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The Farmer Wants A Wife (Australia) Season 12 Episode 12: Release Date, How To Watch & Preview

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The Farmer Wants A Wife (Australia) Season 12 Episode 12: Release Date. Cr: Google

Last Updated on September 28, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

These days, there is a lot of dating shows available, from The Bachelor to Love Island. It’s clear why Farmer Wants A Wife stands out from the rest of the reality TV field, yet none are quite like it.

The Channel 7 show, which will return in 2022 with Season 12, will follow the lives of five farmers who are not only seeking their special someone but also a spouse who can embrace their distinctive way of life away from the rush and bustle of the city. Only a small number of the thousands of eligible individuals who sought to meet the farmers will be allowed to return to the fields and find love.

host of the show

Natalie Gruzlewski

Who Is The Host Of The Show?

Natalie Gruzlewski will host the show again this year, and she will be accompanied by special guest and former Sunrise anchor Samantha Armytage. The couple will accompany the farmers on their journey to discover love throughout the reality show experience.

A short recap of the current season

Overview Of The Previous Episodes

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Recap Of The Previous Episode

We meet five new farmers on their quest for true love, including an incredible woman farmer. They have sent an invitation to their possible dates. Only five will be picked to accompany them home. The remaining five farmers, after picking five people to get to know better on their farms, date their love matches. The one lucky companion each of the five farmers selected for their first 24-hour date follows them back to their homes. The farmers’ love bubbles burst when their surviving companions showed up after a lovely day on their first solo date, and each farmer was forced to make some difficult choices. The country ball serves as the setting for the first meeting of the farmers and their partners. The farmers wander about the dance floor before deciding who they want to take on their next single date. The farmers forge enduring relationships with their spouses after the eagerly anticipated following solo dates, before saying farewell to people they can no longer see a future with.

The farmers and their partners set off on the road to rejoin for an exciting overnight camping trip. However, not everyone is content, as seen by the farmer, who is left thinking about everything. The farmers decide who to take on their next single date after a long weekend of camping. Sam Armytage makes a surprising appearance just as things start to make more sense. Sam’s pick is taken out on a date by the farmers, and soon after that, new relationships begin. Partners are left wondering whether their farmers would return alone and when they would get back to the property.

When partners propose blind dates to their farmers, the situation changes because the successful suggestion secures valuable one-on-one time. Our farmer families visit the farms to scout out a prospective future spouse. It’s the final solo date: an overnight with a companion hand-picked by our farmers’ families. They must make the most difficult decision yet. The farmers and their partners enjoy their final moments together on the farm before heading to the city for one more party, and the partners confront their farmers with difficult issues.

farmer wants a wife

The Farmer Wants A Wife (Australia) Season 12 Episode 12: Release Date And Streaming Guide

The Farmer Wants A Wife (Australia) Season 12 Episode 12: Release Date

The Farmer Wants A Wife (Australia) will show its Season 12 Episode 12 on Sunday, October 2, 2022. It will be broadcast at 7:30.

How To Watch The Farmer Wants A Wife (Australia) Season 12 Episode 12

Two streaming providers include Hulu and Tubi TV. The program will go on for 63 minutes. The following episode will serve as the series’ conclusion because there are a total of 12 episodes. In the last episode, as they get ready to make their hardest decision yet, the remaining farmers visit the houses of their final two partners. The farmers reunite with host Natalie Gruzlewski a month after the selections are made to see whether genuine love has endured.

Cast Of The Show

Season 12 has one female farmer, Paige, and four male farmers, Ben, Harry, Benjamin, and Will.

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