industries are doing a fabulous job in creating uniquely styled anime. One of the recent Chinese animated series, A World Worth Protecting is getting huge popularity recently, and with just 5 released episodes, the series has become one of the most in-trend anime series.

The fifth episode also raised the hype among fans for the upcoming episode resulting in fans eagerly waiting for the sixth episode. As the hype is on the next level, there exists major confusion and doubts regarding A World Worth Protecting episode 6 release date and spoilers. Even on the Internet, there’s nothing clear about the same, and that’s the reason we have decided to cover every single thing you need to know related to A World Worth Protecting episode 6 release date and spoilers. We would certainly look at the talented cast working around the clock to make this project a huge success. Everything in this article itself.

A World Worth Protecting is a Chinese animated series based on the major protagonist of the series, Wang Baole, a kind-hearted fat man who goes through the illusion the teachers had set for the entrance exam in a very famous academy named “Dragon Taoist Academy”. Wang is a very intelligent man and has already won many awards in his studies. In order to fight monsters in the fantasy world, Wang makes many friends and certainly challenges powerful monsters in a duel.

A World Worth Protecting Production Unit & Cast:

In order to create something great it requires a talented cast and inspired people, and the same case is with this anime. A World Worth Protecting series includes some of the most talented people who worked around the clock to make this project into a huge success. Chen Hanbo and Li Xiaoting took charge as the director of the series, whereas Zou Zhengyu took charge as producer. Jiang Mingxiang handles the title of executive producer, while Yan Zongzheng manages the title of executive director. Zhang Changyu was appointed as the production director, whereas Yan kai is handling the technical director position. 


Baole is extremely tired!

If we talk about the famous voice artist, Lin Maomao is voicing Wang Baole, whereas Chen Ziheng is voiced by Li Qingyang. Zhou Xiaoya is voiced by Shen Nianru, while Yan Meme voices Du Min. Baomu Zhongyang is giving voice to Lu Yishi, while Beiyan is voicing Xie Haiyang. Kudos to all the other cast members as well who worked around the clock and assisted in other tasks to make this project a global hit.

A World Worth Protecting Episode 6 Release Date & Expectations:

Episode 6 of A World Worth Protecting is all set to release on 8 September 2022 for most of the International audience. The episode will be out around 09:30 AM IST. Since the last episode aired recently, we can’t predict the spoilers of the future episode at this point in time. In fact, there’s nearly impossible to guess the exact spoilers as there are no official sources to do so. In case of any major update regarding the episode or anime, we will update this article for sure, so make sure to bookmark this article for future reference.


Baole carried out by his friend

Watch A World Worth Protecting Online:

All the released episodes of A World Worth Protecting are available to stream on Bilibili’s website. You will be able to stream the upcoming episode as well on the same platform as this is the official hosting website of this anime. Bilibili offers a freemium service where you can enjoy all the previous episodes free of cost but requires an active subscription to enjoy the latest episode. If you are a fan of Chinese animated series, Bilibili’s membership is worth buying for you as it allows you to watch many types of series of the highest quality.

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