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When Did Pablo Picasso Die? The Spanish Painter’s Death Cause Revealed

When Did Pablo Picasso Die?
Pablo Picasso (CC: The Atlantic)

Want to know when and how did Pablo Picasso die? Yes, we are talking about the Spanish painter who made headlines recently for his Le Rêve, worth $155 million. Keeping that aside, for now, we all know that Pablo Picasso was prominent globally, despite his passing away. Before further discussing the cause, let’s briefly discuss Pablo Picasso’s prominence.

From the basics, Pablo Picasso was a professional painter, sculptor, and printmaker. He was considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Picasso founded the constructed sculpture. Not to mention some of his famous works Guernica, Family of Saltimbanques, The Weeping Woman, Massacre in Korea, Girl before a Mirror, etc. To the newbies, Picasso was also known for starting the Cubist movement. 

Returning to Pablo Picasso death, the painter was 91 years old. Even though he was aged, nobody felt it easy to accept his death news. Five decades have passed, and not everyone knows the year and reason behind his death. It was unexpected. Here is what we know if you were looking for when Pablo Picasso died and more details about it.

When Did Pablo Picasso Die?

Guernica: Pablo Picasso’s famous painting in Madrid (CC: USA TODAY)

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Pablo Picasso’s Death: When & How Did The Painter Pass Away? 

It was in 1973 when the legendary painter Pablo Picasso died. To be more exact about the date, it took place on 8 April. Now, the question is what happened to Pablo Picasso? 

The major reason behind Pablo Picasso’s death was he was attributed to pulmonary edema. In case you don’t know, a heart condition causes it. It is ultimately the wet lung caused by the deposition of certain fluids in the lungs. In addition, it was later reported that Pablo Picasso had mental illness throughout his life. We aren’t sure if that became a cause of his death, but it is believed to have had a bit of impact. Well, he sometimes used to bring up that struggle in his paintings. To be more precise, Picasso reportedly suffered from anxiety and hallucinations too. 

Moving on with Pablo Picasso’s death, the legendary artist was buried at the Chateau of Vauvenargues in the South of France. During his last hours, he was with his spouse, Jacqueline Roque, at his villa in France. Following Pablo Picasso’s demise, his followers gathered outside the Museum of Modern Art.

When Did Pablo Picasso Die?

The legendary artist, Pablo Picasso (CC: Galeries Bartoux)

He was not considered the greatest painter of the century but also “one of the greatest of Spaniards.” In other words, Picasso was indeed a great patriot who fought for the rights of the Spanish people. So, when the news of his passing away came out to the public, everyone was shocked and disheartened. People wanted Pablo Picasso to be eternal, which is impossible. But still! 

We are not sure what caused Pablo Picasso’s mental illness. But we all have grown up knowing that the emotional background of every artist is different. There also remains a story behind it. Following that, it seemed like Pablo Picasso had some significant happenings in his life which caused the same. On the other hand, diseases are not in anyone’s hands. Picasso’s wet lung was the ultimate reason which took him away from each of us. 

Do you know what was more pathetic? It was Jacqueline Roque’s death. Why? After a few years or so, more specifically in 1986, Pablo Picasso’s wife killed herself. Yes, it was a suicide caused by a gunshot. She was pretty young if compared, being just 59 years old. The reason was that after Picasso’s death, she felt lonely and devastated emotionally. It still feels bad!

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