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Tom Cruise’s Top Gun Maverick Box Office Beats Marvel

tom cruise
Top Gun Maverick

Last Updated on September 26, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun Maverick is soaring and flying not just in the air but also at the domestic box office. Since the release of the movie Top Gun Maverick earlier in May, the film is giving all previous record-breaking blockbusters a run for their money, after first sinking Titanic the sequel to the 1986’s film is now taken down its next target. The fan-favorite Marvel’s Avenger Infinity War. So let’s find out how it achieved this feat. 

Top Gun Maverick is an action drama American film directed by Joseph Kosinski and stars Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Miles Teller, and tons of people in this movie and its sequel. Many people have wanted to see it for a very long time. The movie is the sequel to 1986’s Top Gun and the second is now the second movie from the Top Gun Series. Top Gun Maverick is based on the story, which is written by Peter Craig and Justin Marks. In this film the main character, CAPT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell portrayed by Tom Cruise is a flight instructor and test pilot for a group of graduates of Top Gun, who trains them for a specialized mission. Paramount Pictures announced the development of the movie Top Gun Maverick in 2010. At first, when Craig wrote a draft in 2012 for the screenplay, it got stalled due to the death of Scott in the year. Then the production of the film resumed in 2017 in the memory of Scott with the addition of Kosinski as a director.

tom cruise

Tom in Top Gun Maverick

Why Top Gun Maverick Succeeded?

It’s understandable why it took so long to make a sequel if this is what Tom’s wanted to make because this film is absolutely indescribable in regards to levels of difficulty achieving what they achieved on screen. But it’s not just that the flight sequences are extremely well filmed and they are real and they are using real planes and these actors are doing their best to make it all real and so it surprised the character work is just strong. This movie gives you all of those things that you expected but it goes a step and beyond really tries to put some emotional buttons and it does so extremely well. The tension in the film is just constantly heightened you think you have a certain amount of time to do something, and they say no we actually just shrunk that down but the balance of actions with the characterization is so perfectly handled that it’s honestly maddening. it’s like you watching and you are jealous that it’s as good as it is, it’s really impressive. 

Joseph Kosinski handled this movie with such a sure hand and not only is every scene beautiful to look at but the balance of emotion with the character is really what impresses the audience most. Miles Teller is great in the movie, most people haven’t seen him in a long time but he was fantastic, he worked with Kosinski on Only the Brave of course Cruise worked with Kosinski on Oblivion and this is Kosinski’s second sort of legacy sequel. Whatever Cruise and his production team have figured out with the last few Mission Impossible movies, they applied to Top Gun too.

tom cruise

Top Gun Maverick – Tom

Top Gun Maverick Box Office

Maverick passes Avengers Infinity War at the box office. It seems like when the film chooses its soundtrack because they weren’t messing around because the new Kosinski movie everything except taking things slow when it comes to wreaking havoc at the domestic box office. That’s right, after more than 15 weeks on the big screen the film has made some unimaginable gains and has left all hit movies biting the dust. 

After the new Top Gun movie recently overtook the heights of great follow Paramount Productions like the Titanic by rising to a total of 659 million dollars, we couldn’t wonder that it now has a chance to overcome the Avenger’s classic next and looks like our speculations turned out to be true because Tom just cruised his jets right past the Avengers Infinity War claiming the spot of six highest grossing movies of all time at the Domestic Box Office. Look like even Thanos had to surrender to Mr. Cruise.

The happy news came after it was reported that Top Gun Maverick has hit 679 Million dollars at the North American Box Office surpassing the Marvel hit which currently sits at 678 million dollars. We bet fans of the superhero universe aren’t pleased about that, but this is just the beginning. Globally Top Gun Maverick has brought in more the 1.35 Billion Dollars, impressed? well, you should be because this is quite an unprecedented reception and the film is just warming up.

tom cruise

Top Gun Maverick

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