What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick? Explained

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What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick Explained
Tom Cruise

Top Gun Maverick is probably one of the best movies of 2022. It’s an action-packed military film starring Tom Cruise in the lead, who reprises his role as Captain Pete Maverick from the 1986 classic action film Top Gun.

Upon its release, the film met with highly positive reviews, especially the effort given by Tom Cruise and the other lead actors to shoot the movie with real jet planes, with real actors flying them. Their dedication was highly praised.

Top Gun Maverick became one of the few films that were able to surpass even its predecessor. It turned out to be one of highest grossing movies of 2022, and it made around $1.48 Billion worldwide.

Top Gun Maverick had several interesting characters, be it Pete Maverick (Tom Cruise), Val Kilmer as Admiral Tom who was once a rival of Pete, now his best friend, Bradley Rooster (played by Miles Teller), son of Nick Goose, Jennifer Connelly (as Penny Benjamin) Maverick’s old lover, etc.

But today, we shall be talking about the ending of Top Gun Maverick and shall discuss what happened to Bradley Rooster (played by Miles Teller), who was one of the most important characters from the film and will discuss what happened to him in the film.

Cast Of Top Gun Maverick

Joseph Kosinski: He is the director of Top Gun Maverick. Joseph is famous for directing some of the best visually and CGI-driven sci-fi films like Tron Legacy, Oblivion, etc.

What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick Explained
Director Joseph Kosinski

Tom Cruise: He’s Tom Cruise. (I mean, who doesn’t know him) The man who is famous for his role as Ethan Hawke from the Mission Impossible franchise and is probably the best action star of this decade.

He is known for his crazy wild stunts like climbing on a flying plane, jumping off a cliff, doing halo jumps, performing his own chase scenes and etc. He is the lead hero of this film, and he plays the role of Pete Maverick.

What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick Explained
Tom Cruise

Val Kilmer: An actor who is known for movies like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Top Gun movie series, Batman Forever, etc., in this film, he plays the role of Tom Kazansky, commander of the US Pacific Fleet

What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick Explained
the cast of Top Gun Maverick

Miles Teller: The actor who is known for movies like Bleed For This, war Dogs, Whiplash, etc. In Top Gun Maverick, he plays the character of an air force pilot who is tasked with a mission to destroy an unknown enemy location.

What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick Explained
Miles Teller

Jennifer Connelly: The actress who gained worldwide fame for her role in Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem For a Dream. Unfortunately, she has a very small role in Top Gun Maverick, where she plays the love interest of Pete Maverick. Some other important actors in the film are Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, etc.

What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick Explained
Jenifer Connelly

What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick?

Before we can discuss what Top Gun Maverick did to Milles Teller’s character Bradley Rooster, we must first discuss the overall plot of Top Gun Maverick. Top Gun Maverick follows the story of Pete Maverick, a test pilot who gets grounded for crashing a test jet plane. He was trying to break a record by flying it beyond Mach 10 speed. But unfortunately, he failed, and he got grounded.

Later on, he gets a mission to train and prepare the new top-gun air force pilots for a secret mission to locate and destroy an enemy Uranium tank.

But things get heated between Maverick and Rooster (one of the young pilots who is chosen for the mission) because of what Maverick did to him in the past, where Maverick didn’t allow Rooster’s application to get passed because he didn’t want him to become a pilot.

This made Rooster furious. But later, it is revealed that Rooster’s mom didn’t want his son to join the air force and have the same fate as his father, who died in a military operation.

What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick Explained
Rooster from Top Gun Maverick

Later on, things get more complicated when Commander Tom Iceman dies, which again puts Maverick back to square one. But thanks to his persistence, he shows his authority that he is the only one who can accomplish the mission.

What Happened To Rooster in Top Gun Maverick?

After Maverick’s comeback, things became really thrilling. They began their secret operation and took their jets into the enemy zone, where the enemy suddenly attacked them with counter-missiles. The aerial fight scenes were so intense that they literally kept us on the edge of our seats. Making us pray for our favorite characters to survive. Rooster was also part of that team.

What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick Explained
Tom Cruise

Maverick and his team blew up the uranium tank, and their mission was successful, but as soon as things seemed a bit right, a missile came towards Rooster’s jet, but Maverick came in between, and it hit his jet. Fortunately, he used the eject button and survived the hit.

Rooster refuses to leave Maverick behind, and he goes after him, it’s when his jet gets hit by another missile, and he escapes using his eject button. Later both of them unite and decide that their only way of survival is to steal an enemy jet plane from one of the enemy’s bases camps.

What Happened To Rooster From Top Gun Maverick Explained
Maverick and Rooster

After they steal the jet, a fight begins; they fight bravely till the very end, but unfortunately, things turn against them, and an enemy plane tries to fire at them. As everything seemed like it was over, one of their teammate returned back and fired at the enemy plane and saving their lives.

This leads to a very happy ending, and the film proceeds to its emotional climax where Rooster is shown looking at the photo of him and Maverick standing together after they accomplished their impossible mission, and besides their photo is another photo of Rooster’s dad standing along with Maverick during their young days.

This was an emotional tribute to the old Top Gun movie. The film ends with Maverick meeting again with love, and both take off for a romantic ride. While the other characters of the film get a fitting farewell which they deserve. You Can Watch Top Gun Maverick on Prime Video.

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