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Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 202: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 202
Isekai Nonbiri Nouka still

Farming Life In Another World Chapter 202 will show us what happened with Hiraku, being stared from behind after Shiso-San has done talking and leaves. After the hexagonal black rocks are crafted into statues of gods by Hiraku, we don’t know if the devil could sustain the pain of getting pierced by the other parts of his body.

I think this is the work, the creator god wanted to be done using Hiraku when he decided to provide him a new life in this new fantasy world.

Machio Hiraku is a 39-year-old man on a hospital bed, encircled with an illness, on the edge of death. He was a hard-working man living a difficult life right after his parents died leaving him alone in this cruel world. God confronts Machio regarding getting him to live a brand new life in a brand new world. But, the question arises. Is he dead?

No, the god only erases his existence on the earth and teleports him to the new with his age reduced. Creator God grants Machio 4 wishes namely, a sickness-proof body, a peaceful place to live, the communal skill of the region, and lastly to be a farmer in the new world.

The story of an isekai farmer (CC- Comic Walker)

The story of an isekai farmer (CC- Comic Walker)

You have to read the manga to know what the new world has to offer Machio and how he utilizes this new life. The author and artists of this tale are Naitou Kinosuke and Tsurugi Yasuyuki.

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Chapter 201 Recap – Creation Myth 3

The previous chapter showed us some insightful info about the Demon King, Black Dragon, Doose, and the backstory of the creation of this world and its creatures. Lasti tells Hiraku, Black Dragon is an eternal rival of his grandfather but, when she met him he turned out to be a drunk old man. And the alcohol he was drinking was made in Taiju Village.

The present black dragon, Giral, is not the one from the myth that got passed by the successors but is the seventh descendant to have its name. When talking about Bulga and Stifano, their return made a big fuss in the village. They had to help in the process of subjugation as they are not able to hear the voice of god anymore.

Yet, Machio is happy to see everyone gathered together. Right after the hot spring research team was disbanded, Kiabit returned to the kingdom of Galbart. Shisho gets curious about the cat on the lap of Machio to which he tells, he first saw the cat just after setting the banquet.

Machio Hiraku doing farm work (CC- Comic Walker)

Machio Hiraku doing farm work (CC- Comic Walker)

He invited him to the village as cats are friends of farmers, helping them by killing the mice and pests on the field. He thinks that the cat understands everything. The chapter ends with Shisho leaving the talk in between followed by the 4 girls’ ominous presence behind him to free some stress, for which the gathering was held

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What Is The Release Date For Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 202?

The release date of chapter 202 is to fall around the 6th & 7th of March, yet it is not official. The name of the chapter is mostly to be Creation Myth 4, as the work around the creation story is completed yet. The date is speculated using the previous releases of the story. The consistency of chapter release is again halted after certain past chapters. 

You can watch the anime adaptation of the story with 12 episodes available on the floor debuting this year from January 6 under the license of Sentai Filmworks.

What's next

What’s next

Where Can One Read Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 202?

One can get to read Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 202 on Comic Walker. The platform offers you the facility to buy the chapters and volumes of the manga as per your convenience with everything updated on 2023/02/24. You can also read and buy chapter 202 including previous chapters on Amazon, Official raw, Official English, Book Walker, ebookJapan, and lastly CDJapan. 

If you are into the genre of fantasy with a slice of life stuff, I’ll suggest you watch By The Grace Of The Gods anime. The animation follows a similar plotline to that of Machio Hiraku. Ryoma is a 39-year-old man who dies accidentally and is reincarnated as an 8-year-old boy in a fantastical world to live his life freely, with his own will. You are free to read its novel by the same name.

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