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Long Lost Christmas Filming Locations: Where Does the Hallmark’s New Rom-Com Drama Shooting Took Place?

Long Lost Christmas Filming Locations : Where Is the Hallmark's New Rom-Com Drama Shooting Took Place?
Long Lost Christmas Filming Locations : Where Is the Hallmark's New Rom-Com Drama Shooting Took Place?

The latest film from Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, “Long Lost Christmas,”  debuted on November 19 at 10 p.m. Eastern/9 p.m. Central. Hallmark’s “Long Lost Christmas,” a rom-com film directed by Michael Robison, centers on Haley & her mom, Patricia. For the Christmas holidays, the one-time interior decorator plans to astonish her newly widowed mother. Patricia’s one and only desire are to reconcile with her brother, who then she previously misplaced.

Haley sets out to discover her long-lost uncle in order to fulfill her ambition of providing her mom with the wider family she has always craved. After locating him, she must remain anonymous in order to persuade him to go back to Patricia. Haley encounters Blake, a designer, while wanting to get closer to her uncle, and the two end up falling for each other. Unfortunately, when she discloses her actual identity, matters do not turn out as expected.

The Christmas and family-uniting elements of the Hallmark tale keep the audience engaged from beginning to end. Apart from just that, you might wonder where “Long Lost Christmas” was shot due to the festive season’s location against several intriguing backgrounds. In that scenario, you’re insured by us!

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Long Lost Christmas Cast Members

Inside the Hallmark romantic, Taylor Cole plays the role of Haley. Many films, including “Pumpkin Everything,” “Making Spirits Bright,” “South Beach Love,” “Matching Hearts,” “Unlocking Christmas,” and many others, feature the woman in prominent roles. However, Benjamin Ayers portrays Blake, the dashing architect that feels for Haley.

The Bad Seed Returns, Color My World with Love, Don’t Hang Up, and You, Me & the Christmas Trees are among Ayers’ greatest films. Additional actors in the lineup feature Grant Vlahovic (Gordon), Nelson Wong, Stefania Indelicato, Camille Mitchell (Lolly Peterson), and Jacqueline Ann Steuart (Patricia) (Grand Marshall).

Where Does Long Lost Christmas shooting Took Place? Filming Locations

The whole filming of “Long Lost Christmas” took place in British Columbia, notably in the Fraser Valley. The rom-main com’s cinematography most likely started in September 2022 and was finished in October of that year. Let’s now visit each of the exact locations featured in the Hallmark film.

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Fraser Valley, British Columbia

The majority of “Long Lost Christmas” was photographed in the Fraser Valley, an area in southwest British Columbia that stretches towards northwestern Washington State. Key scenes were recorded by the crew and actors in Agassiz, a small town in the Eastern Fraser Valley close to Chilliwack.

Harrison Hot Springs, a nearby community at the southern tip of Harrison Lake, served as the location for further filming for the production. The Rockwell Harrison Guest Lodge Bed & Breakfast, located at 7550 Rockwell Drive, is where the production team particularly recorded a number of scenes.

Performer Benjamin Ayers spoke about his delight during a Chilliwack Progress conversation about his wonderful experience working there. Agassiz-Harrison might actually be among his favorite locations for filmmaking, he admitted. Everybody is extremely wonderful, and folks are very polite.

Naturally, I’ve known about all this my entire life, but I wasn’t really aware of what it consisted of or just how beautiful this entire area and this adorable small (town), Agassiz incorporated were on a natural level. They are perfect for a Hallmark movie, although we can utilize so many different settings for the 2 of them. The scenery is stunning.

Haley and his long-lost uncle

Haley and his long-lost uncle (credit-Hallmark)

The Fraser Valley’s surrounding landscape is so amazing that it brings together high mountains, lakes, streams, and woodland inside one location. The regional filming locations for “Taking a Shot at Love” and “Stakeout” are among others.

The film focuses on Joan Kilby’s book of the same name. On the webpage of Tule Publications, the writer published an article on the film’s production. “Frantic arrangements had been made to allow me to go from Australia to Vancouver, Canada, that I could view the sets throughout shooting,” she stated in her piece. My homeland is Vancouver, and I’ve not visited my parents since even before Covid, so I was especially delighted to be able to travel.

She proceeded by mentioning the Harrison Hotsprings, among the top sites. In the slopes of the Cascade Mountain ranges, a little lakeside coastal town called Harrison Hotsprings is where the action takes place, according to Kilby. It was a great substitute for the made-up hamlet of Sweetheart, Montana.

The private estate that served as my protagonist’s wood home was ideal on every level, both indoors and out. The ‘snow’ you see in this picture is really layers of white fabric because the filming took place in extremely warm weather at the conclusion of the summer.

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