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The Traitors 2023: Will There Be Episode 12?

Will There be Episode 12 of The Traitors?
Alan Cumming, The Host of The Traitors US (Credits: Peacock TV)

The ultimate game of trust and strategy, The Traitors, has become one of the best competition series on Peacock. Following a format similar to the party game Mafia, the series follows a group of contestants in the Scottish Highlands as they try to separate the traitors from the faithful in a game of voting.

Inspired by the other versions of the Dutch adaptation of the game, The Traitors US was aired for the first time on January 12th, 2023. It was long awaited since the British version with Claudia Winkleman had been a huge hit within the UK, and fans of the show wanted it to be made with US contestants as well. It was announced last year with Alan Cumming being a part of the show as a host.

The Traitors is a game that purely depends on how other people perceive you and how well you can deceive them. Once the contestants are selected randomly, they are made to live in a house together. These contestants are divided into Faithfuls and Traitors.

Traitors would try to kill a Faithful person each night as they sleep, while the Faithful will try to protect themselves and guess the traitors before they end up becoming their victims as well. During the game, the contestants of The Traitor will try to increase the total amount of the prize pit by competing in challenges.

As the amount of contestants starts decreasing, they’ll be allowed to end the game if they think they’ve successfully voted the traitor out. By ending the game, they can win the whopping cash prize of $250,000 and divide it among those who remain.

But if any of the remaining players is a traitor, they’d take the whole cash prize for themselves. Filming for the US version was done in the same place as the British version, in the beautiful scenery-filled location of the Scottish Highlands.

Will There be Episode 12 of The Traitors?

The Round Table (Credits: Peacock TV)

The Traitors: Contestants of 2023

In the first-ever US version, there were a total of 20 contestants from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. These include:

  • Cirie Fields, 51
  • Quentin Jiles, 32
  • Kate Chastain, 39
  • Stephanie LaGrossa Kendrick, 42
  • Shelbe Rodriguez, 31
  • Cody Calafiore, 32
  • Kyle Cooke, 39
  • Michale Davidson, 35
  • Brandi Glanville, 49
  • Geraldine Moreno, 29
  • Reza Farahan, 48
  • Robert Nieves, 33
  • Azra Valani, 35
  • Ryan Lochte, 37
  • Amanda Clark-Stoner, 30
  • Anjelica Conti, 28
  • Rachel Reilly, 37
  • Christian de la Torre, 28
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr., 40
  • Andie Vanacore, 30

The Traitors: Recap of Season 1

The first-ever episode began with the contestants moving to Scotland, where they’ll be staying until the game ends. Host Alan Cumming announces the start of the first day, where one of the Faithfuls could just end up being eliminated. As expected, the contestants woke up to the news that someone had been murdered during the night.

The round table meeting begins, and a supposed Traitor is eliminated. Everyone gears up for the challenges as they do their best to make the prize money go up. By the third episode, all of the contestants have familiarized themselves with what could happen in the game if they keep their covers down. Suspicions start arising within the building.

Someone unexpected is murdered by the traitors once again, which just solidifies the fear of many others. Though the traitors have been quiet with their skilled killing, one of them manages to create suspicion in themselves. A faithful arrives just in time to catch one of the Traitors red-handed.

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Will There be Episode 12 of The Traitors?

Contestant of The Traitors US (Credits: Peacock TV)

The fourth episode has everyone under lots of pressure to figure out the traitors before there are only a few of them left within the group. Two players end up falling victim to the traitors on this night. The series then continues to follow the rest of the contestants as they make their way to the top without becoming the next victims of the treacherous Traitors. 

Will there be Episode 12 of The Traitors?

Since the show was only ordered for 11 episodes, The Traitor US season 1 has ended. There won’t be any 12th episode, but seeing that the first season received a lot of praise, the streaming platform Peacock has announced that a second season is in development. The host will be Alan Cumming once again, although the traitors and faithful will be a new set of people. 

The Traitors: Where To Watch?

All episodes of the strategic series have aired on Peacock. The Traitors US will also be available to watch only on Peacock TV. Peacock offers a 7-day trial version for free, with a subscription that costs $4.99 for a month or $49.99 for a whole year.

Viewers from UK, Ireland, Switzerland, and Italy can watch the show through their NOW or Sky subscriptions, although the show hasn’t been made available in these regions yet.

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