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Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 9 Release Date: Lee Young Shin Finds Out Yong Mi’s Real Identity

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 9 Release Date
Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 9

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 9 is releasing this weekend! With the revelation in the latest episodes, the drama has finally entered the second half of the storyline. Whereas In Kyung and Soo Ja’s investment bring them a hefty amount, Yong Mi is going through another financial crisis. Since she has divided the 30 million won received from Lee Young Shin, there is nothing left to pay off her debt and rent. Even the money Lee Do Young gave her, she wastes on gambling, including all of her savings, leaving herself penniless.

Therefore, the recent episodes show that Yong Mi accepts Lee Young Shin’s short sales offer even though it’s risky. Meanwhile, Geum Jan Di learns about Yong Mi having Yoon Tae Kyung’s project phone. However, knowing Yong Mi will not fall into her trap, Geum Jan Di targets In Kyung. So to save herself and Yong Mi, In Kyung returns the project phone to Geum Jan Di, only to discover that she is also a member of the association. So with rising trust issues and doubts, how will our power trio find a way back together in Cleaning Up kdrama Episode 9?

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Recap Of Ep 8- Trio’s First Fight

Episode 8 of Cleaning Up reveals how Geum Jan Di coerces In Kyung after finding that Yong Mi has Yoon Tae Kyung’s project phone. She tries to play the angel’s role by keeping the facade of saving In Kyung and Yong Mi from the investigation so In Kyung would believe her. In Kyung initially stands on her ground, but as soon as Geum Jan Di mentions the punishments for leaking the inside information, she agrees to return the phone.

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 9 Release Date

Geum Jan Di Cr: JTBC

Meanwhile, Yong Mi takes Lee Young Shin’s offer of short sales. Since she can’t keep all 100 million in one account, half of the money she deposits in her mother’s account only gets snatched by her brother. With the loss of half amount, Yong Mi also loses her confidence to keep her children safe and happy. Thus, she asks her ex-husband to take their daughters under his wings.

While Yong Mi tries to find a way out of the current mess, In Kyung steals the project phone. She returns it to Geum Jan Di only to find that Geum Jan Di is also part of Lee Young Shin’s association. However, when In Kyung and Soo Ja learn about it, they blame Yong Mi for keeping it secret, knowing they wouldn’t have continued if they had known Geum Jan Di’s secret.

However, troubles don’t stop there! While the trio gets into a fight and Yong Mi’s daughter agrees to live with her father, Lee Young Shin finds out about Yong Mi’s real house. Thus with the truth out, what will be Lee Young Shin’s next plan in Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 9?

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 9 Release Date

Lee Young Shin Cr: JTBC

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Preview Of Ep 9: Lee Young Shin Uncovers The Truth

The preview of Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 9 is already dropped! After discovering Yong Mi’s real identity, Lee Young Shin will plan along with her. He will ask Yong Mi to invite him to her home, knowing that’s an impossible task for her. Meanwhile, Yoon Tae Kyung will learn about his fake assistance Jin Yeon Ah and ask Geum Jan Di to let him meet her.

On the other hand, Lee Do Young will stay by In Kyung’s side. Our little angel Jin Sia has already found her uncle’s crush on In Kyung. Therefore, Cleaning Up kdrama Episode 9 will reveal where Lee Do Young’s love story heads!

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 9 Release Date

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 9 will be released on 2 July 2022 at 10:30 pm KST on the JTBC channel. After finding out Yong Mi’s real identity, what will be Lee Young Shin’s next move? Will he continue this facade? Or will he expose her truth? To know Lee Young Shin’s decision, watch new episodes of Cleaning Up every Saturday and Sunday.

Watch Cleaning Up Korean Drama Ep 9 With Eng Sub Online- Streaming Details

South Korean viewers can watch Cleaning Up (2022) on the JTBC network at 10:30 pm KST. Meanwhile, in the other countries, Ep 9 will be out on the same day at 11:30 pm in Australia, 7 pm in India, 2:30 pm in the UK, and 9:30 am in the USA. Although Cleaning Up is not available on any OTT media services, you can watch short clips of the drama on JTBC’s official YouTube channel.

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