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Chateau Christmas Filming Locations: Where Was This Beautiful Christmas Movie Shot?

chateau christmas filming location
Chateau Christmas

We know it isn’t Christmas yet. But we are here with Chateau Christmas filming location. Christmas movies are very popular for their beautiful locations and snow-covered locations. While we are still holed up in this scorching heat, who said we could not enjoy ourselves a Winter Wonderland? The name Christmas movies instantly fills us with a sense of longing and comfort. Warm and fuzzy blankets, piping hot food with a hot chocolate, the list can just go on. If you are also missing the wonders of winter, tune in to Chateau Christmas and experience winter in July. Read on to know the details about the filming locations of the movie.

The movie is directed by Michael Robison, and it combines the Christmas genre with the musical. The movie has some amazing locations, and we are sure you must have wondered where this beautiful movie is shot at. The wintery geography is sure to make hearts swoon, and if you also want to visit the location of this Christmas movie, you are at the right spot. Without further ado, let’s get into the article and see what the movie is all about.

What is Chateau Christmas about?

As you might already know, Christmas movies are all about reconciliation. To give love another chance which makes all our hearts melt. The premise of this movie is the same as many others, but who can resist a good old Christmas time movie? The protagonist of the movie is Margot, who is a pianist currently not feeling inspired to play and perform. She visits her hometown with her family, and they lodge at Chateau Neuhaus, the filming location of Chateau Christmas. The gorgeous hotel is just right there to make their new lodgers at home.

While on vacation, she reconciles with her ex-boyfriend and bandmate Jackson. The two agree to plan a Christmas concert for their family, friends, and lodgers. The movie then explores this fun-filled concert and how it rejuvenates everyone with this new Christmas spirit.

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Chateau Christmas filming locations

Since the movie was shot during the pandemic, it was shot at only one place, the Chateau house. While some outside shots were of the small town, most of the movie was shot in the beautiful Canadian province of British Columbia. The Chateau House you see in the movie is shot at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler at the Whistler D.C. The outside shots of the movie are filmed in towns like Whistler and Abbotsfield. The area surrounding these towns is filled with mountains and lush greenery, perfect for a weekend getaway.

Can you stay at Chateau Christmas filming location?

We all understand the excitement of visiting your favorite movie filming location. And how can we stop ourselves when the location is this dreamy? The location has about 500 rooms, a golf course, spa, dining areas, and all the other basic amenities. The Fairmont Chateau Whistler is available for guests, and you can rent a room and stay at the location for a weekend or a holiday season. We are sure the Chateau Christmas filming location will be a dream to stay at.

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