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Shadow And Bone Filming Locations: Where Was This Netflix Hit Filmed?

Shadow and Bones
Shadow and Bones Poster (Credits-Netflix)

Shadow and Bone have been primarily shot in Budapest. The production team captured stunning locations in Hungary. This famed Netflix series spreads across multiple kingdoms and depicts a riveting tale. Kirigan finds out that Alina is blessed with magical abilities. She then reaches the Little Palace and learns the way to boost her magical abilities.

Kirigan assigns the responsibility of training her to Genya and Baghra. Alina’s journey, that’s full of ups and downs, is shown perfectly. The viewers become engrossed in the world of Grishas. The series is inspired by various books based on the Grishaverse fantasy world.

Shadow And Bone

Budapest, the capital of Hungary (Credits- TripAdvisor)

Shadow And Bone Filming Locations 

If you have ever visited Budapest, the capital of Hungary, then you would be able to identify most of the locations of this series. The team filmed almost the entire series in Budapest and its surrounding areas. The cast described the city as a blend of old and modern architecture. The Origo Studios were used to show Ketterdam.

Origo Studios holds the prestige of being the biggest studio in entire Hungary and has been used for the filming of popular series like 47 Ronin, Gemini Man, etc. The team used the building of the Budapest Stock Exchange to show the interiors of the Royal Archives. This exchange which is now defunct, has been featured in a few series before. 

Origo Studios in Budapest

The Origo Studios at Budapest (Credits-origo studios )

The Royal Palace Of Budapest

We begin revealing the filming locations of Shadow and Bone by mentioning the most important location-the magnificent palace of the Ravka Kingdom. The palace plays a pivotal role in the series, and several scenes have been filmed at this place. The members of the Ravkan royal family live here. It is the place that controls the administration of the Grishaverse. 

The Royal Palace Of Budapest

The Royal Palace of Budapest (Credits- Hungary tourism)

The Royal Palace of  Budapest was used by the team to film the series. It’s a heritage site that is thronged by millions of tourists. The Palace called Buda Palace locally was constructed in 1265. The vast terraces and gardens of the Palace situated along the Danube presented a perfect location for the shoot. 

Various locations inside the Buda Castle have been used in both seasons. The Royal Riding Hall of the castle was depicted as the Novyi checkpoint. The library where Alina is browsing through the old maps is this castle’s Szab√≥ Ervin Library. The Deli Rondella area of this castle depicted the Grisha practice grounds and the entry gates to the area. 

The Museum of Ethnography

The Buda Castle (Credits- Hungary tourism)

The Museum Of Ethnography

A few shots depicting the Grand Palace were shot in The Museum of Ethnography. The production team wanted a huge hall that could depict the meetings of the Royal family with the citizens of the kingdom. So all the scenes you see of the audience sitting in a huge hall and getting addressed by the King of Ravka were all filmed at this Museum.

The Museum is a component of the vast national Museum. You’ll discover several artifacts and precious objects at this Museum. The Museum traces its history back to 1872. 

Festetics Palace, Keszthely City

The Little Palace which you see during the Episode 2 ending, was filmed at Festetics Palace. This is not as big as the first palace but is grand in its own sense. Alina has to be shifted here since it’s more secure than the Grand Palace. 

Festetics Palace,

The Festetics Palace (Credits- Hungary Tourism)

Festetics Palace is situated in Keszthely city. It is a bustling city which is located along the coast of Hungary’s Lake Balaton. The palace was built in 1745 and attracted many visitors. But if you plan to visit the palace after watching Shadow and Bone, then we want to inform you the palace might not appear the way it was shown in the series.

Actually few portions of the palace were added digitally since the original palace comprises a single tower only. But the number of towers does not matter as the palace’s beauty in the bustling city will appeal to you extensively.

Szentendre Skanzen Village Museum

shadow and bone filmed in

Szentendre Skanzen open-air museum (Credits- Hungary Tourism)

This Museum, located in a quiet location, was seen in Episode 4. It is an open-air museum that’s located near Budapest. The production crew wanted to film a village in ruins with exotic locations, and Szentendre Skanzen appeared perfect for them. But the homes and other additions to the village, like the windmills, were done with the aid of CGI.

This village has been part of several projects, including local projects and the famed The Witcher series The scenes when Alina rushes from the Palace were filmed in the area near this village. The streets of Szentendre were depicted as part of Ryevost. The location on the banks of the Danube river and the pastel buildings appeared quite impressive.

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