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What Did Griffith Do To Guts In Berserk?

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Thanks to Kentaro Miura for the creation of Berserk. Even though he may not be with us anymore but his legacy will continue in the form of Berserk. This series is one of the darkest yet most interesting series, featuring many amazing characters and a uniquely dark storyline. There can be thousands of reasons contributing to Berserk’s success, however, two of which include the unique storyline and very interesting characters.

Two of the most popular characters of the series include Griffith and Gut, and the chemistry of these two characters is totally different. In fact, they lived a whole different life and met with different fates. There are major questions fans often ask, What did Griffith do to Guts? How they were connected to each other? We will certainly be answering all of these questions.

Berserk is a Japanese manga-based series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. The story revolves around Guts, a lone swordsman and a warrior, and Griffith, leader of the “Band of the Hawk” named mercenary group. Later, Griffith defeats Guts in the battle and asks him to join the band, and they slowly become best friends and confidantes. But things won’t stop here as the series is based on dark fantasy, you can’t expect the next move of the character, and the same happens between these two. The manga is a must-read if you love to read gore manga with dark sequences.

Who Is Griffith From Berserk?

Griffith is one of the well-written and dark characters who lived a very hard life in his childhood. He wanted to be loved by everyone, and he certainly took some hard steps to achieve this unending desire. He is an ambitious person and has always wanted to be the king. He not only had the qualities of the king in himself but also portrayed it many times in front of everyone.

Berserk Chapter 367 - Griffith and Zodd

Griffith and Zodd from Berserk

He even became a prostitute to get the love and money and even slept with ugly kings to get some extra bucks. His messed-up head doesn’t stop there, and he starts to walk on a weird path by falling in love with certain someone, thus, breaking ties with his very close one. There’s one thing about Griffith is that his ideas rarely go in vain, and he is quite clever. He comes up with great tactics no one can predict and thus, claims the final ace.

Who Is Guts From Berserk?

Guts is the major character of the Berserk series and the former mercenary and a warrior who traveled the whole world in order to find his ideologies and save people who were closer to him. Guts, at one time able to find his dream i.e. when he joined the Band of the Falcon. However, he becomes dissatisfied with Griffith’s obsession with his dream as he has a totally different ideology.

The Black Swordsman

Guts from berserk

Ultimately he resigned from the band and continued his journey toward his obsessions. Gats had suffered the most in the series, in fact, he fought for straight two years against the God Hand and apostles. Due to enormous suffering, Guts has a bizarre personality and something we just can’t put in words. He often cares for external validations, which shows that he relies on others to taking his own decisions. You must read the manga to explore more of Guts and his enormous sufferings.

What Did Griffith Do To Guts In Berserk?

Griffith and Guts used to be best friends, but Griffith’s unexpected and devilish side did some counteractions against his own best friend. Griffith sacrificed an army of his close ones in order to achieve the title of God. He tortures Guts to a great extent. Griffith did some worst things to Casca in front of him and broke Guts mentally. Griffith became the reason for Guts’ ultimate pain. Guts never expected this from his close friend, and this broke him from the inside.

Read Berserk Online:

Unfortunately, there are no online platforms available to read the Berserk manga legally. You have to purchase the physical or digital copy from the E-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Berserk may also be available in your nearest bookstores.

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