How To Watch Invisible City Season 2 Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Invisible City Season 2
How To Watch Invisible City Season 2 Episodes? Streaming Guide

How To Watch Invisible City Season 2 Episodes is what the fans wonder about. With its first season, Invisible City thrilled viewers worldwide with various twists while leaving them with various unanswered issues. The release date and trailer for Invisible City Season 2 Episode 2 will be announced in the article, but a synopsis of the season 1 finale will also be offered.

Camila urged him to try remembering what had happened on those days, but Eric was more perplexed than ever because so much of his memory had been entirely erased. Eric had started questioning whether any of those deaths, including his wife Gabriela’s, might have been his fault.

In the sixth episode of the television series “Invisible City,” he went to Cico to think about asking for help because he wanted to discover the truth. He lost his memories until Cisco forced him to perform a ceremony. Eric was horrified and astonished by the revelation.

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A brief recap

He realized that Luna’s odd behavior over the past few days resulted from her abduction by Mr. Antunes’ evil spirit. The evil spirit had already possessed Luna when she and her mother, Gabriela, first appeared in the area.

Invisible City Season 2
A still from the show. Credits: Netflix

The evil spirit used a spell on Eric to make him kill the other legendary creatures, and then it made Luna kill her mother. The spirit’s natural tendency was to seek an adult as its vehicle, so Cico revealed to Eric that it had been compelled to occupy Luna, probably due to a lack of other options.

The Curupira were the only ones who could have defeated Mr. Antunes’ spirit if it had been present, as the Saci Isac knew. But the problem was that after Mr. Antunes killed his family, Curupira gave up everything and lived alone in the town. Isaac tried to convince the refractory Curupira to help them, but they refused.

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Despite Cico’s advice not to, Eric went in pursuit of Luna while pleading with the spirit to spare his kid’s life and possess him instead. The demonic spirit easily escaped Luna’s body and took over Eric. In the sixth episode of the TV show “Invisible City,” Cico discovered that Mr. Afonso, the proprietor of the construction firm, was Mr. Antunes’ son.

The wicked ghost was released from the cage Ines had constructed for it when Afonso opened the grave. In reality, Mr. Afonso merely wanted to exact revenge for the loss of his father. Nevertheless, he deceived and misled Joao by claiming to care about his town.

The death of Isaac opened Curupira’s eyes. Yet he finally saw that he had to take on his original form to stop the evil spirit from annihilating everything. As the Curupira pursued Eric into the cedar forest, even Ines and Camila arrived on the scene.

Ines used her skills to persuade Eric that he had been abducted by an evil spirit, allowing him to launch an internal defense. After temporarily falling unconscious, Eric awoke to see Curupira, Ines, and Camila seated before him. Eric killed himself with a knife because he was aware that the evil spirit would make him kill demons as long as he lived. The bad spirit was compelled to leave Eric’s body as a result.

Eric’s soul had traveled to paradise and then returned, even though he appeared to have died. When Eric ran across Gabriela, his wife, in that zone of transition, she told him that he had turned into one of the beings of the supernatural and that he nevertheless had work to do on earth.

The Curupira took Eric inside himself as they reached the cedar wood, along with Camila and Ines. The direction Eric’s life takes and what destiny has in store for him will be revealed in the second season of the television series “Invisible City.”

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How to Watch Invisible City Season 2 Episodes? Country-wise Guide

All the episodes of Invisible City season 2 are available for streaming via Netflix worldwide.


Fans will be able to watch Invisible City Season 2 episodes in the USA via Netflix. You are required to have a valid subscription plan to Netflix, and their base plan costs $9.99.


For viewers in the United Kingdom, they can also watch the show on Netflix. The subscription plan is set at £6.99 for UK Netflix users.


Users in India can watch the show after paying for a mobile plan of Netflix, the mobile-only plan costs Rs. 149, which is roughly $1.81. Yes, you read that right. Netflix has a very cheap plan in India.


Fans can stream the series on Netflix as well, the subscription plan in Australia costs around $12.99 AUD.

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Episodes Guide

All five episodes of the show came out on March 23, 2023, and are streaming as per the guidelines written above.

  • Episode 1 My Biggest Wish
  • Episode 2 I Won’t Hurt You
  • Episode 3 The Life We Always Dreamed Of
  • Episode 4 Your Fear Is Your Poison
  • Episode 5 Marangatu: A Sacred Place

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