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Why Does Tiktok Take Up So Much Storage?

Tiktok takes up much storage on the device. But why? If you want to know this, you are exactly at the right place. In recent years, this entertainment application has undergone massive downloads worldwide. In case this is new to you, Tiktok is such a platform where you can add or present your creative skills, influence others, gain popularity and become a star. It’s not easy, though, as it may sound to you. Well, taking up many spaces can be, at times, very problematic. People have been lately complaining about the same. There is nothing to worry about. There are certain things that you must follow to resolve this issue. Before that, let’s dive into this piece to learn the details. 

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Tiktok Takes Up So Much Storage Space On Device: Everything To Know

A Tiktok user has once shared the detail that his account takes up 221GB of the phone’s storage space. Well, that’s a staggering one! But, he isn’t the only one complaining about this, as there are many. It’s mainly the drafts that are responsible for so much consumption. But, the same thing is also faced by the people who have just opened a Tiktok account and don’t post anything. So, we can’t blame the drafts solely. What’s the main reason? It is reported to be the Watch History feature of the Tiktok application, consuming a large space on the device. 

The more one uses the application, the more it shall consume space. Does that mean we should use it less? No. Tiktok automatically downloads the videos that have been watched in the last seven days. Well, those videos should later be deleted, an ideal way to resolve the issue. You may follow the steps mentioned below to clear the cache. 

Step 1: Open your Tiktok account on the device. 

Step 2: Click the ‘Profile’ Menu. 

Step 3: Tap on the Settings and Privacy option. 

Step 4: Among all the options that appear on the screen, click the ‘Cache and Cellular Data.’ 

Step 5: Tap Clear Cache. 

Now you are good to go! On the other hand, uninstalling the application and then downloading it again will also help in gaining some space. But, there is a problem too. It will delete all the saved drafts. So, if you don’t want that, don’t opt for uninstalling Tiktok. Following these steps is supposed to not make you frustrated with the size of Tiktok.  

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