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Quest Supremacy Chapter 54 Release Date: Kim Vs. Hundred Army

Quest Supremacy Chapter 54
Quest Supremacy Chapter 54

Quest Supremacy reveals the family story of a gamer student and a model sister. The gamer has been into games where he receives the mission to save the world. Now his sister is in trouble, and he has one mission to complete before he clears the next stage of his game. Kim is on a sister rescue mission to save Da Hyun. We will discuss Quest Supremacy Chapter 54 latest updates and news. 

Quest Supremacy Chapter 54 begins after Sung Haru battles with Gangbuk No. 4 and 5, and singlehandedly defeats them. Sung Haru was defeated, but she won the battle in the second round and knocked out No. 4 and 5 before they touched Da Hyun and other pretty girls’ private parts. N.o4 thought that he would enjoy licking the means of pretty girls, but after being knocked out cold, he realized that his dream was shuttered, and he was also shuttered and barely moving. 

No one ever thought a pretty lady like Sung Haru would defeat mafias. Ba Hyun lays on her back, resting since she has sustained injuries trying to protect another girl. Sun Haru is glad that she has defeated all villains and no girl has been touched. Da Hyun admits that Sang Haru is a warrior. Kim continues to fight guys from his side and is glad that Sung Haru has handled the enemies. Kim learned this from his status.

Haru has abilities improved and increased during the battle. She looks at Dya Hun and smiles, signaling her that nothing will threaten them again. On the other side of the building, the sidekick went to Jin-Gu Changgyu and reported that Kim Soohyun had invaded the premises. Haru wonders who is making noise, and the sidekick arrives before her. The guy notices that Haru is standing in front of the beaten guys.

Previously on Quest Supremacy Chapter 53

The sidekick apologizes that he has entered the wrong room since he is random guys passing by. He knows if he admits that he is from the enemy’s side, he will suffer the same fate as the bloody pulp guys on the ground. Haru notices that it is a weak brat in a white jacket, and she can knock him out with a single baby slap.

Kim vs. Hundred Armies continues, and he reveals that he wil knock them from 99th-0. He gave rough beatings and knocked them one after another. Kim took three minutes to beat an army of a hundred. When he beat the last guy, he heard a familiar lady calling him. Kim sends the last guy flying and realizes that the rescue mission is a success since the voice of the pretty lady that he hears is his sister.



He turns around and looks back to find that it is Da Hyun. Kim knows that he is the man who can put his life on the line for his sibling. Da Hyun realizes that Kim will scold her and decides to show a sad face so that Kim wil forgive him. Kim reunites with Da Hyun and brushes her hair. Da Hyun should have picked up the phone when he called her since he was restless.

He smells alcohol, and Da Hyun tells Kim that they should go. Kim reveals that he will tell her mother that she drank alcohol and pretty girls who drink alcohol at night are b-words. Haru arrives, and Kim notices her, admits that she is a strong lady, and asks her if he can buy her something tasty. Da Hyun and Heuk tied the girl who tricked them, and the girl admitted she was a drug addict. 

Quest Supremacy Chapter 54 Release Date

Quest Supremacy Chapter 54 will be released on 4 October 2022. Kim and Haru go to buy something, but Kim receives another message telling him to save Da Hyun. Kim wonders what is happening since they have completed the quest. Haru and Kim realize that they have to deal with Jeong Beomsang, the one pulling all the strings. Check out Quest Supremacy Chapter 54 details. 

Da Hyun

Da Hyun

Read Quest Supremacy Chapter 54 Online – Raw Details 

You can read Quest Supremacy Chapter 54 online on the official website. They confront Jeong after fooling him, and the new battle is bout to begin. Three vs. Thousand begins in the next chapter. Let’s meet after Quest Supremacy Chapter 54 is released.

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