Taming Master Chapter 101: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

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Taming Master Chapter 101: Release Date, Spoilers, and Where To Read
Taming Master (Credits: Tapas)

Jinsung is a regular college student in the real world, but in the virtual reality game of Kaillan, he is known as Ian, a highly skilled level 93 archer. However, Jinsung suddenly decides to delete his character, much to the confusion and dismay of his friends and fellow gamers. What they don’t know is that Jinsung has unlocked a rare hidden class, the Summoner class, and he is determined to level up quickly and become the best Taming Master in the game.

Kaillan is a virtual reality game that is notorious for its tough leveling system, with it taking over a year to reach level 100. Jinsung is faced with the daunting task of leveling up to his previous level of 93 within just two months or risk failing his college course. His journey to become the Taming Master begins, and he must level up quickly, thoroughly, and persistently to achieve his goal.

The Summoner class is considered to be the most worthless in Kaillan, but Jinsung believes that it is his best chance to achieve his goal. Taming monsters is a difficult and time-consuming task, but Jinsung is determined to succeed. He will need to work hard, master his skills, and battle his way through the game’s challenging quests and battles to level up and achieve his dream.

Jinsung’s struggles to level up quickly unfold, and he faces many obstacles along the way. He must deal with other players who want to steal his kills and prevent him from reaching his goals. However, he also finds new friends and allies who support him in his quest to become the Taming Master.

Despite the challenges he faces, Jinsung remains determined and focused on his goal. He spends countless hours in the game, mastering his skills and battling his way through the levels.

Taming Master Chapter 100 Recap

Jinsung is worried as Harley had been defeated in an instant with a skill called “Will of the Desert Warrior” – the same skill used by the bandaged guy he had encountered before. Jinsung wonders if his opponent had also gone through some sort of trial. He compliments his opponent’s battle sense in his mind as she manages to get rid of all her clones to avoid splash damage. The battle escalates with both dealing damage and using different skills. In between, Fin receives great damage, which knocks off Jinsung.

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Taming Master Chapter 101: Release Date, Spoilers, and Where To Read
Taming Master (Credits: Tapas)

The opponent deals her final blow with a “Continuous Illusion Strike,” but she doesn’t expect Jinsung to appear out of nowhere and grab her face. He seems to be using a skill known as “Will of the Callamus Warrior.” She tries to counter the attack, but it isn’t successful. She does manage to shake him off a while later and advances towards him, suspicious about Jinsung’s identity, as she finds him unbelievably strong despite what she had in mind before.

Taming Master Chapter 101 Release Date

“Taming Master” Chapter 101’s raw version in Korean was released on April 7th. The English-translated version is expected to be available within a week, possibly on April 14th. However, it should be noted that the exact timing cannot be confirmed and may differ from the assumption. More importantly, Tapas, which provides the English version of the manhwa, has announced a hiatus, and there’s no official announcement of when it will be back.

Taming Master Chapter 101 Spoilers

While readers seem to be leaning towards Jinsung’s opponent due to their cool appearance, the actual outcome of the match cannot be predicted with certainty. It is understandable for readers to have their preferences and hopes, but ultimately, the result of the match can only be determined in the upcoming chapter. Therefore, we’ll have to wait for the next chapter to find out what happens and who emerges victorious.

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Where To Read Taming Master Chapter 101 

The latest chapter of “Taming Master” is now available in Korean raw format and can be read on Kakao. For English readers, the translated version is available on the Tapas. Fans of the series can now catch up on the latest developments in the story and find out what happens next in the ongoing battle between the main character and his formidable opponent.

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